Travel Brochure Templates

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What Is the Purpose of a Travel Brochure?

Tourism is the new hobby and adventure to people, and with this arises the hunger of knowledge on tourist destinations. Travel brochure fulfills this need as it helps the aspired travelers with specific information on different travel destinations. Whether it's in England, Korea, Thailand, or even the Philippines, a brochure can surely help explorers to understand how they can best spend their time there. Thus an elegant brochure helps as a guide that's detailed enough to direct you to the most happening and peaceful places you want to go to any country or city. 

How to Create a Travel Brochure

1. Decide on the Style of Brochure

To start, you'll have to decide if you want to go with either a bi-folded brochure or a trifold brochure. While it's clear that the bi-folded one contains more folds and more space for information, some prefer the alternative as it allows them to go into less detail and focus more on the design aspect. You can choose to use either one that best suits your preferences.

2. Start with Choosing the Right Pictures

It is always vital to choose decent pictures you are going to use to represent the destination you want the reader to visit. You should only choose from a selection that provides a positive review of the area, as well as ones that show exactly what kind of activities the reader can participate in if he/she were to travel there. Take note that you'll only want to use high-quality pictures as you want to make the brochure look as attractive as possible.

3. Provide a Brief Description of the Area

You can start with a simple brochure frame and short message that describes how beautiful the destination is and what culture it promotes. Be sure to use only positive adjectives when describing the area or areas. If you like, you can also include a short paragraph that explains the history of the city. 

4. Explain What One Can Expect from His/Her Visit

Next is to point out what the reader can expect to do or visit while he/she is at the location. Talk about the many attractive tourist spots that the reader can enjoy and all of the different events and activities that take place. When defining this, brief about the best seasons for the voyage to specific destinations. You can always look up and use brochure templates or our editable brochures so that you can edit the premade layout that you think looks nice. 

5. Point Out Details on How They May Travel to the Destination

The travel educational brochure should specify what mode of transportation that the readers can use to get the area and other destinations. Include everything from what vehicles can be the best and the amount of time it takes to get from one location to the next. You can also place information on the travel agency that can help them get to these destinations with ease. Be sure to point out the exact name of the agency and provide updated contact details that can be used by the reader.

What are the Components of a Travel Brochure?

If you require a travel advertising brochure, make sure that it is highly helpful to travelers and satisfies most of their searched question on each destination. Most of the well-established travel agency prefer to follow this technique to be on the top among the customers. If you too require to prepare an excellent travel company brochure, make sure it holds the following particulars:

  1. Frame it with a magnificent and attractive cover graphics and content.
  2. Use an adventurous or convincing quotation to ignite curiosity in travelers.
  3. Different folds types are in the market for brochures, choose one best for your content and subject.
  4. Most of the modern brochures designers play with color to attract attention. It also sets the mood and imagination of travelers with the destination and shapes their perception. Thus color and filters are crucial.
  5. Set the perfect pattern and structure of the content with a specific font size to each written content.
  6. Utilize both the negative and positive space perfectly with words and images.
  7. Arrange the columns or the boxes where you would fill content. It attracts attention quickly, and it is easy for reading too.
  8. Choose Graphics carefully. It should provoke the readers to take the voyage. Thus, good pictures are vital to the travel business brochure.

What are the Different Types of Brochures?

You can design brochures the way you want. There are some popular ones you might get everywhere framing real estate brochures, college brochures, architecture brochures, etc. They are:

  • Bi-Fold
  • Tri-Fold
  • Half-Fold
  • Accordion Fold
  • Double Parallel Fold
  • Z-Fold
  • Gate Fold
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