30 Absolutely Free Menu Templates

The Internet is filled with a lot of free resources. Among them are free menu templates that most restaurateurs, freelance graphic designers, and students alike will appreciate. Do you belong to any of these categories? If yes, brace yourself as we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using free menu templates. A collection of 30 examples of free menu templates curated from all over the Internet are also embedded all throughout this article.

Most people think of menu cards only as lists of all the food items and meals that a dining establishment offers. But menu lists may also be used as a catalog of services, products, prices, and a lot of other things. In this article, however, we will focus on food menu cards and the free menu templates needed to create them.

What are menu templates?

Menu templates are digital documents or files containing information for the creation of menu cards. These files serve as the basis of creating menu designs for various dining establishments. Menu templates may be created by hand like a handmade card design or they may be created using a software program like Adobe InDesign. Anyone who knows how to use image editing, compositing, and desktop publishing programs will be able to learn how to create menu templates digitally. These pre-made templates may then be sold at a premium rate or given away for free. For this article, we have included 30 different examples of free menu templates that anyone can download and use.

Pros for using free menu templates

Why use free menu templates? Well, there are a number of good reasons for using them and a few are enumerated below:

Disadvantages of using free menu templates

If there is a positive side, the use of free menu templates also has disadvantages. A few of them are listed below:

Formal Event Menu Template


The Formal Event Menu Template pictured above is an example of a blank menu card that anyone can download for free from the Microsoft Office website. It can best be used for formal corporate or family dinners. And using Microsoft Word Online, you may easily edit the font styles and add descriptions for each menu item. Also, remember to use premium paper with ornate patterns and colors when printing out the template.

Free Asian Restaurant Menu Template


Think Chinese, Thai, or Japanese. This Free Asian Restaurant Menu Template is suited to be a menu design for such restaurants. This is a booklet type of menu card so prepare a lot of paper before printing it out. It may also help to have this card design printed at a professional print shop due to the complicated printing requirements.

Free Black-and-White Drink Menu Template


For those who want to create an organized list of all the alcoholic drinks and beverages that their restaurant or bar carries, it may  be best to use a bar menu design like the Free Black & White Drink Menu Template pictured above. This menu template is available as a PDF file that anyone can easily edit as long as they have the appropriate Adobe program installed on their computer. Fine dining restaurants may also use this drink menu template if they wish to separate their beverage list from their gourmet food choices.

Free Blank Event Menu Template


The Free Blank Event Menu Template embedded above is best used for specific dining events that require a separate menu template. This template follows a coral and brown color scheme and may suit wedding dinners or debutante parties. This template is available free of charge from the Microsoft Office website.

Free Blank Rustic Menu Template


Choose the Free Blank Rustic Menu Template if you operate a dining establishment that already follows a rustic theme in your restaurant decor. This will serve best as a dinner menu template for delicatessens, pubs, and other casual dining places. If you wish to recreate this menu template design from scratch, it may be best to use rustic or grunge textures as the menu page’s background. If you do not know how to use and modify textures on Adobe Photoshop, you may use a printed card stock that already features rustic themes.

Free Blank School Menu Templates


Moms and Dads will love the Free Blank School Menu Templates since it will allow them to organize the different meals for their children. This is especially helpful to parents who want their children to follow a healthy diet without boring them with the same kind of food every day. This template is ready for the 2017 school year so parents do not have to worry about adjusting the dates on the template file. Teachers and school coordinators may also use this template in implementing their respective school lunch programs.

Free Cake Menu PSD Template


The mouthwatering cover of the Free Cake Menu PSD Template featured above will suit anyone in the bakery, pastry, and desserts niche. To truly create an attractive food menu cover design, invest in a good food photographer. This way, the photos that will be included in your menu card will be of high-quality and you do not have to edit the photos yourself. As a PSD card template, this free cake menu is fully customizable as long as you have a compatible version of Adobe Photoshop.

Free Christmas Day Menu Template


Planning for family Christmas dinners can be exhausting. So lighten up the load by using this Free Christmas Day Menu Template instead. This menu template already includes the Christmas lights background image on the file so you do not have to replace it. As a fully editable file, all you have to do is type out the different menu items and you will be set!

A tip: when writing out the menu descriptions, make sure to use easily understandable but appealing words. For more information on how to do this, check out this article on menu description writing tips.

Free Coffee Shop Menu Template


Business owners who want to differentiate their coffee shops from other shops should invest in a good menu design like the Free Coffee Shop Menu Template embedded above. With this type of menu design template, you may easily insert any company branding information like restaurant logo design into the menu design. It also helps that this template follows a color scheme that most coffee shops use themselves.

Free Drinks Bar Menu Template


Free European Cuisine Menu Template


If you want a modern approach to menu template design for your specialty cuisine restaurant, try this look created by the Free European Cuisine Menu Template. This menu template follows a modern layout without having to overwhelm its readers with pictures of traditional dishes. This menu template may also be used as a banner menu that you can print out on tarpaulin and display outside your restaurant premises.

Free Food Truck Menu Template


Free Party Menu Template


Free PSD Pizza Menu Template


Free Restaurant Menu Template


Tips to help improve free menu templates

Not all free menu templates are created equal. You can find a lot of awesome ones on the Internet. But, alas, there are lousy designs, too. So if you cannot find the perfect menu template, you may just settle for a mediocre one and look for ways to help improve it. Listed below are a few tips to help improve any free menu template design that you have found.

Free Sample Restaurant Menu Template


Free Sample Wedding Menu Template


Free Seafood Restaurant Menu Template


Free Steak House Menu Template


Free Takeout Menu Template


Free Thanksgiving Menu Template


Free Vegetable Menu PSD Template


Free Vintage Menu Card Template


Free Yellow Party Menu Template


Gourmet Cafe Free Menu Template


Ice Cream Menu Template PSD


Illustrated Kids Menu Template


New Year’s Party Free Menu Template


Restaurant Free Menu PSD Template


Simple Restaurant Menu


How to choose between different free menu templates

Freebies are awesome. But when it comes to choosing between different free menu templates, it can be overwhelming. To help guide you in making the right decision, we have created a set of questions that you should ask yourself if you need help in deciding what free template to choose.

Your answers to these questions will help guide you in choosing the right free menu template. Answer truthfully and you will be on your way to creating the best menu card out of a free menu template.

If reading this article made you more curious about whether to start a restaurant business or not, check out this article on a startup checklist for opening a restaurant. And if you found this short guide on free menu templates useful, share it with your friends who may also need a hand in selecting their own free templates.