How to Convert CSV File in Apple Numbers

A spreadsheet document can come in different formats. Thankfully, Apple Numbers allows users to convert a Numbers file into multiple formats, including CSV file format. how-to-convert-csv-file-in-apple-numbers

How to Convert CSV File in Apple Numbers

CSV or comma-separated values is a text file and is also a popular spreadsheet format. Run through the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to convert, import, or export a CSV spreadsheet file using Apple Numbers.

  • Step 1: Use the Export Function


    If you are using Apple Numbers and want to convert your file to CSV so you can open it later on using another spreadsheet application, go to the More icon (the three dots) located in the main toolbar. From the dropdown menu, select Export.

  • Step 2: Choose the CSV File Format


    From the Export option list, select CSV to convert your Numbers spreadsheet to .csv format. As the name suggests, a CSV file basically presents information or data that is separated by commas. It is the type of file that you will normally find in databases, master lists, and spreadsheets. A CSV file is also versatile because it can be read across multiple spreadsheet software applications, including Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

  • Step 3: Save or Share the File


    After converting your document, you can then share or send it to workmates or team members. Otherwise, you can simply save it to your iCloud or a local folder on your device. You will also notice that it says Text Document under the file name, which means it is in CSV file format.

  • Step 4: Import a CSV File to Numbers

    Alternatively, you can also import a CSV file to Apple Numbers by opening an existing .csv file in a text editor app on your Apple device. There are dozens of text editor apps, such as Brackets or TextWrangler, that you can download for free from the App Store. In the text editor app, find all the “,” and replace with “;” using a find&replace command. Save the CSV file then drag and drop it on the Apple Numbers icon on your device.


How do I change a CSV file to Apple Numbers?

You can convert a CSV file to Apple Numbers format by using an external text editor tool and then by doing a find&replace.

How do I convert to CSV file?

To convert an Apple Numbers spreadsheet file into CSV, use the Export function and choose CSV from the menu.

Do CSV files work on Mac?

Yes, you can save files in CSV file format on Apple Numbers or on a Mac.

What does CSV mean?

CSV stands for comma-separated values which is basically a type of spreadsheet file format.

What is a CSV?

A CSV or comma-separated values is a text file that is typically used in several spreadsheet applications, including Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, and Google Sheets.

Is a CSV file a spreadsheet?

A CSV file is a text file that allows data to be saved in a tabular format and can be applied in most spreadsheet software programs such as Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel.