How to Create a Drop-Down List in Apple Numbers

Drop-down lists are useful for databases, surveys, questionnaires, and other similar forms. Apple Numbers has several tools that allow users to create drop-down lists or pop-up lists right in their spreadsheet.  how-to-create-a-drop-down-list-in-apple-numbers

How to Create a Drop Down List in Apple Numbers

If you are creating a form that requires other people to choose from a list of options, a drop-down list or pop-up list is one way to create a more organized spreadsheet or form. Just follow the basic steps below and you’ll see how easy it is to customize a pop-up list.

  • Step 1: Select the Cell or Column


    The first step is to highlight the cell you want to place a drop-down menu. If your drop-down list contains several items, you can also input the choices directly onto the spreadsheet. For example, you can input the numbers from 1 to 30 in a single column. Next, select the cell (or column) and click on the paintbrush tool located on the main toolbar. Under Format, select Pop-Up Menu.

  • Step 2: Customize the Pop-Up Menu


    Under Pop-Up, click on each item to rename it. Your drop-down menu or pop-up menu can consist of text or numbers, depending on the kind of form or spreadsheet you are making. Add new items or options to your list as needed. You can also set the initial value of your pop-up menu. This means when the user clicks the cell, it either shows the first item or a blank cell but it will still automatically display the drop-down menu and the choices.

  • Step 3: Format the Cell or Table


    Once you are done inputting the items in your pop-up list, you will immediately see the cell displays a menu or a list of choices. A drop-down or pop-up menu makes it easy and convenient for users to choose their preferred answer. You can further modify or format your table or spreadsheet with the use of the paintbrush icon. With the paintbrush format tool, it is possible to change the table color, adjust the text size, place borders on your table, etc.


How do you create a drop-down list in Apple Numbers?

To create a drop-down list in Apple Numbers, go to the paintbrush icon and change the format of a cell to Pop-Up Menu then customize the drop-down menu items.

How do you create a pop-up menu in Apple Numbers?

Highlight a cell, column, or row and change its format to Pop-Up Menu under the format or paintbrush icon, then edit or add pop-up menu items accordingly.

How do I create a list in Apple Numbers?

To create a list in Apple Numbers, input your list items on a spreadsheet, highlight it, change its cell format to Pop-Up Menu and it will automatically display a drop-down list or pop-up menu.

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