How to Round Up Numbers in Apple Numbers

Rounding up numbers is fairly easy and straightforward in mathematical theory. But if you are using a spreadsheet application like Apple Numbers, there is an efficient and accurate method to round up numbers. how-to-round-up-numbers-in-apple-numbers

How to Round Up Numbers in Apple Numbers

If you are looking to get the whole number of a value, Apple Numbers has an automatic way of doing so. You can even set the decimal points that you prefer.

  • Step 1: Open the Formatting Menu


    Assuming you already have values in your cells, table, or spreadsheet, the first step is to select the numbers you want to round up. Next, click the cell formatting tool. The formatting tool is the paintbrush icon located at the top of the screen.

  • Step 2: Click the Number Format


    The paintbrush tool contains subcategories, select Format from the list of categories. Under Format, choose Number from the menu then click on the more options button beside it. This is the button with an encircled lowercase ‘i’.

  • Step 3: Set the Decimal Setting


    Under Number, you can adjust the number of decimal places. But to round up a number, ensure that the decimal is set to zero. On your spreadsheet, you will notice the values that previously had decimals in them are now rounded up to whole numbers.


How do you round up numbers?

The general rule in rounding up numbers is to look at the digit after the decimal point; if it is 5 or higher, then round up, but if it is lower than 5, you can keep the number as it is.

How do you round decimal numbers on a Mac?

To round up decimal numbers on Mac, select a cell with a number in it, click the paintbrush icon on Apple Numbers, set the format to Number, and adjust its decimal place to zero.

How do I get rid of decimals in Apple Numbers?

If you want to get rid of decimals and get a rounded-up number, adjust or set the decimal place to zero when you format the cell.

How do I keep numbers from rounding up in Apple Numbers?

To keep numbers from automatically rounding up in Apple Numbers, adjust your cell format settings to Number then increase the decimal places accordingly.

How do I change the Format in Apple Numbers?

To change the format of your cells, table, or spreadsheet, simply highlight it then open the paintbrush formatting tool and under Format, click on Number (or your preferred format) from the list of options.

How do I change decimal places in Apple Numbers on my iPad?

To adjust the decimal places in Apple Numbers on your iPad, select a cell, table, or spreadsheet, click the paintbrush icon, choose Number as the format and increase or decrease the number of decimal places.

How do you round up two-digit numbers?

The same rule applies when rounding up to the hundredths (second place to the right of the decimal point) place; if the number to the right is 5 or more, then round up, but if it is lower than five, round down.