How to Add a Border in Apple Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a software that professional and personal users use for seamless video enhancing and editing of their files. You will come to find how efficient it is to utilize FCPX even when adding borders.

How to Add a Border in Apple Final Cut Pro

The small border surrounding the video helps in changing the aspect ratio and provides a feeling of uniformity. Aside from these simple borders, several video makers use elegantly designed frames to utilize the space by adding text, their channel or company logo, or other icons.

  • Step 1: Launch Final Cut Pro

    You can’t start the project without opening the software, so begin by locating where the file is placed. But if you don’t have a file that you intend to add a border to, then you can open a sample video to follow along with the guide. Eitherway, have something ready to launch Final Cut Pro.

  • Step 2: Add a Background

    Once your video has been added or loaded into the software, you will need to create a solid color or a separate PNG or JPEG image and add it behind or under the video file. This will help out when scaling your main video.

  • Step 3: Scale the Vide

    On the controls found on the right side or section of the software, you can find different settings or options to edit your video. For this guide, you will need to locate the “Scale X” option. Lower the arrow or encode a smaller number than 100%. This will make the background you have added to be visible and the video will no longer fill the entire viewer. 


    Cropping your video will change the appearance when adding a simple border as this will also crop the border.

  • Step 4: Add Simple Border

    Open the “Effects Browser” and proceed to the search bar and type in “Border,” the option of a simple border will then appear. Drag it on top of the video and you can see it reflect on the viewer. To edit the border, an additional setting will appear on the right side of the software. Adjust the width, color, or mix according to your preference.


How do you add a blank frame in Final Cut Pro?

Final Cut Pro inserts a blank clip with blank video and mute audio that you can extend to any length and to do so, select “Edit”, “Insert Generator”, then “Gap” or press Option-W.

What is masking in video editing?

Masking is a tool in editing software that allows you to conceal, duplicate, show, or adjust footage by selecting a specific section of the video or using video overlays.

Do editors still use Final Cut?

Due to its speed and functionality, Final Cut Pro is popular among both amateur and professional editors. It is still a popular option for many tiny artists.

Can you get Final Cut Pro on Windows?

No, Final Cut Pro is exclusively accessible for Mac, and it is not available for Windows.

Does Final Cut Pro have watermark?

You may erase watermarks from photographs and videos and replace them with your own.