How to Add Filters in Apple Numbers

One of the key features of Apple Numbers and other spreadsheet software applications is the data filter tool. Adding filters to a spreadsheet or table can help you analyze and understand information or data better. how-to-add-filters-in-apple-numbers

How to Add Filters in Apple Numbers

You can control what data to display in your spreadsheet document with Apple Numbers’ filter function. Navigating this function is easy and simple when you follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Choose a Template or Spreadsheet File


    Open the Apple Numbers application on your device and choose a template. Open an existing file or create a new spreadsheet. For the purpose of this tutorial guide, a sample table and chart from the template gallery will be used. Using the filter tool in Apple Numbers requires you to have data that you can analyze and apply specific criteria.

  • Step 2: Select the Data


    The next step is to select or highlight the data you want to apply a filter to. In the example above, Column B is highlighted. Once you’ve selected a column, open Column Actions, and in the pop-up menu, you will find Quick Filter and Add a Filter listed in the options. You can choose either one depending on your needs.

  • Step 3: Use the Table Organizer Tool


    As another option, you can also click on the table organizer icon to add a filter. The table organizer icon is the button with the three horizontal lines next to the paintbrush button. Open it and select the Filter tab. Simply click the + icon to add a new filter.

  • Step 4: Apply Filters and Rules


    As soon as you add a filter, you will be presented with several options. You can add a quick filter to your table to instantly view only selected data or you can choose from dozens of predetermined rules. Under Choose a Rule, click on either Number, Text, Date, Duration, or Cell to view and apply a rule. For example, you can filter a column or category and choose to only display values that are less than or equal to a certain number. If you want to delete a rule, simply click on the trash bin icon.


How do you add filters in Apple Numbers?

To add filters to your spreadsheet or data, select the table or column and open the table organizer tool (three horizontal lines button) and select Add a Filter.

Can you filter on Apple Numbers?

Yes, Apple Numbers allows users to add a filter or apply a quick filter to selected data on a spreadsheet.

How do you add a quick filter in Apple Numbers?

To use the quick filter function in Apple Numbers, select a table, category, or column, open Column Actions (or the table organizer tool) and choose Quick Filter from the menu.

How do you set a filter rule in Apple Numbers?

Select your chosen column, table, or data and open Column Actions (or the Table Organizer icon) then click Add a Filter and choose a rule from the list of options.