How to Open Apple Pages File in Windows/ Android

Apple Pages is basically Apple’s version of MS Word. However, unlike the usual Microsoft Word document, which uses DO” or DOCX, Apple Pages uses the file extension PAGES to save document content, which can create a little challenge when opening the file on Windows or Android.

How to Open Apple Pages File in Windows/ Android

Suppose you need to open a PAGES file on Windows or Android. In that case, you can use the methods below on your macOS device to create a DOCX or RTF document that will make your file editable and viewable on either windows or android operating system.

  • Step 1: Open your document on PAGES

    Even without initially launching Pages, you can open the document, and the app will do the work. Simply double-click a Pages file in the Mac OS Finder, and the app should automatically open and have your document ready.

  • Step 2: Export your file to RTF or DOC

    Select “Export to” from the “File” menu at the top of the screen. You’ll see a drop-down menu with a number of export alternatives. To export to “RTF” or “DOC,” select “Rich Text Format” or “Word.”

  • Step: 3 Transfer converted file to Windows or Android using iCloud

    The easiest way to transfer your Pages file is by saving it on iCloud. You may accomplish this in macOS by going to the main menu, selecting “File->Save,” and after that, selecting “iCloud Drive” from the “Where” drop-down list. Make sure that the “iCloud Drive” option is turned on in the settings of your macOS computer. Launch the iCloud client on your Windows machine. Launch the Pages app from iCloud and select a file from your library to open.

  • Step: 3 Open converted Pages file on Windows or Android

    Open the converted file in Microsoft Word, Wordpad, or another Windows application that supports RTF, DOCX, or DOC file extensions on your Windows device. If you wish to open it on your Android, open the “My Files” or “File Manager” app. The RTF or DOCX file that you downloaded should be in the “Downloads” folder.


Can you open a PAGES file on Windows or Android?

You will either need to export your PAGES file to RTF or DOC or convert the pages file using a free online file converter or a third-party application.

Is Pages a free software?

While Microsoft Word and other software that comes with a subscription to Microsoft 365 can be purchased, Pages is free to use on Mac computers.

Why should you use Apple Pages?

Pages is a robust word processor that comes preinstalled on almost all Apple devices, enabling users to generate visually stunning documents.

Is it worthwhile to make use of Apple Pages?

Pages is a significant improvement over Docs, particularly considering that it is a free tool, and it will satisfactorily meet the requirements of the vast majority of users.

Is using Apple Pages simple to do?

The page layout document view of the word processing software is simple to use since all of the text formatting, fonts, outline styles, and writing tools are simple to locate and employ. This makes the word processing software simple to operate.