50+ Memo Samples, Format & Examples 2022

Memos play a vital role in every organization. It has a twofold purpose, which are they bring attention to problems and solve problems. They also achieve their goals by notifying and informing readers about new information or persuading them to take action. However, making memos isn’t an easy thing to do as you need to consider various things. For those people who want to skip the time-consuming process of creating one, a perfect memo template could help a lot. 50-memo-samples-format-examples-2021

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To create a Memo of your very own, follow the following steps:

  • Browse through several Memo designs for inspiration and ideas for your own Memo.
  • Customize Online or Download in your preferred File format and Print As Required.


If you are one of those people who need templates right now, this article is for you. Scroll down, and get ready to unleash our fifty editable templates that you can use and choose. What are you waiting for?

1. Business Memo Sample

A business memo is a short document used to transmit messages throughout the organization. When making such, you should ensure it is brief, precise, and easy to navigate. Below is the perfect example.

business-memo-template Use This Business Memo Sample

2. School Memo Sample

In making a school memo, you should ensure it is precise, short, and understandable, so teachers and students can easily understand what’s on the paper.


  Use This School Memo Sample

3. Restaurant Memo Sample

Many restaurant owners use a restaurant memo to inform customers or employees about promos or problems within the restaurant. So it is essential to make it short and understandable.


  Use This Restaurant Memo Sample

4. Professional Memo Sample

When creating professional memorandums, keep it brief but include all of the required facts, and make it easy to navigate so that all readers understand the context.


File Format
  • PDF

Size: 68.5 KB

Download at UAGC Writing Center

5. Employee Memo Sample

When making an employee memo, it should be better to be direct for them to understand the context easily.

sample-employee-memo Use This Employee Memo Sample

6. Meeting Memo Sample

Meeting memos are typical in most companies and organizations. You can use the sample below as your reference.


File Format
  • PDF

Size: 180 KB

Download at DelDOT

7. Strategy Memo Sample

Making a strategy memo is essential in most profitable companies. However, ensure to make it short, direct, and easy to access. You can use the template below as your reference.

sample-strategy-memo-template Use This Strategy Memo Sample

8. Legal Memo Sample

A legal memo is one of the most comprehensive, polished, and formal written documents you could ever find. When making such, make sure it contains all the necessary details to make it look credible and reliable.

legal-memo-template Use This Legal Memo Sample

9. Credit Memo Sample

A credit memo is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer. It serves as evidence of the reduction in sales.

credit-memo-template Use This Credit Memo Sample

10. Policy Memo Sample

When making a policy memo, it should be best to keep it precise, comprehensive, and understandable to avoid confusion.

sample-policy-memo-template1 Use This Policy Memo Sample

11. Investment Memo Sample

When it comes to investments, make sure your investment memo looks credible and formal. Making it simple and precise could help.

investment-memorandum-template Use This Investment Memo Sample

12. Company Memo Sample

One main factor in creating a company memo is its formality. Keeping it formal can make it look credible and successful.


File Format
  • PDF

Size: 18.0 KB

Download at Oregon.gov

13. Internal Memo Sample

If you want your internal memo to be readable, it is essential to write as concisely as possible to identify its purpose. Remember, it should provide necessary information on projects, nothing more, nothing less.

free-sample-internal-memo-to-employees-template Use This Internal Memo Sample

14. Memorandum of Understanding Sample

A memorandum of understanding communicates the mutually accepted expectations of both parties involved in a negotiation. So keeping it short and precise is the perfect way to make such documents.


  Use This Memorandum of Understanding Sample

15. Decision Memo Sample

When making a decision memo, make sure your objectives and content are clear to avoid confusion and build a clear image of the message you want to convey.


  Use This Decision Memo Sample

16. Proposal Memo Sample

When making a proposal memo, it is crucial to keep it short and precise for the readers to understand your proposal. Be it for large projects or just minor ones.

project-proposal-memo-template Use This Proposal Memo Sample

17. Disciplinary Memo Sample

Employees who cross the line and break the rules receive a disciplinary memo. If you decide to provide it, keep it simple and straight to the point. Creating longer content would be senseless.

sample-employee-disciplinary-memo-template Use This Disciplinary Memo Sample

18. Management Memo Sample

People use a management memo to convey management or policy statements to the entire management or company. It should provide details on topics that require special attention.

management-memo-template Use This Management Memo Sample

19. Cover Memo Sample

You should know why you’re writing a cover memo before you start. It usually explains what the documents are about. So you should be aware of why they are created and sent.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 427 KB

Download at Becker's ACS

20. Research Memo Sample

When it comes to making a research memo, keeping it short, precise, and easy to navigate is the perfect way to do it. However, make sure it contains all the necessary details needed.

accounting-research-memo-template Use This Research Memo Sample

21. Action Memo Sample

An action memo is like a decision memo. It substantiates the need for removal of action, identifies the proposed response, and explains the rationale of the action removal.

action-memo-template Use This Action Memo Sample

22. HR Memo Sample

An HR Memo is one of the most common memorandums. Its topics are usually related to employees’ welfare and the company’s standard operations.

hr-memo-template Use This HR Memo Sample

23. Office Memo Sample

An office memo is like a business memo. It should be short and precise, but also it should have the taste of formality for its credibility.

office-memo-sample Use This Office Memo Sample

24. Cash Memo Sample

A cash memo is documentation about transactions between a seller and a buyer. It usually contains cash and transaction-related matter, so the details should be precise.


  Use This Cash Memo Sample

25. Financial Memo Sample

In establishing a financial memo, it should be best to keep it precise and direct. Since it is documentation about all financial data of a company, accurate and direct-to-the-point details can make it look credible and reliable.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 81.1 KB

Download at Department of Budget and Finance-Hawaii

26. Audit Memo Sample

When making an audit memo, make sure it contains precise and accurate details. Keeping the content short can also help you make your memo look credible.

audit-memo-template Use This Audit Memo Sample

27. Holiday Memo Sample

Making a holiday memo is like making an ordinary memo. It should contain all the necessary details in a precise and direct-to-the-point manner. Producing longer content would be senseless.

holiday-memo-template Use This Holiday Memo Sample

28. Interoffice Memo Sample

When establishing an interoffice memo, make sure it looks formal and credible enough since it is a note or document for different departments in a company.

simple-interoffice-memo Use This Interoffice Memo Sample

29. Confidential Memo Sample

Make sure all of your facts are correct while writing a confidential memo. You should place the word confidential at the top of the document and deliver it to people who need it.

confidential-government-memo Use This Confidential Memo Sample

30. Debit Memo Sample

When making a debit memo, make sure the details are complete and factual. Because it is a document that records and alerts a client of debit modifications made to their specific bank account, ensuring the details are precise and concise can make it look credible and reputable.

free-debit-memo-template Use This Debit Memo Sample

31. Army Memo Sample

Making an army memo is similar to any other memorandum. The army uses it to engage formally with any Department of Defense command, staff, or activity. So it should be better to make it formal and professional.


File Format
  • Docs

Size: 275.6 KB

Download at Army Writer

32. Promotion Request Memo Sample

When making a promotion request memo, it should explain why you deserve a promotion. Writing such documents can also increase your chances of getting a promotion. However, it is better to make it precise and concise.

promotion-request-memo-printable Use This Promotion Request Memo Sample

33. Budget Request Memo Sample

A budget request memo is a formal document addressed to certain employees within a company or business. It holds all of the financial records to guide future transactions.

budget-request-memo-printable Use This Budget Request Memo Sample

34. Payment Request Memo Sample

In establishing a payment request memo, it is better to keep it short and understandable. However, don’t forget to put all the necessary details and make sure it is factual and accurate.

payment-request-memo-template-printable Use This Payment Request Memo Sample

35. Training Request Memo Sample

A training request memo is a document that explains why a particular employee requires training. To help readers and employers understand the context, it should be concise and to the point.

36. Vacation Request Memo Sample

When making a vacation request memo, it is better to keep it short and direct to the subject line. Consider mentioning essential details and remain available for questions.

vacation-request-memo Use This Vacation Request Memo Sample

37. Weekly Staff Memo Sample

A weekly staff memo is similar to an employee memo. When making such documents, it should also have a similar context, which is precise and short.

weekly-staff-memo-template Use This Weekly Staff Memo Sample

38. Overtime Request Memo Sample

When writing an overtime request memo, you should make it understandable. Include all the necessary details, such as the department, employees, and why you want to request overtime.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 16 KB

Download at University of Arkansas

39. Loan Request Memo Sample

Making a loan request memo is basically writing a request to lend you a certain amount of money. Make sure it is formal, concise, and precise to make it look appealing and credible.

loan-request-memo-printable Use This Loan Request Memo Sample

40. Transfer Request Memo Sample

If you want to transfer to other departments or positions, writing a training request memo or letter could help you. However, it should contain all the necessary details while keeping it short and understandable.

transfer-request-memo-printable Use This Transfer Request Memo Sample

41. Executive Memo Sample

Executive memos are one of the most common memos that you could encounter in your life. It is a memo from the highest person in the company. It should look professional and formal to ensure it appears credible and reliable.

sample-executive-memo-template Use This Executive Memo Sample

42. Deal Memo Sample

The agreements you’ll be asked to sign before a shoot are known as deal memos or crew contracts. They’re usually churned up by the production company and serve as the contract between you and the people that hired you. It should have all the terms and conditions of the deal that both parties agreed.

sample-deal-memo-template Use This Deal Memo Sample

43. Project Closure Memo Sample

You must write a project closure memo to close the project formally once you finish the project. However, like any other memorandum, it should be precise, factual, and short.

File Format
  • Docs

Size: 52 KB

Download at University of Missouri System

44. Construction Project Memo Sample

For construction-related projects, making a construction project memo is essential. It is a type of memorandum delivered by a construction consultant. It should contain all the necessary details in terms of construction.

construction-project-memo-printable Use This Construction Project Memo Sample

45. Official Government Memo Sample

An official government memo is essential and credible as a business, company, and other organizational memoranda. It should also contain all the necessary details while keeping it simple and formal.

official-government-memo-template Use This Official Government Memo Sample

46. Email Memo Sample

An email memo may have a different way of sending but has the same method of writing. It should have the accurate details needed, and it should be short and specific to make it understandable.

sample-email-memo Use This Email Memo Sample

47. Announcement Memo Sample

In establishing an announcement memo, you should be direct to the point. Don’t include unnecessary details, as it can ruin the entire context and could cause a mess.


  Use This Announcement Memo Sample

48. Communication Memo Sample

A communication memo is like any other memo. It should have the details needed as it communicates the entire organization. You should also make sure that it is short and understandable.


  Use This Communication Memo Sample

49. Warning Memo Sample

A warning memo is like a disciplinary memo. It is a formal process for recording a disciplinary issue, misconduct, poor performance and discussing it with the employee. It may also serve as a precursor to the termination.


File Format
  • PDF

Size: 161.8 KB

Download at Personnel

50. Printable Memo Sample

This printable memo sample below can help you in making your own memorandum. You can use this template as your reference if you want to make something with a similar design.


  Use This Printable Memo Sample


There are several variables and elements that you need to consider when making a memo for any reason. If you don’t know what these setups are, scroll down to see some of the formats you might encounter in every memorandum.

1. Header

The first thing that you may consider when creating a memo is the header. The header usually contains the brand name or the company name.

2. Title

The second thing is the title. You should provide the title of the memorandum to let the readers know and avoid any confusion. It could also add to the credibility of the memo itself.

3.  Details

Aside from the header and title, you should also consider the details. These details include the date, employees, the person the memo is pertained to, and other necessary details. This information is usually placed below the title.

4. Standard Writing Format

You should also consider the standard writing format. It should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. It is the same when writing any request letters.

5. Topic and Discussion

Finally, include a relevant topic and discussion. It will help your viewers comprehend the message you wish to deliver. Without it, readers may be confused about the memo’s message.

General FAQs

What is a memo?

A memo or a memorandum is a written message usually used by businesses and organizations.

What is the purpose of a memo?

A memo is typically used within a company to communicate policies, processes, or other official business.

How to make a memo?

There are various things you need to consider when making a memo. These are the following:

  • You should know what kind of memo to write
  • List all the necessary details
  • Understand your audience
  • Use template
  • Use short paragraphs
  • Proofread
  • Print and distribute

Do companies and organizations use memos?

Yes, companies and organizations still use and need some memos and their operation. They still use these documents in the office for various reasons, one of which is that they attract attention. They’re more formal and professional, and they accommodate a wide range of formatting styles.

Can you make a memo for free?

Yes, you can. There are various free and editable templates that you can choose and use in creating a memo. You can also use our free and editable templates if you want.