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9+ Facility Rental Agreement Templates – PDF

These days, people live to depend on the comfort of modern day machinery in the workforce. With the advent of cutting-edge equipment, tools and with technology constantly evolving into something better, things became easier to handle and tasks became quicker to finish. Manual labor didn’t have to be too heavy. Buildings began to rise faster than the recent years have seen, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon. Gone are the days when you have wait long for a job to be done, especially manual ones. Because of that, the demand for equipment and machines necessary to sustain the industry, has never been greater.

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National Butterfly Center Facility Rental Agreement

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Facility Rental Contract

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Facility Rental Agreement Sample

Especially when you think about construction projects everywhere, knowing that you cannot avoid excavation, moving of heavy loads and always facing the danger of the grounds, concrete, and everything you are working with. Something is bound to come up or give way, one way or the other. It could also be that you just simply need something to finish a certain task, hold an event for a company, in which case you’ll perhaps be needing music equipment, a machine to carry out a heavy task in or outside the office, and probably something else that would have you hire a contractor that can rent their facility for specific events in the organization, company projects or other tasks.

Advantages Of Facility/Equipment Renting

There are just some things that a businessman cannot do alone. Or he cannot do it because he is short on tools, equipment, or machinery. He would most often than not, have enough people to carry out the tasks but they would better perform with something they can use to make them work faster and their jobs to be easier. It would also help them be more productive at the time that the company needs them to be at performing at their best. Some tasks require some heavy work that cannot be done by simple manpower. However, purchasing something that would make this possible can also be a bad decision.

1. Purchasing Isn’t Cheap

That’s when you look at other options or consider what other choices you have available. Something that some other businessman can provide. Because of this, you will most likely need the help of facility renting companies or organizations that would allow you to use their equipment on their terms. Make sure you understand the terms and your responsibility as the renting party before you sign an agreement. Sure you might be thinking of owning a certain equipment. Then again, you have to think twice if you just need it for a certain period of time, because purchasing one would cost money that you can use for other more important things that the company may permanently need. They do not come cheap. Renting a machine can save you some money since most contractors just charge by the hour. If you are not too sure in operating it, you can ask the renter to teach you the basics.

2. Renting Is Practical

People in the construction business especially have been known to recommend renting this for practical reasons. That is when they need some sort of project with clearing operations involved. It helps a lot in preparing the site ground and also leveling it. And for a much cheaper cost than owning the equipment. It is also common knowledge that any construction site will pose danger because of the manual work it involves. Men will be there going to and fro, and the fact that a structure is in the danger of collapsing does not really help in any way. You need to plan carefully and be cautious if you are the engineer. Having the necessary tools will save you from hazards that could be a matter of life and death if you are not careful. The priority should be in having a safe area that is why trenching also goes hand in hand with the mentioned technique.

3. Utilization is a Win-Win Situation on Both Sides

Facility rentals are makes a good alternative for spending money on purchasing an equipment when you are short on expenditures and when your company is cutting down costs for everybody, and the business’ sake. Sometimes, machinery survives wear and tear and can still be useful even when it doesn’t undergo regular check and maintenance, so that renders a replacement out of the question. Setting terms for having it rented to other organizations will be a win-win decision for both parties since the facility can be utilized better this way, at the same time gaining profit for renting it and the opportunity to get the renting company paid sooner than what was originally agreed.

4. Avoiding Maintenance and Repair Costs

This one is self explanatory. A major part of most business operations and tasks is very dependent on equipment and facilities, therefore, you have the responsibility to schedule it for maintenance checks and repairs to ensure that they are still good to use and to ensure the safety of people or employees who uses them on a daily basis. This means, you have to get a budget for maintenance and repair costs, and while both maintenance and repair are still necessary for facility rentals, the cost is nowhere near as much as when you have them owned.

Choosing A Facility Renting Contractor

Renting one, from contractors would not be a problem. There would be many options for you in the area because this is very common, especially in cities. Lest you end up with even more challenges in the site, than you can expect to happen in one day. Then that would make the job harder to finish and cause some delays. You would not want to be extending on it. This is because it can costly as much as it can be time consuming. Focusing on other stuff or another infrastructure would be something that you would rather do. The process is more complicated if you do not have this type of tool with you. There will be a lot of digging and you need to keep your structure firmly in place for the time being.

1. Make use of referrals from other engineers or organizations

In every construction process, you cannot take this out. Consider it as something that is nearly impossible, because you would not want to end up with a building that suddenly collapses. Aside from losing too much money, you may lose a lot of lives who works for you. Safety should be prioritized that is why you need to also choose the contractor carefully. Make use of referrals from other engineers. Sure the most popular ones may have been booked already but you can still rent the one which is more accessible to you. That is, if the equipment is all you need and not people who can operate it too.

2. Choose Experience and Check Legalities

Do not just strike a deal with the first one who offers you the service. You would want to work with those who have been in the business for quite some time and enough experience. The best way to this is to make use of references. Verify their credibility by asking business authorities about them. Consider insurance and other legalities like license to operate. Without these, the company is as good as nonexistent. You do not want to end up in trouble with the law, or spending so much more than needed. They also have to be accredited locally. Just make sure that the contractor has good reputation and will have the same vision as you, when it comes to safety. They would be an added staff to those you already have, but since their job is much more specific, not to mention vital, you get to use their service to your advantage. The charge may differ on how long it takes.

Tips for the “Renter”

  • Return the equipment on time

Once everything is clear and your work is done, return the equipment immediately. Before you get the equipment, make sure you are aware of the condition it is in. Any pre-existing damage that you may not know of may be charged to you. To avoid that, ask the necessary questions. Discuss the damage with the renting firm so that it would be clear you are not made responsible for it. Let them tell you which part is not working properly, or what kind of defect it already has. Make sure you also know the limitations in using it. Any attempt of overwork may cost you some money for repairs on the damage it could incur.

  • Clean the machine

When it was rented to you clean, also take the time to clean it when returning. That will make them trust you to be a fair enough customer. By using this equipment, you take off some heavy work from your business, while saving hefty cash, rather than investing in it. This is a wise enough decision, for anybody who would be practical enough to know the frequency of using any type of machine or facility. Before having it brought where you need it operated, take care of a few things first. Make sure that the location is prepared in a way that it does not have other clutter. That means, clean away some things that the machine will not be useful for.

  • Prepare the location where you would use it

This is because, you are paying for it by the hour. If the equipment has to include some trash you could have cleaned beforehand, it could save you those precious hours. And the money that goes with it too. All other areas that does not need it can be maintained some other way. Also take note of the condition of its current condition. You may just find yourself held responsible for something you did not do. To be sure, check it and discuss anything you notice about it, with the owner. When you are already there, get it riled up for testing. So you know exactly how much performance and power it can give you, or if there are areas where it will fail.

Facility Rental Agreement Form

Facility Rental Agreement

Facility Rental

Facilities Rental Form

Most businessmen have toiled and dedicated so many years to make their companies successful enough to compete in a dynamic industry. Managing a business and making sure it more than survives the competition, takes hard work, effort, money, and maybe a few tears here and there. You cannot fault them for wanting to get their decisions right, and sometimes, doing things right also involves cost-cutting to save income and keep control of the overall operations.

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