16+ Sponsorship Agreement Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download

A sponsorship agreement can be defined as an agreement between parties or people who decide to sponsor for a particular event or a particular individual or a company. It enforces sponsorship obligations between the parties involved in the agreement. Agreement templates include all the benefits that a sponsor can possibly enjoy, the conditions of trades, terms, and conditions, etc.

sponsorship agreement template

Sample Website Cross Sponsorship Agreement

website cross sponsorship
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If the website owner and a sponsor want to form a partnership, then that partnership must be properly established. This is especially true if the sponsor owns a website and wishes to merge its services with that of the other party. With the help of the above template in Google Docs, you can easily do that. This is useful for pointing out the terms and condition the services that will be exchanged, the rights of both party members, the limitations of usage and much more.

Simple Restaurant Sponsorship Agreement Template

restaurant sponsorship
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It is very difficult to run a restaurant and getting investors and sponsors for them is another milestone. You can reach that milestone effortlessly with the help of the above template, which helps you flock your establishment to pick up steam an attract sponsors. Agreement sample templates help in creating the right agreement, no matter which kind of agreement it is. This will allow you the chance to create a legally-binding document that serves to help enforce the obligation of sponsorship.

Sponsorship Agreement Templates

The sponsorship agreement is an agreement that is done between the sponsee, and sponsor. It sets out the legal agreement between the sponsor and the sponsored party. It is done informally through word of mouth or, through a formal written agreement. Both the party need to agree on the terms they decide for the collective decisions they have agreed upon.

If you are a sponsee, you are going to sponsor something or someone along with an agreement. The agreement will have all the necessary details such as- terms of the agreement, the period, budget, and everything the sponsor has agreed.

Website Cross Sponsorship Agreement Template

website cross sponsorship agreement template
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You can also visit the distribution agreement template to get a better idea of how to make the right agreements that suits your needs. The above template is a website cross sponsorship agreement template that shows both parties how to make a tight and legally correct sponsorship agreement so that all the parties involved in the agreement remain clear regarding their activities in this matter.

Free Example Sponsorship Agreement Template Download

free example sponsorship agreement template

This example sponsorship agreement contains four sections the parties to agree, length of the agreement, terms of the agreement and the obligation of the agreement. This ensures all the parts of the agreement are covered. There are many agreement templates in Word that you can use so that you can make the right word document consisting of all the necessary information.

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Sample Sponsorship Agreement Template Free Download

sample sponsorship agreement template

Create a Sponsorship Agreement in 5 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Identify the Parties

The first thing for you to do is to identify who the parties are. The details of the parties should be clearly mentioned. These details could be – the name of the parties involved, the company or the organization’s name, the addresses of the parties involved, etc. These have to be mentioned in detail so that everyone knows who is involved in the agreement clearly.

Step 2: Purpose of the Agreement

The next step would be to know why you are creating the agreement in the first place. This could also be the goal you want to achieve. The sponsorship should have a base goal beyond the business’s desire to improve your organization’s reputation. Legal agreement templates can be of great help since all the agreements should be legally bound. This way, you will know how to create the right legal agreements.

Step 3: Sponsor Benefits

The sponsor will look at how raising funds for you will benefit him/her, so make sure that you mention how this will be a plus point for them. Also, mention what are the exclusive benefits that only sponsors get to enjoy and have special access to. They should be given special privileges or discounts so that they know that they are being rewarded for the funds they raise for you.

Step 4: Terms, Conditions, and Laws

Mentioning the terms and conditions of the agreement is very important. This makes it easier for others to know what rules and regulations to follow and what not to follow as well. Agreement templates in PDF can help you create agreements in the form of a PDF, which are easier to read and make. Mention the state laws you are to follow. It is very important that you also mention what are the rules, terms, and conditions for the termination of the agreement as well, with possible reasons for termination.

Step 5: Review and Signature

Once you are done with drafting the whole agreement, give it a read, just so you are sure that you have not missed any important details that have to be mentioned in the agreement. Also, check for any grammatical errors that you might have missed in the agreement. Signing the agreements would make them legally bound, so do not forget to get them signed by every person/party that is involved in it. Ask them to read all of the agreement carefully.

Example Sponsorship Agreement Template Download

example sponsorship agreement template

Free Sample Sponsorship Agreement Template Download

free sample sponsorship agreement template

Free Download Sponsorship Agreement Template

free download sponsorship agreement template

Sample Cultural Sponsorship Agreement Template Download

sample cultural sponsorship agreement template

Sample Media Sponsorship Agreement Template Download

media sponsorship agreement template download

Sample Bin Sponsorship Agreement Template

bin sponsorship agreement

Example Financial Sponsorship Agreement Template

financial sponsorship agreement

Free Sample Funding Grants Sponsorship Agreement

funding grants sponsorship agreement

Example Athlete Sponsorship Proposal Template

athlete sponsorship proposal template

Sample Blank Sponsorship Agreement Form Template

blank sponsorship agreement form

Example Media Sponsorship Agreement Template

media sponsorship agreement

Free Model Corporate Sponsorship Agreement Template

model corporate sponsorship agreeement


There are many sponsorship application templates available online for you so that you can choose the best one out of the lot that suits your needs and requirements perfectly. Any of the above-mentioned templates can be used to create the right agreement you are in search of. No matter which industry you work in, you can use them to the fullest to make the kind of agreement you need and want.

Sales agreement templates can be used to make sales agreements amongst the buyer and the seller. Agreements make sure that all the parties involved know all the terms and conditions so that the deal can be done smoothly. Everyone involved in the agreement should be thorough with what is being said in the agreement. Make sure that all the parties read the agreement thoroughly before the agreement is signed. Once they are signed, they are legally bound and changes can be made only with the consent of all the parties involved in the agreement.

General FAQs

1. What is a Sponsorship Agreement?

A sponsorship agreement describes all the legal details between a sponsor and the sponsee. It has all the terms and conditions, the payment methods, sponsorship obligations, etc. that are to be followed by everyone involved in the agreement. All the details mentioned in the agreement must be accepted otherwise.

2. What is the purpose of Sponsorship?

Sponsorship provides a great means of improving a company’s image, prestige and the credibility it has in the market. This can be done by supporting eveners that the market finds attractive. Sponsorships help companies enhance their public profile and make them look good as they think about clients and the others involved.

3. What are the benefits of Sponsorship?

The benefit of Sponsorship is many. Some of them are:

  • Gets you in front of the target market
  • Increases brand awareness and media exposure
  • Increases your reach to new clients and businesses
  • Reconnects with customers and engages your audience
  • Puts your business in the front and helps you get public with your business.

4. How does Sponsorship work?

A sponsor pays a business or an individual to promote their business/brand. It can be in the form of direct advertisements. It is costly to sponsor a famous person or brand, but that can sell their products/services. Sponsorship is all about making your company public with the help of an outer source.

5. What should be in a Sponsorship Agreement?

The following points must be included in a sponsorship agreement:

  • Sponsorship term
  • Recognizing who the sponsor and the sponsee are
  • Sponsorship payments
  • Sponsor benefits
  • Termination of agreement
  • Any intellectual property
  • Conclusion