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A sponsorship agreement determines the legal relationship between a sponsor and the individual or organization that is entitled to enforce the sponsorship obligation. The agreement includes all the benefits that the sponsor will enjoy, the conditions under which the trademark or logo of the sponsor can be used, the rights and obligations of both the parties, the financial matters involved in the sponsorship and terms and conditions to be obeyed to avoid cessation of the contract. You may also see Sample Agreement Templates.

You can also visit Distribution Agreement Template. Sample and Example available here shows both the parties how to make a compact, well-structured and legally correct sponsorship agreement so that both remains clear regarding their activities in this matter. You may also see Agreement Templates.

Website Cross Sponsorship Agreement Template

website cross sponsorship
File Format
  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
  • Pages

Size: A4, US


Website Cross Sponsorship Agreement Template

website cross sponsorship agreement template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Pages

Size: A4, US


Sample Sponsorship Agreement Template Free Download

sample sponsorship agreement template

neh.gov | This sample sponsorship agreement is a contract between a sponsor and sub recipient. The template outlines the purpose of the agreement and the general provision given by the sponsor to the recipient.

Example Sponsorship Agreement Template Download

example sponsorship agreement template

uclu.org | The example sponsorship agreement template contains a sample for a sponsorship agreement for educational purposes. It outlines the sponsorship period and fees. It also contains the details on involvement of the sponsor

Free Sample Sponsorship Agreement Template Download

free sample sponsorship agreement template

utsa.edu | This sample is a sponsorship between a sponsor and a university through the principle of the university. The sponsor title is to be recognized and so is the use of the sponsors mark in the event that will take place.

Free Download Sponsorship Agreement Template

free download sponsorship agreement template

aflcommunityclub.com.au | In this sample the sponsor gets credits and benefit from the recipient after funding the club of the school. The respective sub recipient is subjected to recognition of the sponsor in its activities.

Free Example Sponsorship Agreement Template Download

free example sponsorship agreement template

ubuonline.co.uk | This example sponsorship agreement contains four sections the parties to agree, length of agreement, terms of agreement and the obligation of the agreement. This ensures all the parts of the agreement are covered.

Sample Cultural Sponsorship Agreement Template Download

sample cultural sponsorship agreement template

culture.gr | This sponsorship agreement sample is specifically for sponsors who are looking to sponsor a certain cultural event to be held. The example given can be used to write your own contract or you can use it after download.

Sample Media Sponsorship Agreement Template Download

media sponsorship agreement template download

relay.acsevents.org | If you are looking for a sponsorship for your media platform this sample media sponsorship agreement template is an example. This template gives the benefits to be gotten from the agreement to both parties.

Sample Bin Sponsorship Agreement Template

bin sponsorship agreement

bu.edu | This sample bin sponsorship agreement template is for students seeking to show their sponsors and the amount of funds that the sponsor can achieve. The sample is an example for students seeking clarification.

Example Financial Sponsorship Agreement Template

financial sponsorship agreement

ccp.edu | This example of a financial support agreement is for sponsors seeking to sponsor an F-1 student. The agreement is meant to avoid misunderstanding or pleasant situation in the future between the student and sponsor.

Free Sample Funding Grants Sponsorship Agreement

funding grants sponsorship agreement

womensbowlsnsw.org | This free sample funding grants sponsorship agreement is for sponsors who want to give funding and grants for a club. The example gives clear instruction on what to write when looking forward to writing a fund grants sponsorship agreement.

Example Athlete Sponsorship Proposal Template

athlete sponsorship proposal template


Sample Blank Sponsorship Agreement Form Template

blank sponsorship agreement form


Example Media Sponsorship Agreement Template

media sponsorship agreement


Free Model Corporate Sponsorship Agreement Template

model corporate sponsorship agreeement


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