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9+ Tenant Application Form Templates – PDF, DOC, Docs

If you’re going to apply for something like for an important event, then it’s possible that the people or organization holding that event will require certain pieces of information from you. This is even more true if you were to apply as a tenant in a specific establishment. You may also see rental application templates.

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The reason as to why the information is needed, it’s to ensure that these people know exactly who they’re dealing with before they allow them to apply for whatever it is they want. So if you were to try and get your hands on that apartment or room for rent, then you’ll need to file the right kind of tenant application form. This article is going to teach you all that you need to know regarding the document.

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What Should be in the Tenant Application Form?

Remember that the whole point of the application form is so that the landlord of a specific establishment is able to gather all of the necessary information regarding the applicant that wishes to live in his/her building. Whether you’re the landlord or the applicant in the situation, you’ll need to know what information should be placed into the application form.

So here are the list of things that just abut every tenant application form should contain:

1. Information regarding the building in which the person is applying for as a tenant.

Let’s say that the applicant was indeed approved as a tenant, a person who would want to verify the form will need to know all the details regarding the establishment where the tenant is living. This means that the form will need to contain the complete name of the building, as well as other details such as the number of the room/suite that the tenant is living in, the street address, the floor that the tenant is on, etc. Be sure that you don’t miss a single detail out as it will all be needed for verification purposes. You may also see Employment Application Form.

2. The complete names of the both the applicant and property owner.

If you’re going to apply for tenancy, then you’ll need the name of the property owner inside the form in the event that one has to confirm who the owner of the establishment is. Also, you’ll need to provide your own name so that the property owner won’t have a hard time in going through your application letter. So when writing these pieces of information down, you have to make sure that you spell out both names correctly as even a single mistake could lead to the form being pointless.

3. Current and previous address of the applicant.

The reason as to why a property owner would want this out of the applicant is because he/she would like to know if the applicant has ever acquired tenancy in another establishment prior to applying for his/her property. Knowing this little piece of information will help decide whether a thorough background search should be done or not. As the applicant, you’ll need to provide all of the details regarding the addresses. This means that you’ll need to put in everything from where they’re located, the contact information, and how long the applicant was a resident of those places. The contact information is definitely going to be important as the property owner will need to verify details regarding the property that the applicant previously stayed in.

Residential Tenancy Application Form

Pre-Tenancy Application Form

Sample Tenant Application Form

4. The complete name and contact information of the applicant’s previous landlord.

So let’s say that the applicant has confirmed that he/she did acquire previous residence in an establishment before applying for yours, this would mean that you’ll need to know the names of the landlords that the applicant evaluation was once under and their contact numbers. Why do you need them? Simply because you’ll want to verify any information that they applicant has given you regarding his/her previous residencies. These pieces of information are very useful as you’ll be able to know if this applicant is one that’s giving your truthful information, or one that you’ll have to send away.

5. Character references.

If the applicant has never rented before, then you can’t exactly ask for the name and contact number of a previous landlord can you? This is where you’ll want the applicant to provide you with a list of names that can provide you with information regarding whether or not the applicant is a suitable tenant for your establishment. You’ll need to have a statement template in this section where the applicant must not write down any names of relatives within the form as there’s a very good chance that these people will end up stretching truths or favor the applicant by giving you what you want to hear. So be sure that there are spaces where the applicant can write down at least three complete names of anyone that can vouch for him/her, their addresses, and their contact details.

6. Information regarding the applicant’s employment.

If the applicant is currently working, then you’ll need all the details you can get regarding who his/her employer is and the amount of salary that he/she receives. Why do you need to know the salary? That’s because you need to know if the applicant is able to keep up with the time periods to ensure that you get paid. As for the name of the employer and contact details, you’ll want them both so that you can verify all the information that the applicant has told you about his/her job; because you’ll never know which of your applicants might be lying about what they do for a living and how much they earn, so it’s better that you be safe than sorry. So you’re going to need information such as the applicant’s job title, the complete name of his/her employer, the name of the company, and the applicant’s monthly income. If you’re the applicant, be sure you write down all pieces of information accurately so that you’ll have a higher chance of getting your tenancy application approved. You may also see Academic Application Letters.

7. Names of the people that will accommodate the property with the applicant.

Sometime the tenant may bring in another member to occupy whatever room or apartment he/she is going to rent out. Which is the reason why landlords will want to know all the information they can get as to who these people are as well. If you’re the tenant in this situation, then you’ll need to provide everything from the name of these people that will be occupying the property with you, their job titles, their previous and current addresses, etc. Also, never forget to ask for their contact details as you may need it if you aren’t able to contact the applicant. You may also see Job Application Letter Examples.

8. Name of the person to contact in the event of an emergency.

Just about every person who applies for tenancy needs to have an emergency contact. The reason? It’s because you’ll never know when a situation might occur where you’ll need to inform other people regarding the situation of the applicant. A good example of this is when the applicant has acquired residency but has fallen ill due to an allergy. Let’s say that you do not know how to help cure the tenant, so using the emergency contact to talk to someone that knows how will prove to be very useful. Leave a space in the form as to where the applicant may provide the complete name of the person or persons that he/she would like to list down as the emergency contacts, as well as their complete contact details and addresses.

Individual Tenant Application Form

Tenancy Application Checklist Form

Property Tenancy Application Form

How to Check a Background for a Tenant

Now that you have all the information that you have from the job application form, the next thing that you’re going to have to do as the property owner is verify all of the information that you have been able to receive. You’re going to have to do this is you want to make sure that you’re taking in an applicant that you cant trust rather than someone that would make blatant lies.

So if you’re going to do a background check, here are the steps that you’ll need to follow:

1. Require the tenants to complete a credit report authorization form.

A rental application form isn’t the only thing that a person will need to fill up. It is required by law that an applicant is to fill up this form in order for the property owner to do a legal credit check on the applicant.

2. Interview the applicant in person.

Before you even consider this person as someone that you want to have in your establishment, you’ll need to have a face-to-face meeting with this person first. The reason as to why you want to do this is because you want to know just how respectful this person is and if you’re comfortable enough to have him/her live in the property that you own. You may also see

3. Obtain credit reports for the applicant.

A credit report will help you identify tenants who are financially stable and reliable. The information that you can find on the credit report are anything regarding foreclosures, bankruptcies, unlawful detainer lawsuits and evictions. Each credit company will provide a credit score for the tenant demonstrating the financial reliability of the applicant. The typical credit score that’s required out of a person that’s applying for tenancy would usually be 620 or anywhere around that number.

4. Pull a background check on your applicant from a verified tenant screening company.

If you think that you aren’t able to do a complete and proper background check on your own, then you can always make use of third parties to help you out. These screening companies can come in very handy as it’s their job to look into all the information regarding an applicant. This will essentially give you information that could tell you if the person applying for your property is someone that you would want to have or not. The background check will show a number of things like any criminal report, including running the name on the offender database, whether he or she ever damaged any property and if the applicant has had a history of paying rent late. You want to find honest rule-following tenants and the best way to do that is by hiring trustworthy tenant screening companies.

5. Contact the applicant’s employer.

Remember where there was a section that the applicant had to place all the information regarding his/her current employer? This is the main reason as to why you’re going to need it. This is an opportunity for you to verify that the employment and income information the applicant supplied is true and determine if the potential tenant is able to pay the rent. And what better way for you to verify the information than by asking the employer?

6. Contact the applicant’s personal references.

Usually, landlords would want to ask for references that are not relatives or friends as there tends to be a form of bias towards the applicant. However, some landlords are okay with the idea as these people know the applicant well enough considering that they engage with him/her for many years, and they might just give you all that you need to know regarding the applicant’s character, demeanor and manner. You may also see Job Application Letters in PDF.

While it’s never an easy thing to determine whether an applicant is someone that you can trust, you’re going to have to do everything that you can to acquire all the information needed to see just how much you can trust him/her. Since the applicant has given you all the information you need, it’s best that you immediately do the background check so that you won’t run into any surprises along the way. Because you might just be approving someone who has a bad history in terms of delinquent payments, so it’s best that you do background checks to avoid these types of people. So be sure to follow the steps above to help you out.

If you would like to learn more on tenant application forms and how to do tenant background checks, then all you have to do is go through our site, find the articles that have the information you need, and utilize whatever you have been able to find to help you out.

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