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The need of membership template formats has increased in time due to business offers services. To better serve their customers’ requirements, businesses, small, big that offered their services in the type of a membership. Samples of Membership application templates are available nowadays if you want to join membership so need to fill these forms according their preferred field and submit it without any problem. You can also see Rental Application Template.

Membership permits individuals to receive many benefits, for example to avail of few of the small services, for that they had to bill their consumers each and every time, into a particular package, Application Templates which contains all of the services plus an additional benefit. This led to better consumer services, thus growing customer fulfillment significantly.

Free Downloadable Rotary Membership Application Form Download


Example Membership Registration Application Free Download


Sample ECCT Membership Application Form Free Download


What Purpose does a Membership Application Template Serve?

A membership application template is basically the first impression an organization makes on the general public. Hence it should be informative and easy to complete. It defines the first connection an individual makes with the organization. It also provides the opportunity to the organization to capture details about the individuals, which may prove helpful in building relationships.
Hence it is important that the membership application template is easy to understand and conveys information about the organization. A complicated and time consuming membership application form may create a negative image of the organization.

Sample Format Gym Membership Application Download


Free Downloadable NGO Membership Application Form


Sample YMCA Application Membership Form Free Download


Example Individual Membership Application Form Download


Free Sample African National Congress Membership Form Download


Points you must include while Creating a Membership Application Template

While designing a membership application template, it may be important to consider the following aspects:

Essential Information

The template should capture all relevant information about the candidate. However, it is important to ensure that the candidate is not over burdened with the requirement for unnecessary information. Considering this, the key points which may be included in the template are:

  • Type of membership and the fees
  • Membership requirements such as educational qualifications, designation and other credentials.
  • Term of membership
  • Personal information of the applicant.
  • Contact information including contact number, address and email id.
  • Conditions of membership including responsibilities and privileges given to members.
  • Online and offline payment options available.
  • Details of previous membership if applicable.
  • Details of reference sponsors.
  • Chapter or affiliation information in case of a multichapter organization.
  • Personal interests of the applicants.

Example 2016 Membership Application Form Free Download


Example Invitation Application for Membership Free Download


Free Sample Membership Application With Payment information Download


Sample Format Business Student Association Membership Application Form Download


Sample Membership Application Form Free Download


Free Sample Membership Application Form Download


Printable Club Membership Application Template Free Download


Dividing the Application Template into Sections

A long application may look complicated. Hence it is important to divide the application template into sections. Bold headings may be used to separate various fields. Some online membership application templates allow the creation of a multi-stepped process, which takes the applicant from one section to another. This gives the template a neat and uncomplicated appearance.

Information about the Organization

Use of color or graphics can help in catching the applicant’s attention.Using appealing background colors, and incorporating the brand logo can help to capture the applicant’s attention and arouse curiosity regarding the organization.

User-friendly Templates

Membership application templates can be made user friendly by offering checkboxes, drop down menus or pre-filled answers. This can help to save time of the applicant.

Concise Template

The information required in the template should be concise and the questions asked should be positive. This can help to capture the attention of the applicant.
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