How to Make a Travel Brochure [10+ Templates]


To those who see traveling as just a waste of money, they clearly have a very shallow impression towards it. Looking beyond the expenses, the memories that can be gained from traveling is more valuable than money. To make people realize this, promote the benefits of traveling using our travel brochure templates.

6 Steps to Make a Travel Brochure

Step 1: Make an outline of the brochure’s content

Your brochure is a make-or-break tool to determine whether or not the customer wishes to avail of your services, which is a good reason for you not to take it for granted. Before designing your brochure, try to make an outline on what content you intend on including and how you wish to address your message.

Step 2: Gather the necessary photos

The inclusion of photos on the brochure is more than just to beautify the layout, it can also help in conveying your message. Through photos, your customers get to see the beauty of the place and realize how much they need to visit there. When gathering photos, choose well and go for those that fully showcase the place’s best qualities.

Step 3: Choose a brochure type

There are actually various types of brochures to choose from, and this includes the bi-fold brochure, tri-fold, gate-fold, z-fold, roll fold, and others. Before proceeding to the next step, be sure to at least familiarize those types and choose which one works best for you and your message.

Step 4: Download a brochure template

After deciding on a brochure type, it’s now time for you to download a travel brochure template from our collection below. When you scroll down, you’ll see over ten brochure templates to choose from, and these templates were gathered from highly reliable sources.

Step 5: Add the brochure’s content

Making use of a brochure template means not having to start all the way from the bottom. Our brochure templates already come with a pre-designed layout that’s fully editable, which means that all you need to do is to add the content and to customize the design if needed.

Step 6: Proofread and print

Even if you’re confident with your work, always go through it at least once to check for any error. This way, you can assure yourself a hundred percent that your brochure is error-free and is worth reading. And of course, after proofreading your brochure, you can then have it printed so you can start distributing them.

10+ Travel Brochure Templates

1. Drifter Bi-fold Travel Brochure Template

1 Download

Traveling can indeed drift the person away from a world of stress and into a world of peace and tranquility. The sample brochure template above even shows how peaceful the traveler is which should make it even more enticing to the reader. Also, take note that the background photo above is only a sample.

2. Vintage Domestic Travel Brochure Sample

2 Download

Whether you’re offering domestic or international travel packages to your customers, this might be what you’re looking for. This tri-fold travel brochure template is vintage themed and is perfect for drawing more attention to the written content rather than the design itself.

3. Travel Agency Bi-Fold Brochure Example

3 Download

Motivate people to explore and go out by showing them a bi-fold brochure made using this template. This would be a lot more fitting if your preference or the theme of your business is midnight blue. If you decide to use this template, take note that it comes in six different file formats so choose wisely.

4. Gateway Travel Tri-Fold Brochure Layout

4 Download

Your customers should learn to let go and have no regrets when it comes to traveling. While money is simply a material possession that you can earn through working, memories gained from traveling is priceless. Let this brochure template indeed be the gateway to your customers’ exciting getaways.

5. Trendy Travels Tours Brochure Design

6 Download

Nowadays, it’s usually about keeping your advertisement materials trendy in order to make them stand out or appeal to this generation. Looking at the sample above, this is obviously a very trendy and modern brochure design that is sure to attract your audience’s attention. Don’t hesitate to use this template for making your brochures.

6. Paradise Travel Tri-Fold Brochure Template

7 Download

People love to travel to tropical places because to them, this is paradise. This is especially common for people in the west since they are the ones who usually experience the winter season. Nevertheless, this travel brochure template is enough to entice them to travel in order to discover the best paradise destinations in the world.

7. Travel Agency Tri-Fold Brochure Sample

8 Download

As demonstrated on the brochure template above, your travel agency should be versatile in a way that aside from simply offering the usual travel services, you should also suggest fun activities that travelers can do in those places. Examples of this include visiting the zoo, mountain climbing, going to amusement parks, etc.

8. Travel Guide Tri-Fold Brochure Format

5 Download

Don’t just settle with simply providing the reader with information about your business or about traveling, give them information about the places as well. This way, they’ll hold on to your brochures as if it was their own personal travel guide. Need help with that? Check out the brochure template above.

9. Lotus Travel Tour Brochure Example

9 Download

According to a certain culture, the lotus plant symbolizes purity in both the mind and body which is absolutely perfect when traveling. When travelers go to a certain place, they should keep themselves pure from any form of stress. The logo design included on the template above indeed complements both the brochure’s design and message.

10. Printable Travel Agency Brochure Format

10 Download

People often love to wander in order to find their true selves, and traveling is a very good way of wandering. The brochure template above can provide travelers with assistance on where to go and how to get there, all you need to do is supply the needed content.

11. Amazing Holiday Travel Brochure Format

11 Download

Unless people have traveled to a problematic place, traveling will never be “not amazing” to begin with. Wherever they go when they travel, they’ll meet new people, learn about their culture, and even try out their food. Just like the brochure template above, always keep your customer’s travels amazing.

12. Yellow Travel Agency Brochure Design

12 Download

How else can you make your brochure’s appealing and easy to read? By organizing the layout, of course. The simple brochure template above does it very well by creating color-coordinated columns intended for each section of the content, and this helps in making the content very manageable.

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