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4+ Doctor Brochure Templates in PSD | EPS | InDesign

A Doctor Brochure is an essential document that represents the doctor’s degrees and the specialization that he/she offers in the medical field. The doctor can showcase his profile in the most captivating manner in these brochures. It may seem difficult to make the brochure. But how about having templates to ease your load? So here are the medical brochure templates that will help you out to design the doctor brochures in the most less time possible.

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6 Steps to Make a Doctor Brochure

Step 1: About the Clinic

A doctor brochure should include the details of the clinic on the very first page. The brochure should start with that information. So make sure you add those details correctly in an appropriate manner.

Step 2: The Services

Then comes the services that the clinic will be offering to the patients. Make a proper description of the services which are intelligible to the audience and which is less confusing. The services will include all the medical services that are available in the clinic. The services offered by the doctor will all be included in this section.

Step 3: Specialities of the Clinic

Every clinic is special in its way. But there has to be something unique about your clinic that will let people choose your clinic over other clinics. So, identify the specialties of the clinic and mention those in a section of the brochure too.

Step 4: Contact Details

Then there will be a section that will consist of the contact details and the address of your clinic. This should be correctly and appropriately mentioned in the brochure. These details will help the patients or the people to reach you in an instant.

Step 5: Precise

Try to be short and precise in the entire brochure. Nobody wants to read long paragraphs and descriptions in the brochures. These are meant to be short and precise. Try to maintain that form.

Step 6: Arrange Properly

After you are done making all the sections, you need to arrange it in proper order. Every detail and information needs to acquire a particular space in the brochure. Identify the space for all those sections properly. Since a brochure works as a book so the start and end should be proper.

4+ Doctor Brochure Templates

1. Doctor Brochure in Design

If you wish to make a doctor brochure that includes a well-designed profile of yours, then here is a brochure template that you can take the help of. It is well designed with the proper structure and format and therefore will make your job done in minutes. This brochure template will help you make your best brochure and showcase your profile. You can easily customize it, edit and print it too. Hurry up and grab this to get an attractive brochure in PSD ready in minutes.

2. Doctor Tri-Fold Brochure in Vector EPS

Brochures are an important document that gives the idea of any service. Doctors too need such brochures to include the treatments and the services that they offer. So a doctor brochure gives an idea of his/her profile and about the clinic so that the patient can have a look at it at a glance and know about it. To make it handy, you might want to make a trifold brochure. Here is a template that will help you make the desired brochure in a tri-fold. Just you need to get access to this template by downloading it. You will be able to make further customizations easily. You can refer to the free brochure templates for this purpose too.

3. Creative Doctor Tri-Fold Brochure in Design

To make a tri-fold doctor brochure, you can choose this template that is given. This template can be used for multiple purposes. It can be used for health, hospital, diagnostic center, and other such medical business purposes. This template is an answer to all such usages. Therefore get your hands on this template and you will be able to fulfill so many purposes at once. Download it right away and make the doctor healthcare brochure easily and conveniently.

4. Doctor Hospital Bifold Brochure

Here is another attractive template provided for you to make an eye captivating medical brochure in an instant. This is a bifold brochure that comes in the form of a magazine. It can be easily downloaded and will allow you to include all the necessary information and details. Do you want to grab it now? Why wait then? Download the free brochure template in PSD and create the brochure in minutes.

5. Doctor Brochure in Vector EPS

If you have been assigned the task of making a doctor’s medical brochure, and you are getting all clueless regarding it, what do you do? You keep calm and refer to this given template. This is how you can make the brochure in no time. This template is designed in the required format for you with all the essentials. Get hold of this template and then you can go for the edits and customizations.

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