15 Graphic Designer Business Card Designs

Here in the 21st Century, an information sheet is being exchanged rapidly—so fast indeed that we humans are now the ones who are forced to keep up with it. This is thanks to the many advancements we have been able to make over the past couple of decades. We have ascended from being cavemen and into the modern man, present in the information age.

We now heavily rely on computers and other gadgets that help improve the state of our lives. We use them for assistance, for luxury, and for employment. Graphic designers are now becoming quite in demand because of their skills in design using computers and software programs like Photoshop, Gimp, or CorelDraw. If you are in the business of graphic design, then you will certainly need professional business cards and we have some great templates for you to peruse.

Business Card Design Template


Designer Business Card Template


Sample Graphic Designer Business Card


Designer Business Card Sample


Inspirational Graphic Designer Business Card


What is a graphic designer?

Although we often hear the term, most of us have actually little to no knowledge about graphic designers and the things they do. By definition, graphic designers are people who make visual concepts the old-fashioned way, using their hands, paper, and pen, or by using the more technological approach, which is via computers and various software. They are visual communicators who help a company, business, or organization by providing them with brilliant pieces of design that can be used for promoting or advertising the whole business or a product; for example, making business cards for designers.

Graphic designers have several tasks on their hands and when they are in the office, their hands are usually full most of the time. You may find them slouching in front of their computer screens, with their hands and fingertips quickly clicking and tapping on the mouse and keyboard, while a sketch slowly takes form in front of them. They are most likely thinking about different decorative effects and design elements, so they would be able to achieve the result they are aiming for.

Here are other things that graphic designers do:

  • Pick out colors, layouts, text styles, and images
  • Find out what message the design should be presenting and conveying
  • Convene with the art director or the clients themselves regarding the scope and length of a project
  • Provide suggestions and strategies on how to effectively communicate with the audience via design
  • Make design concepts either through computer software packages or by hand
  • Construct images that would effectively deliver the message or the product
  • Devise audio images, visuals, and graphics for product presentations, web pages, and logo designs

These are the things that graphic designers usually do, but their overall tasks are not just limited to these things, for they may have to edit video clips or images as well. They may also be tasked to create a corporate business card template for the company or business they are working on.

Creative Graphic Designer Business Card


Business Card for Graphic Designer


Creative Graphic Ribbon Business Cards


Simple Graphic Designer Business Card


Graphic Designer Business Card in PSD


Business card design tips

Graphic designers like yourself are capable of designing a personal business card, thanks to the skills that you have gained because of your profession. Being creative and experimental with various color schemes, design concepts, shapes, and other artistic stuff certainly sounds pretty easy. However, there would be times that you have to create a business card that is not meant for you. By this time, concepts would suddenly evade your thoughts and you may find it hard to come up with something. You may find yourself stuck with a blank slate, or you may think you have run out of creativity.

To help you get back on track, we have prepared a few design tips for business cards that will certainly help you to make any type of business card. It does not matter if it is for the company you are working for or if it is a more professional endeavor like business cards for architects and constructors.

  • Finalize the card’s message first. You would want to set aside any concept that you have and focus on the kind of message that the card should deliver. You start by choosing the proper information that you have to put on the card. With that being said, it is best to choose the contact list information because this is how people will contact the company you are making the card for. If it is for an individual or a professional, put the name, contact information like email address and phone number, along with his or her job title. If it is a company or corporation, then put in the company logo and name, along with their phone number, email address, street address, and social media website.
  • Choose the materials wisely. You cannot just use any type of paper/card for any unique business card because that would lower its effectivity. You would have to match it with the type of service a person has to offer and then decide whether they would require a simple material like recycled paper or if they would need unique ones like metal, plastic, or high-quality paper. Also, do not be afraid to experiment with the materials, until you feel like you have finally gotten the right one.
  • Pick out the right printing method. Another factor you should consider is the printing method or imprinting method. There are a lot of methods out there and it is up to you to choose what would be the best match for the business card’s design. Is it best if you use a foil stamping method, PMS printing, embossing, debossing, or four-color (CMYK) printing?
  • Plan. Before you even get to finalize the card’s message, you have to plan ahead first. You need to first think of a concept and how it would relate the business card to the business, or individual, that will use it. Once you have a concept, you can then work on it along the way and make necessary changes to it.

Elegant Business Card


Web Designers Business Card


Graphic Designer Card


Designer Studio Business Card


Creative Pro Designer Business Card


Designing a business card that captivates people

Business cards have their own statistics and if one were to look at it, one would think that it looks pretty grim. One may even conclude that making business cards is just not worth the trouble. Why? Because 88% of the total number of business cards that are being handed out every day are being thrown away in less than a week. This is one of the main reasons why many business card creators prefer to make a recycled business card because it is the most cost-efficient and the most labor-saving strategy.

But one should not lessen the quality of work that they have put on their business card just because of this simple fact. Being a graphic designer, it is important for you to design a card that will not go unnoticed. You should be able to create more than just a creative business card because creativity alone will not cut it. Colors and designs would not be enough and you would have to summon every ounce of power that you have as a graphic designer to pull this one off. Do not worry because we some tips to help you out.

  • Simplicity is beauty. This is where a lot of business cards get themselves in trouble because some of them either have too much or too little information and design on them. There should be a balance between the two so it would look pleasing to the eye. For example, if you have a black and white design, do not worry too much about the white spaces, or black spaces, that have no fonts on them. Focus instead on making sure the lettering is positioned at the center and those spaces will work their magic, aesthetically complementing the contrast between empty and inhabited areas of the card.
  • Readability is important. Some tend to focus too much on their design and completely forget about the readability of their lettering, font, or typeface. Sure, people would appreciate the elegant design, but if they cannot read the contents of your business card, it is most probably going to the trash bin.
  • Don’t overdo the colors. Colors are very important visual qualities of any design. However, if you put too much of them, especially on a very limited space like a business card, they tend to become too distracting. Stick to one or two colors and keep them simple. Highly accentuated colors tend to demote the quality of a lot of things, not just in blank business cards.
  • Think outside the box. It is true that the generally accepted business cards measure up to 2 or 3.5 inches, which is pretty cool. But if you want to captivate people with them, then you have to step up your game a bit. Play around with various design concepts and come up with unique ones, like making the card look like a mini brochure, using cards that have measurements of 4 by 7 inches, and so on. Do not limit yourself to the tired and familiar.

Those were some of the graphic design professional business cards that we were able to gather and present to you. It is true that business cards have really bad statistics when it comes to retention, but that does not mean that business cards are ineffective. The truth is that transparent business cards have helped out a lot of consumers, sellers, and business owners, so it would definitely be a big help for graphic designers as well.

What you should keep in mind is finding the one that you find fits you and your profession, then tweaking it to suit your preferences. It does not matter if it is a premium business card template or a free one. What matters is how it struck your fancy.

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