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To be an outstanding painter requires a tremendous amount of talent and skill. And as expected of you, the things that you do that involve graphics or any form of art should be as creative as you are. Aside from your commissions, your prospective partners and clients would highly assume that your modern business cards or any promotional tool that you use will be of top-notch quality. Because you are an artist, they should be reflective of your ability as a painter. Although painters are known to be creative, sometimes they run out of creative juices. So, if you are short of ideas, we can help you create your business cards with the list that we have prepared. Check out below the beautifully stunning and impressive business cards that you can use for your business transactions.

Simple Watercolor Painter Business Card Template


Black and White Painter Business Card Template


Creative Painter Business Card Template


Why use business cards?

With technology rapidly advancing, business cards are becoming less prevalent as the world continues to become more and more digital. Whether people are walking, eating dinner, sitting down, or even driving, everyone has a digital device at an arm’s reach nowadays. Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous; it’s almost impossible not to find them. This is because these devices have become primary tools for communication. These devices are capable of exchanging messages through text, chat, or emails online with just a few taps on their screen. Some people have even abandoned traditional business cards and opted to only take the modern approach to promote themselves. That’s why in this section of the article, we are going to remind you why using business cards for business transactions is still relevant in this modern day.

1. Not everyone has a digital device

The purpose of having a digital device is for faster communication, especially with business partners and clients. These devices are accessible and hand-held, so they can be carried anywhere with ease. But the only problem with this is that not everyone has one. Even in this day where technology has been made obtainable, there are still those who prioritize other matters and put buying a digital device at the bottom of the list. Not everyone can afford digital devices even if they come in cheap. So to prepare yourself for situations where your prospective clients and business partners don’t have any digital device with them, always bring with you enough business cards that you can use to present yourself and your business.

2. Digital devices need to be charged

Even with continuous technological improvements in the battery of digital devices, they still need to be charged at least twice a day, sometimes even more if you are a heavy user. Obviously, these devices won’t fully be operational and function when their batteries are drained. Another factor is that such devices need cellular reception. When you face a situation there is no reception present, even if you’re at the highest elevated spot, sending data from one device to another may be difficult. So in order to stay relevant, it’s best that you prepare your premium business cards and introduce yourself and your business to prospective partners and clients.

3. They promote your business

Obviously, you promote your business using business cards as tools. In hopes of making a deal with prospective clients and business partners, you hand out your information through business cards. You can turn your business card into a catalog or pamphlet to convince prospective clients and partners to call you and discuss business. Doing this steps up your game of doing business and it also creates a positive impression. Also, giving away your business card on a personal approach opens up an opportunity to talk about business at that very moment. You can talk about your business face to face and the personal approach makes it easier to convey what message you want your prospective clients and partners to understand.

4. They implement proper etiquette

Business works in thousands of different ways, especially when it involves other cultures. The way you transact business might be different from people of other cultures. That’s why as a business person, it is your duty to do a bit of research before attending any meetings with prospective clients and partners. For example, in Hong Kong, you are expected to also give your business card if you are first given one. This is a formal approach and when you fail to follow this act of formality, it will endanger your business relationship with the other party before it even started. Another example is in Japan. Your business card is a reflection of how you want to conduct your business and how serious you are with your intentions of striking a business deal with them. So before you give out your luxury business card, make sure that it is presentable and that it speaks to your intentions of doing business with them.

Colorful Painter Business Card Template


Modern Creative Painter Business Card Template


Artistic Painter Business Card Template


House Painter Busines Card Template


Painter and Decorator Business Card Template


Professional Painter Business Card Template


Brushstroke Painter Business Card Template


How to make an impressive business card

You use your business card to make business transactions with your prospective business partners and clients. And as such, it is expected that your business card is as presentable as you are when you are going to meetings or any business transactions. So, it is of utmost importance that you choose the right design for your professional business card and make it as presentable and comprehensive as possible.

The content of a business card consists of design and information. Both of these elements work hand in hand to impress your clients or business partners. Also, these two aspects of the business card are the major factors that dictate how strong of an impact your black business card will make. So if you want to know more about how these factors can be used to your advantage, read the elaboration of the different key points below.

1. Design

One should not ignore or take for granted the crucial part of the design in marketing tools such as the business card. A well-designed business card is your weapon into getting a business partner or a client. Also, it should be able to convince the prospective business partners and clients to take your business card for future reference and make them research about you and your business. But how can you do so? The answer to that would be its design. The design of the business card should be striking and attractive enough to make the recipients take your business card and pique their interest in it. It should also effectively make them share your business cards with their peers. This will create a network of prospective partners and clients with just a unique business card. That’s how powerful the design of the business card is and you should utilize it to its full potential.

But before anything else, you should properly plan what design you should use because randomly choosing a design just based on the fact that you are attracted to it will only jeopardize your transaction. So, for you to be able to properly plan for it, we have listed a few tips that will serve as your guide. Read the list below. You may also like elegant business cards.

  • Come up with a concept. You should be able to create or think of a concept for your business card before you start anything. What theme do you want for your business card? Do you want a black and white theme? Maybe a sleek one? Perhaps a vintage concept? Or probably a minimalistic one? The list could be as extensive as the Great Wall of China with the wide array of choices that you have. But despite having a great number of choices, you should always remember to stick to the concept that you think will best represent your identity as a painter or as a company. It depends on whether you are working freelance or for a company.

The concept of the design should be able to project the kind of image that you want your prospective business partners and clients to perceive. It should reflect who you are as a painter. Also, it wouldn’t be a problem to put your own touch to the design. Doing so will create a connection with your partners and clients and they will have an idea of what your personality and character is based on that. You may also like transparent business cards.

  • You should plan the layout of your business card. The layout of your simple business card is as important as anything else because it will dictate the positions and arrangements of the design elements that you will be using. The spaces, margins, borders (if there are any), and everything else that you need to create the outline of the business card’s layout should be properly planned. You should remember that margins around the border should not be too wide because it will compress the elements of the design inside the border. The spaces between lines of texts should be far or near enough so it will not look too cramped or too spacious in between them.

The planning for the arrangements should include the outline of the images so you would know which image goes to which position. Also, the font styles that you use should complement its design elements. Things will be easier for you when you actually start the design if you have proper planning of the layout. You may also see typography business cards.

  • The design should be eye-catching. Anywhere you go, there will always be something that will grab your attention, be it a flyer, a passing car, a kid on the street, or even a tiny frog leaping alongside you. Your eyes will always gravitate towards things that are either attractive or annoying. Creating something attractive is an invaluable way to promote your business. Having this trait in your colorful business card can be utilized to maximize your business potential by creating a unique and striking design for others to see.

A business card should have a design that instantly grabs a person’s attention at first glance.. Once you have a hold on a person’s attention, it would lead you one step closer to making him or her your prospective client or even a business partner. You can then promote your products or services and start talking about business. And if that person is a keen observer, he or she would instantly notice the creativity in your business card. This will create an impression and reward every ounce of effort you put into making your business card. They would then know how hardworking, committed, and passionate you are in your business. So every time they take a look at your business card, they would be reminded of an image of you, an image that is determined to achieve success. You may also like minimalist business cards.

  • Pop those colors! Eye-catching designs would be nothing without the proper use of colors. Choosing attractive colors, which are usually the bright ones, is one way of making your design stand out. The beauty of the design may be subjective, but one must admit that what makes it pop out are the right colors. These colors are dependent on the concept that you have chosen for your design. For example, if you choose a vintage design, most of its colors are made up of rustic tones such as brownish red.

There isn’t enough variety of colors that pop. But even though the colors do not pop, they would still stand out because they fit with the design. Bright and popping colors are usually used in concepts with a bubbly vibe. So if you are going for that kind of feel for your business card, then you definitely need to use colors that pop. The power of colors should not be undermined and should be used to its full potential. You may also see wooden business cards.

  • Create a design that is relevant to the concept. Everything that we have talked about a business card’s design will amount to nothing if there isn’t even a hint of relevance to the concept. If you think of a concept, make sure that the design exactly follows. For example, if you are going for an elegant concept for your business card, everything in the design should follow suit, like the font, colors, and other graphical elements. Put your vision into action. Make sure that they are expressed properly. If done otherwise, it would only create chaos and be detrimental to your image. Having a negative impression might ruin your business before it even started. You may also see black business cards.

Clean Painter Business Card Template


Elegant Faux Silver Painter Business Card Template


Abstract Painter Business Card Template


Paint Brushes Painter Business Card Template


Painting Services Painter Business Card


2. Information

Aside from the design of your business card, it should also contain information that will be useful to your prospective business partners and clients. They should be comprehensive but simple enough to avoid confusing people. Your business card will help your prospects or even existing partners and clients easily recall details about you or your company. We have prepared a list of necessary details to be included on your business card. You need to go through them regardless if you are still new using a business card or already have one to begin with. Check the following:

  • Name, title, and profession. Obviously, you need to put your full name so people would know who they are dealing with. You can include your title if you have one, and of course, your profession, too. These should not be forgotten because most of your prospects will rely on your business card during evaluation and contemplation on whether to strike a deal with you and hire your services or buy your products. They will use your business card to know what your skills and capabilities are based on your profession. If you are one of the few who have multiples careers, you can also include your other profession in a single business card. You can also create other business cards for your other professions if you want to. You have the freedom to choose. But, as an advice, it would be better to put everything into a single business card to save money from the production of business cards and to avoid giving your prospects too many business cards all at once. That being said, it is likely that there is enough space for every crucial piece of information to be put on a single card when designed properly. You may also like personal business cards.
  • Company name (option). This is optional because not everyone has a company, most notably in the case of freelancers. But if you are working for a company or if you own a company, then you should definitely include this. This is important for startup companies because they are still trying to break into the market and put their name on people’s radar. The name of your company will make the recipients of the free business cards wonder about it, especially if they have not heard about the company’s name before. Doing so will get them to start asking what your company does, what services are provided, what products are sold, and many other questions related to your company. By asking questions and answering them, both parties create a connection that might spark a business deal.
  • Contact details and address. The purpose of business cards is to provide information, but the information on a card sometimes isn’t enough to answer everything. Putting your contact details will allow receivers of your card to get in touch with you. Your contact details should be placed at the front of your small business so it will be noticed when you hand out your business card. What you should include are your mobile phone number and telephone number (if you have one). You can also include your address in case they need to send packages or they need to send something through the postal mail. And since we are talking about mail, your email address should be included as well. This is of utmost importance because your prospects will mostly reach you through there.
  • Social media links. This is an era where social media dominates the internet and people’s daily lives. Most people have social media accounts and they log into them almost every day. It is a part of almost everyone’s lives regardless of their age because even people of old age use it to entertain themselves. Aside from entertainment, a lot of people use social media as their medium for daily communication. Social media apps usually also have a function to send direct messages to the people you follow or are friends with. You can send messages that will instantly be received on the other end once the send button is tapped.
  • Company logo or personal picture (optional). Since the company name is optional, it also follows that the company logo would be the same. But if you are working in a company or own one, you should include it to solidify your identity. Alternatively, you can use your personal photo in case you are a freelancer. Putting a logo or an image of yourself will allow the recipients to easily remember you.

Have you found the perfect business card?

Being a painter gives you a lot of artistic choices. You could go abstract, extravagant, or minimalistic if you want to. You could come with something new and original, or you could draw inspiration from works of different artists. That’s why choosing a business card design might be difficult because of the wide array of choices that are presented. But whatever choice that you can come up with as the final one, make sure that you have chosen it because you grounded your choice based on your identity as a painter. It’s all about how you want your prospective business partners and clients to perceive you. People will have their first impressions on you based on how you present yourself and your business card. So make sure you take this matter seriously. We wish you all the best in your endeavors! Good luck!

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