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11+ Restaurant Buyout Contract Templates – PDF, Word

Need to think of another way to generate income for your restaurant or dining establishment? If yes, let us share to you the marvelous benefits of restaurant private dining or buyouts that you can implement as a restaurant business strategy. In this article, we will also provide examples of restaurant buyout contract samples that any business owner or manager may use for their respective dining establishments. Read on…

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What is a Restaurant Buyout?

The most common definition of a buyout is the process of buying the shares of a company so that the buyer will become the primary stockholder of the simple business. However, in this article, we will not be talking about that definition.

What this article will focus on, instead, is the process of restaurant buyouts. This occurs when restaurants or dining establishments like cafes, bistros, and bakeries allows its customers to have full use of their entire establishment including access to the restaurant’s offered menu list, amenities, and waitstaff service in exchange for a pre-determined amount of money.

When restaurant buyouts happen, only the client and his or her party are allowed to dine in the restaurant. And the rest of the restaurant will be closed off to the public. Also, the client or customer will have to sign an agreement or contract with the restaurant manager or owner and pay a deposit or full price (depending on the restaurant’s policies) before the client can use and dine at the restaurant.

Restaurant buyouts are also called private dining events. This kind of dining setup is usually done by moneyed people, those who value their privacy like celebrities and politicians, and those who want exclusive use of the dining establishment for special events like wedding receptions and birthday parties.

Take a Look at These Restaurant Buyout Contract Templates

Embedded within this article are different examples of restaurant buyout contracts or agreement templates. All of them are available as downloadable PDF templates to make it easier for you to access and recreate them on your end. Check them out below.

Bakery Restaurant Buyout Contract Template

Blank Restaurant Buyout Contract Template

Cafe Restaurant Franchise Buyout Contract Template

What to Include in a Restaurant Buyout Contract

The main purpose of a restaurant buyout contract is to make sure that the business transaction between your restaurant and your customers have a legal backbone and that all the contract’s stipulations can be enforced by law. It protects you (the restaurateur), your business, and your client. You may also see investment contract templates.

So, if you are tasked with creating your own restaurant buyout contract, make sure that this written agreement will include all the necessary pieces of information to make the buyout contract valid. Most restaurant contract templates will already incorporate these pieces of information. But they will depend on the kind of dining establishment and agreement you are having.

Here is a list of the different pieces of information that should be found in a restaurant buyout contract template:

  • Name of restaurant or dining establishment
  • Location and contact information of the restaurant
  • Restaurant owner’s or manager’s name and designation
  • Name of client or contracting party
  • Date of proposed private dining event
  • Specific inclusions of the dining event paid for (food, services, use of amenities, etc)
  • Time frame or range of the private dining event
  • Date when the restaurant buyout occurs
  • Total number of people or guests that will be part of the client’s party
  • Rules and corresponding charges for any extra people present or any excess food consumed
  • Signatures of both contracting parties
  • Non-disclosure agreements or clauses (if applicable)
  • Seal and/or signature of a notary public
  • Name and signature of witnesses (if applicable)
  • Cost of the restaurant buyout
  • Modes of payment
  • Payment arrangement and/or deadline date
  • Indemnity Clauses
  • The bond amount for any breach of the contract by either party

This list is not a complete list of all the things that should be included in a restaurant buyout contract template. Some items may be added or removed depending on the type of business transaction you are having and depending on your lawyer’s recommendations. If you have any questions on what each legal term stands for and how to use them on the buyout contract, consult your attorney for a more accurate advice. Read here for more information on the importance of business agreements.

Fine Dining Restaurant Private Dining Buyout Contract Template

Personalized Restaurant Buyout Contract Template

Restaurant Private Dining Buyout Contract

Benefits of Using Printable Restaurant Buyout Contract Templates

Restaurants – whether they are local pubs, cafes, or bakeries – are, in essence, legal business entities. So when you are doing business with another person or company who wants to avail of your restaurant’s buyout service, you should always make sure that your business is protected legally. A good way to do this is by having the customer sign a restaurant buyout contract before he, she, or they make any kind of payment. By doing this, you protect yourself, your business, and your customers from any issues that may arise with that specific transaction. You may also see employment contracts for restaurants.

An easy way to create a restaurant buyout contract is by using a pre-made buyout contract template. This way you will have something to pattern your own restaurant agreement to. Below, we have compiled a list of the different benefits that you can enjoy when you use a printable restaurant template for your buyout contracts.

1. They are Available for Free

Most of the restaurant buyout contract templates (like the ones that we have included in this list) are available for free. And you can pattern the rough draft of your restaurant’s private dining contract or agreement from them. This also means that you do not have to pay for a lawyer’s services when you are still in the drafting phase of your contract terms. By doing this, you will be saving a little money that you can use for running your restaurant business.

2. You Can Easily Edit Them

Restaurant buyout contract templates (whether premium or free templates) can easily be edited to match the specific contract terms and business branding design requirements that you may like to add to the template. This is advantageous for your business since you would want to showcase your restaurant’s brand image in whatever way you can.

To illustrate, you can add your own restaurant logo design into the header of your printed restaurant buyout contract. This will help in making your contract (and, by extension, your business too) appear more credible and trustworthy.

3. They Help You Save Time

With the use of a restaurant buyout agreement template, you do not have to create a new buyout contract every time a customer contracts with your restaurant. The printable contract agreement may be reused for every buyout transaction and all you have to do is fill out the applicable pieces of information for each customer.

When you do this, you save a lot of time since you do not need to manually come up with an agreement and you do not even need to meet with your lawyer again for his or her to draft a new contract. Of course, there are cases that a differently worded buyout contract will be needed. But, this is often the exception and not the rule. For most of the time, you can use one restaurant buyout contract template and reuse it multiple times. You may also see lease contract templates for restaurants.

4. To Standardize Your Restaurant’s Paperwork

Having a go-to template for any transaction that your dining establishment goes into will help make sure that your restaurant’s finances are monitored well. For example, when you use a restaurant buyout contract template, you are making it easy for your business to comply with any business laws and rules that your state or city may be implementing. In addition, a pre-made printable template will make it easier for you and your employees to monitor your earnings or profits from these restaurant buyouts.

So, these are the main benefits of using a restaurant buyout template. As the restaurateur and chief decision-maker for your restaurant, it is up to you to what degree or level of implementation you wish to have when handling restaurant buyouts. Use these tips as a guide in creating a customized buyout contract for your own dining establishment. For more information on how to create a business plan for a restaurant, check out the linked article.

Restaurant Wedding Buyout Contract Template

Restaurant Guest Booking Buyout Contract Template

Simple Restaurant Private Party Buyout Contract

Steakhouse Restaurant Buyout Contract Template

Is Your Dining Establishment Ready for a Restaurant Buyout?

Restaurant buyouts can be extremely profitable for any kind of dining establishments as long as they maintain a balance between having buyouts and catering to local patrons. As the chief restaurant manager, you will learn this along the way and make refinements to your business decision-making process to ensure that you will earn money for every restaurant buyout you host.

For more information on how to create restaurant agreement templates like restaurant lease agreements, feel free to browse through our website. It is filled with business articles and dozens of downloadable restaurant templates. Also, do not forget to share this article with your friends and followers on social media and through email.

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