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10 Drug Testing Consent Forms

A drug testing consent form is used by companies and organizations to conduct mandatory drug and alcohol tests for all of their employees. A lot of companies would require applicants to take a drug test or screening test even before they hire a job candidate for the position.

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Agreeing to take a drug test will show an applicant’s willingness to comply with company policy. And it also shows employers that new hires are more than willing to show that they have nothing to hide from their bosses. So this form will help make sure that you gather the consent of these people to ensure that you prevent any legal issues.

Random Drug Test Consent Form

Volunteer Applicant Drug Test Consent Form

Pre-employment Drug Test Consent Form

Minor Employee Drug Test Consent Form

Medical Staff Drug Test Consent Form

Examples of drug testing consent forms

There are many different examples of drug testing forms that can be used. These three examples are the ones that are very well known as well as commonly used by companies description in many different industries.

Random drug test consent form

A lot of companies come up with random drug tests so that they can determine which of their employees are doing drugs and alcohol in the workplace. This is done because there is no exact way to tell if a person within the office is suffering from substance abuse problems, so doing a random drug test is one of the most effective ways of being able to immediately find which employees need help. With a drug test consent form, the employee is going to have to affix his or her signature. A non-discrimination complaint must also be included below the form so that the employee’s legal guardian will be informed that the test will be regulated equally to all of the employees within the company and that the results of each test will not be based on the name of the employee or his or her race. This has to be done because there are people who are skeptical when it comes to random drug tests as some can be framed for consuming substances even if they have never done so.

Volunteer applicant drug test consent form

Those who participate in volunteer schedule programs may be required to sign drug test consent forms. The consent form for the volunteers will specify a list of the different drugs that were taken due to a doctor’s prescription from the previous month. This is basically a report containing information about a volunteer and the kind of drugs that he or she legally took to cure certain illnesses or to ensure that he or she is able to maintain a healthy life. Since there are drugs that have similar attributes and effects to an illegal drug such as cocaine and marijuana, the form must then require the volunteer to write down both the name and the contact information of the person who prescribed the drug. This is so that you can acquire a medical certificate or verification to assure that the prescription is not a false document by the volunteer. If the volunteer accepts all of the legal agreements within this type of form, then he or she should understand the consequences should he or she be caught actually abusing certain drugs.

Applicant drug screening consent form

This is used during the job application process when all of the final applicants have been decided and are nearing the stage of signing an employment contract. The form will state that the company is complying for legal purposes, the details of the applicant, the test that is being conducted and required to be completed by the applicant, and finally the applicant’s signature as an indication that he or she is willing to consent to the drug testing.

Can an employer drug test you during an employment screening?

For the most part, the answer to this question is going to be yes. There are laws by which private employers are allowed to conduct drug tests on applicants that wish to be a part of their company. However, these employers also have to make sure that they inform these applicants about the drug test. So it is best that they make use of state-certified labs and screen all applicants who are applying for the same job.

Also, there may be a couple of laws within your country that will restrict the methods that you can use to conduct the drug testing. A good example would be some laws will only allow the screening if the applicant is given some form of notice regarding the drug testing business policy and if the employer has extended a conditional offer of employment.

There are some employers that may even be required by law to screen prospective employees for drug use before they can extend an offer of free employment.

Faculty Drug Test Consent Form

Employee Drug Alcohol Test Consent Form

Drug Testing Consent Agreement Form

Drug Test Consent Notification Form

Drug Test Consent Acknowledgement Form

Top drug testing tips for HR

Those in Human Resources serve as trusted advisers on a wide variety of topics such as staffing benefits, employee engagement, and employee compensation. Basically, what they do is to make a positive impact for those in the workforce and retain those employees who perform very well. As the labor market is getting more competitive, the importance of having an effective recruitment strategy needs to increase in order to attract job applicants of the highest quality.

Having a drug screening program is one of the most critical components in aiding those in Human Resources by hiring only the best, most talented, and drug-free individuals for the positions that need to be filled. The point of having drug tests is to also make sure that the company maintains a safe and healthy work environment for all of the employees. Without a proper drug testing program, employers can face problems such as prolonged employee absenteeism, employee turnovers, accidents occurring in the workplace, and possibly even declines in both performance and productivity.

So here are some tips to help you know how to conduct a proper drug test:

Know the risks

Drug use in the workplace has sadly become a common trend. You would not want any of your employees to be addicted to substances to the point where both the quality of their work as well as their productivity become heavily affected now, would you? Assess the situation in your workplace to see just how many employees you think are actually taking drugs.

Know when you are going to conduct the drug Test and who should take it

The different reasons why a drug test is being conducted can heavily affect who is going to be tested. For example, pre-employment drug testing is completed by a candidate after an offer of employment has already been made. On the other hand, random drug testing can be conducted at any given point in time and it can have a random selection process on the company’s current employees.

Match the test to your needs and the needs of the company

Conducting either instant, urine, hair, or oral fluid drug tests are the most common ones to perform in just about every industry. Each of them has their own methods of testing as well as unique advantages. If you are unsure which test type best suits your workforce, then you can always go online and find websites that can give you the information that will help you make the decision on which method is best.

Screen for the drugs that are commonly detected

Select what drugs should be monitored by taking into consideration the regional patterns of drug use, employee demographics, different job types, and drug testing limitations and benefits. A lot of companies in different industries usually elect to follow the guidelines that have been set by the federal drug testing program.

Determine the window of drug detection

You have to decide if your company is going to screen for very recent drug use or longer patterns of repetitive use of substances by the employees. There are various types of drug tests that can be used in combination with each other so that the screening process will be much more effective. This way, you may just be able to catch those employees who are using illegal drugs and you can immediately reprimand or even terminate them.

Choose who is to collect the drug test specimens

Employers can opt to conduct the drug testing themselves if they feel comfortable enough to check all of their employees within the workplace. However, there are some employers who prefer having a trained and professional test administrator complete the collection at a nearby location. This is because these people have all the experience that will allow them to easily determine the results and they have all of the necessary equipment, supplies, and forms to ensure that the drug testing is legal.

Revisit your policy

Go over your company’s policy to ensure that it currently complies with all of the relevant state and federal laws within your country. You should also consider all of the parameters as well as the procedures that are involved with the drug testing in the company. In the event that you need more clarity regarding this, then you can always hire a lawyer to help you out. While this may seem like a costly decision, it is one that will definitely help in preventing you from breaking your country’s laws regarding drug testing.

Train your leaders

Once the drug policy has been implemented, provide training to supervisors about the warning signs of employees that may be suffering from substance abuse, documentation of any problems that are performance-related, employee assistance programs, health insurance coverage for treatment, and how these supervisors can refer an employee that needs help. 

Implement your drug policy fairly

Drug policies have to be implemented and applied consistently across an organization without any form of exception. You have to properly explain to job candidates that a pre-employment drug testing is going to be necessary and that you are only going to hire those candidates who are able to pass the mandatory drug tests.

Top employee drug abuse prevention tips

  • Make sure that every one of your employees is aware of policies regarding substance abuse or alcohol consumption within the workplace by giving them a thorough and well written drug-free workplace sample policy as well as the establishment of an Employee Assistance Program.
  • Advertise that drug tests are going to be performed on every employee within the company and that nobody is exempt. A lot of drug testers tend to avoid companies that are willing to conduct periodic drug tests.
  • Perform drug and alcohol tests on new hires as a condition of employment.
  • Educate all employee supervisors and managers on how to detect any signs of drug use within the workplace by giving them regular training.
  • Perform random, on-site specimen collections on at least 50% of your employee base every year. This greatly reinforces the odds against intentionally altered drug tests.
  • Try to get to know all of your employees. Direct observation and confrontation are some of the best ways of dealing with substance abusers.
  • Only drug test employees whenever there is a reasonable suspicion that exists and you have to make sure that it is legally allowed.
  • Make use of online services that will help you cut costs as well as perform the most efficient drug testing in the workplace.

If you would like to learn more about drug consent forms or anything drug-related that could affect a company’s success, then go through the rest of our articles for additional information.

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