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18+ Recruitment Strategy Templates in Docs | PDF | MS Word | Pages

A recruiting strategy is a plan used to recognize, attract, and hire the best, uniquely talented to fill any open positions to work in an organization. Since the world is growing so fast, many organizations will be in dire need of workforce and human resources. There is a set of certain rules and regulations that one has to follow to recruit somebody to work with your organization. See the strategy templates to get an idea of how to go about your sample recruitment process.

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18+ Recruitment Strategy Templates

Recruitment Strategic Plan Template

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  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
  • Apple Pages

Size: A4, US


Recruitment Report Template

File Format
  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
  • Apple Pages

Size: A4, US


Recruitment can be a busy part of one’s business. With all the people one needs to keep track of, it would make things a lot easier if there was a tool where all the data can be properly documented. Thankfully, there’s one such tool in the form of a recruitment report. This can also be used as a means to place suggestions and recommendations in order to improve the process overall. This template is among the best you can find due to its high quality, easy-to-edit nature, and the fact that it is print-ready.

Recruitment Marketing Strategy Template

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  • Google Docs

Size: A4, US


Recruitment Strategy Roadmap Template

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Size: A4, US


Sample Recruitment Strategy Planning PDF Format

The sample recruitment strategy planning free template PDF format is a well detailed and well-drafted sample recruitment strategy template that creates a strategy for both online recruitment and campus recruitment.

Sample Recruitment Strategies Free Download Template

The sample recruitment strategies template is a superbly designed and comprehensively detailed sample recruitment strategy template that evaluates the success rate of the different recruitment strategies adopted.

Recruitment & Retention Strategies Template

The recruitment & retention template is an easy to edit and ready-made sample recruitment strategy template. Just add all the important details in the places that can be edited and done, it will be ready.

Format Recruitment Strategy Plan Template

This template is a complete sample recruitment strategy that stores all the procedures and plans on the preparation of recruitment, prospect, applicants, candidates, finalists, and so on. It plays a vital role in helping you create the best plan to hire the perfect match for the job description.

Recruitment Plan Sample Template & Checklist

If you are looking for a complete detailed recruitment strategy template that will help you to recruit the perfect candidates who have applied for the job role, then use this template & checklist. Checklists will help you keep in check the candidates who have come to attend the interviews. It will also make sure you do not miss anything important.

Free Download

Recruitment Plan Template Sample Doc Format

The free download recruitment plan template is a simple strategy that will be the perfect template for you to draft a recruitment strategy that you can use to choose the best candidates for your company. Check it out now!

Example Model Hiring Plan Doc Format Free Template

This example model hiring plan template is a simple and normal sample recruitment strategy template that can be used effectively to store the name of the applicants and job recruitment.

Sample Recruitment Strategies Template

This sample template is a well-drafted and one of the best strategy template that provides a general and broad overview of the recruitment strategy that can be adopted by your company when you start the hiring process for fresh recruits.

Sample Policy Cover Sheet Template

This free template is a simple, and elaborate one that saves the objective and includes different strategies, actions, required by whom, etc. which will be of great help to you. Every company has a different strategy to follow so that it can hire the best employees to work for the organization.

Example Recruitment Strategy Free Template

If you are creating a recruitment strategy that will be used to hire the prospective psychiatrist at pre-medical and medical school, then you have to use the example recruitment strategy – PDF format free template.

Sample Doc Template For Recruitment Polic>

Free Sample Developing A Recruiting Strategy Template

Sample Recruitment Strategy Planning Template

PPT Format Sample Recruitment Strategy Template

Sample Recruitment Plan PDF Format Template

Recruitment Strategy Templates

Recruiting new employees in your company can be a tiring and time-consuming process. Before you start looking for the candidates that can fill the vacant positions in your company, you need to identify the requirement(s) of the business.

For example, if someone is leaving your company, you can look for candidates to fill up the vacant position. In other cases, the recruitment is done according to the needs of the workflow in the business. You can check out Recruitment Strategy Templates to help you out with the recruitment process of your company.

One of the best ways to recruit the most competent candidate for the job is through a job post. Now, when you create one, remember that 61% of job candidates deem the information about compensation as the most crucial element of a job description. So, it is best if you highlight it!

According to Manpower Group, 69% of companies in the United States reported a talent shortage in their organization.

Furthermore, Glassdoor forecasted that 66% of the millennials would leave their companies by 2020.

Create a Recruitment Strategy in 6 Steps

Step 1: Data, Goals, and Objectives

The first step towards creating your recruitment strategy is to input all the possible data into the plan. Take into consideration the accountability of your firm. Mention all the goals and objectives you have in mind. These goals have to be recruiting goals, business goals, and developmental goals of the firm. Mention the number of hires you can take at the moment.

Step 2: Plan of Action

This next step would consist of what you should publicize your firm. Use of social media sites, a course of action to recruit the best employees, etc. Also, mention your internal and external changes of the firm that might affect your hiring process. Make sure you have a steady recruitment plan in mind and put that into action in the best possible way you can.

Step 3: Expectations of the Firm

Mention what the expectations of your firm are. This means that mention what kind of jobs are available and who are the candidates you mostly prefer to recruit and hire for working in your organization. Make a list of who your customers are so that you can give the new employees a brief about what you expect from them concerning your clients.

Step 4: Delivery

You need to understand what your long term plans are and how you will play a role in the majority of the company. You must understand your current workforce and employees so that you have a better idea of who is working for the growth of the company too. Refine your plans now and then so that you can implement more methods and techniques to run the company in a better way.

Step 5: Managing Change

Communicate with your employees and define your goals more easily. Make a note of how this change in the hiring process will affect your firm and how you are going to manage it. Identify who your potential stakeholders are and how will you keep them in the firm without much ado. See how your role is affecting the company.

Step 6: Measure the Performance

Measuring the performance can be a task, so be sure that you check the quality of the staff you are hiring. Check your market analysis as to where do you stand as a firm, and what are your success factors. Check your turnover with reference to past years. Do not forget to keep in mind the budget you have, so that you do not go beyond that and spend.


A recruitment IT strategy template is a tool that will navigate the entire HR team from placing the vacancy announcements to providing the training to enhance their skills and make them more efficient for the job. You can download it in MS Word format. You can use any of the templates that are mentioned above in any file format you find fit as they are available in multiple file formats like Excel, Word, Pages, etc.

If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please feel free to contact us!

General FAQs:

1. What is Recruitment Strategy?

A recruitment strategy can be defined as a plan of action that includes an organization’s attempt to successfully recognize, select, and hire the best candidates to fill a particular job position.

2. How do you plan a Recruitment Strategy?

You can plan the perfect recruitment strategy by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Determine your recruitment goals
  • Review your recruitment method
  • Develop people finding strategies
  • Create a list of potential candidates to shortlist from
  • Exercise your team’s interviewing skills and methods

3. What are the elements of a successful recruitment strategy?

If companies want an effective and also a successful acquisition strategy, then they need to work on improving the following:

  • Retain their top essential employees
  • Workforce planning
  • Employee branding
  • Channels and media
  • New on-boarding hires
  • Retention

4. Why is a recruitment strategy important?

A recruitment strategy can create a productive advantage in your marketplace. It is important because it helps minimize the time involved in searching, interviewing, recruiting, and training new hires. It also streamlines the processes and makes your search for viable candidates more efficient.

5. Who needs and uses a recruitment strategy?

A recruitment strategy is mostly used by:

  • Recruiters, for hiring new candidates
  • Employers, who want to keep a check on their employees
  • By business entrepreneurs, so that they can select talent for their business, etc.
  • Business owners, so that they can identify potential employees to hire.

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