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How to Create a Order Confirmation [10+ Templates to Download]

When businesses receive a purchase order, it is their responsibility to send a document which helps the buyer confirm that his/her order has been properly received. This kind of document is what you would call an order confirmation and the information in this article will teach you what you need to know in order to make one.

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5 Steps for Creating an Order Confirmation

Step 1: Start With Confirmation Number

You should know that just about every order confirmation document must have a confirmation/invoice number. This will make it much easier to track a specific buyer’s order. Make sure that there are no two documents with the same confirmation number as that can lead to unnecessary problems.

Step 2: Put in Customer Details

Never forget that every order document will have information on the customer that provided it. This is why you will need to make sure that the order confirmation consists of the same information as well. Be sure that the name, address, and contact details are all correct.

Step 3: Description of the Goods

Once that’s done, the next thing that you will need to point out would be the specific goods that the customer has requested. Be sure that it is exactly the same as whatever list or document that the customer has provided you. It’s best to thoroughly check that you didn’t make a mistake in confirming the goods to be delivered.

Step 4: State the Quantity and Price

After you have pointed out what goods have been ordered, then the next step is to confirm just what amount should be delivered and the prices for each item. Make sure that you do not make even a single mistake when it comes to the calculations of either as that will undoubtedly have an effect on the total payment.

Step 5: Payment and Delivery Details

This is the section where you will be required to input information on the bill payment and the delivery service. In regards to payment, calculate the total by including factors such as tax or discounts. For the delivery service, share the date on the expected time of arrival and the method of delivery.

10+ Order Confirmation Templates

1. Order Confirmation Example


This basic template has all that you need to create an order confirmation from. Its clean and fuss-free design makes its easy on the eyes for users. It lists data in a neat way so that information is understood immediately.

2. Confirmation of Verbal Order Template


This order confirmation template presents a letter format instead of an expense list. Being in letter format, it relays and documents the terms of the seller so that it can be used for legal purposes. This type of format is usually used when there are specific terms that are not common in usual order confirmation forms

3. Order Confirmation Template


If you’re a person who’s in charge of sending customers with confirmation documents, then you will want to make use of this template. With it, your customers won’t have to worry because you will be sending them exactly what they want to ensure that their order has been received.

4. Work Order Confirmation Example


There will be times wherein instead of goods, work orders are handed over by individuals or businesses to the service provider. Should that be the case in your end, then this template will help make the document which confirms that the order has been properly received.

5. Service Order Confirmation Template


Again, there will be times wherein instead of goods, a customer will want to request for services to be done. For you to share that you know exactly what type of service the customer wants, then you’ll need to send the right order confirmation document. This template will help you make what you need.

6. Customer Order Confirmation Template


If you’re in the business of handling many different customer orders, then you’ll want to come up with a document that you can always print out whenever you need to send confirmations. This customer order template should help you make one that provides the customer with all the details about the order he/she placed.

7. Cake Order Confirmation Example


Businesses who specialize in creating and delivering cakes will no doubt receive a lot of cake orders on a daily basis. By using this template, making an order confirmation for a whatever cake order was made should take no time at all. Just make sure to check on all the details before making it.

8. Simple Purchase Order Confirmation


If you’re in charge of making order confirmations for every single purchase order that a business receives, then you’ll want to find a way to make them in a quick and easy manner. By using this template, you’ll be able to do so while ensuring that no important information is left out.

9. Simple Order Confirmation Template


Remember that sometimes it is best that there are times when it is best to keep things simple. This also rings true for when order confirmation documents need to be made. So in the event that you have to make one that’s simple enough for anyone to understand, then this template is what you’ll need.

10. Online Order Confirmation


Businesses who handle the majority of their purchases via online means will also be required to send their order confirmations in the same manner. So to help with that, this template can create an online confirmation which ensures that the recipient knows that his/her order has been properly accepted.

11. Sales Order Confirmation Template


Whenever products or services are purchased by an individual or business from a seller, then it’s important to receive a confirmation document before the exchange takes place. This sales order confirmation template will help create such a document and in a way which guarantees that everything is where it should be.

12. Purchase Order Confirmation Template


Again, businesses that handle numerous amounts of purchase orders will be required to provide confirmation documents to the customers who sent them. So to make the creation process of the document quicker, those who are in charge of making it can use this template. Just remember not to forget anything important such as the confirmation number or customer details.

13. Company Order Confirmation Sample


There are so many different companies that those who constantly take in orders are bound to continuously come up with order confirmations for their customers. If you’re in charge of a company, then use this template to ensure that your employees can create the confirmation document that buyers will need.

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