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6+ Equipment Tracking Templates

An equipment tracking form is a document used by a company or a business to list all the equipment that are involved in their daily work operations and other items and processes where these equipment are used. An equipment tracking form may also include information about the people who are tasked to maintain and take care of the conditions of the equipment being listed.

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We can provide you samples of equipment tracking templates if you want to create your own equipment tracking form. Aside from that, we also have downloadable tracking template samples usable for other activities and tracking purposes.

Equipment Inventory Tracking Template

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Size: 211 kB



Equipment Rental Tracking Template

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Construction Equipment Tracking Template

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Size: 395 KB


Equipment Maintenance Tracking

Since most equipment are used in a daily basis during the hours of operations of a business, it is very essential for it to be looked after, especially if its condition is not as good as how it has been. An equipment maintenance tracking includes the following details:

  • The name or description of the items subjected for maintenance
  • The location of the equipment in a specific business space or area
  • The serial number or any identification number of the equipment
  • The date that the equipment has been subjected for checking
  • The maintenance works that are needed to be applied in the equipment
  • The description of the maintenance work being performed for a particular equipment
  • The date that the equipment was subjected for maintenance work
  • The person or group who performed the maintenance work
  • Other comments and notes about the current condition of the equipment

Once equipment maintenance has been done, it is very important to log all the findings about the working condition of these equipment. The person who has made the maintenance activities can create a different list that includes the equipment that can still be retained, the equipment life of other items that can still be used for a duration of time, and the equipment that are already suggested to be removed or replaced.

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Employee Equipment Tracking Template

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Size: 33 KB


Hospital Equipment Tracking Template

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Size: 74 KB


Construction Equipment Tracking

There are many equipment and items that are used for the different processes of construction projects. This being said, proper tracking of the following items are needed to be done to assure that they are present and in good working condition should they be needed in a particular process involved the construction project. Here are some of them:

  • The materials needed for different construction areas
  • The tools and equipment that will be used for the implementation of specific project activities
  • Other items that are involved in all the processes of the construction which will help in the project’s completion
  • The mechanical and electronic machines that will provide help to the man power for various

Aside from these items, here are a few more things that are needed to be tracked during a construction project:

  • The workforce involved in the construction procedures
  • The equipment management guidelines
  • The time frame of the construction project

Aside from our equipment tracking templates, you may also be interested to browse through our downloadable Expense Tracking samples.

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