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Table of Contents

  1. 5 Steps to Create an Effective Sales Tracking Document
  2. 8+ Sales Tracking Templates
  3. 1. Restaurant Sales Tracking Template
  4. 2. Distributor Sales Tracking Template
  5. 3. Sales Tracking Template
  6. 4. International Trade Show Sales Tracking Survey
  7. 5. Tracking Healthy Food Sales
  8. 6. Sales Tracking Template in PDF
  9. 7. Sales Tracking Form Template
  10. 8. Online Sales Tracking and Tax Collection
  11. 9. Sales Incentive Tracking Form

8+ Sales Tracking Templates

If you want to see and assess your company’s sales performance in minute details, you have to execute sales tracking. Simply put, sales tracking is the documentation and recording of all the sales processes and activities of your business. Compared to progress tracking templates, sales tracking documents also allow you to see your growth in terms of sales or the lack thereof.

5 Steps to Create an Effective Sales Tracking Document

No matter how and where you put it, metrics in the sales industry matter. This is the reason why you need to track your sales processes as a business. You can follow the steps listed below if you want to create a sales tracking document.

Step 1: Download and Use a Sales Tracking Template

To help you create the format and information placement for your sales tracking document, it is highly recommended to use a template. Make sure to select a printable sales tracking template if you want to have a physical document at hand.

Step 2: List Down the People That Can Have Access to the Document

Not all the employees of your business are expected to have access to the sales tracking document. You can limit document usage to the management and the sales team. It is important for you to list the names of your sales employees when sales tracking so you can also identify their sales performance and the ways on how their sales transactions affect the company.

Step 3: Identify the Sales Activities of the Business

Track and document the sales activities of your company. The sales tracking document that you will create must present all sales transactions to determine profitability. More so, you have to ensure that the document can give a thorough view of the sales processes followed by the stakeholders of the business.

Step 4: Present Current Sales Results and Opportunities

Just like project tracking templates, your sales tracking document must provide information that can help you achieve a particular goal. Look at the sales results of your previous activities and the updates of your current sales transactions. Learning why you are in your real-time sales condition can be an avenue for you to open new sales opportunities for the company.

Step 5: Analyze the Data Presented in the Sales Tracking Document

A well-formatted sales tracking document is pleasing to look at. It can also help make the job of reviewing the entire document easier. Do not forget to analyze the data seen in your sales tracking document. Your analysis can lead to the creation of updates and new action plans that can make the business grow in terms of its sustainability and profitability.

8+ Sales Tracking Templates

1. Restaurant Sales Tracking Template

restaurant sales tracking template
File Format
  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
  • Pages

Size: A4 & US

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Restaurants, bars, hotels, and even hospitals track their sales on a daily manner. If you want to efficiently analyze or even quantify data to measure your business sales successes, you have to make sure that you have access to those data first. Using management tracking templates to create sales tracking documents can help you with this concern.

2. Distributor Sales Tracking Template

distributor sales tracking
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 153 KB

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Tracking your sales must be done in an accurate manner. If you plan to create distributor sales tracking templates; goal tracking templates; or any other kinds of documents that are relevant to the identification of sales-related information, make sure that you will find the time to evaluate the entire document first before using it for actual practices and transactions.

3. Sales Tracking Template

sales tracking
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 35 KB

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Businesses from different fields and industries also have different demands, requirements, and needs. As your company grows, there is a big chance that your needs and operational processes can change due to the growth that you are experiencing. With this, sales templates and sales tracking procedures are necessary so you can be well-guided when transitioning from one level to another.

4. International Trade Show Sales Tracking Survey

international trade show sales tracking
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 122 KB

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Whether it is a sales tracking document or budget tracking templates that you are creating, you need to prepare measures that can provide you an idea on whether your tracking document is effective or not. As an example, an international trade show sales tracking survey can be used to know whether participating booths have truly benefited from joining the event. In a company setting, you need to test your sales tracking material and procedures first so you can make sure that these are suitable for your operations and sales requirements.

5. Tracking Healthy Food Sales

tracking healthy food
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 513 KB

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Tracking healthy food sales, services, closed deals, both pending and done sales transactions, and other kinds of sales-related information can benefit your business and its stakeholders a lot. In comparison to inventory tracking templates, sales tracking templates can also help you see the current condition of your business. With this document, you can have a real-time observation of your sales activities which in turn can help you identify the opportunities that can be taken for improvement purposes.

6. Sales Tracking Template in PDF

sales tracking template in
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 29 KB

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Just like task tracking templates, your sales tracking templates must be formatted accordingly. An excellent sales tracking document can result in quality sales tracking. Hence, ensuring that you have a highly-useful tool at hand can give you the confidence that you can refine the sales activities, efforts, programs, and processes of your business.

7. Sales Tracking Form Template

sales tracking form
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 68 KB

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Converting sales leads and market prospects to actual sales is a hard yet realistic task. All you need to do is to execute all the right strategies and tactics in a timely manner as well as use effective tools and materials to help you along the way. You can use a sales tracking form template to look into your entire sales process. This can give you an easier time to see opportunities that you can take and strengths that you can still harness for your business advantage.

8. Online Sales Tracking and Tax Collection

online sales tracking and tax
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 431 KB

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Tracking your sales can help the management develop strategies that are beneficial and sustainable. Once you have already created the sales tracking document that you need, you can easily identify ways on how you can maintain and even further improve your sales key performance indicators. Sales tracking can be done online or through a physical sales tracking document. If you want to ensure the quality of the document format that you will use, you can use sales tracking templates as guides.

9. Sales Incentive Tracking Form

sales incentive tracking
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 65 KB

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There are tracking templates that are created to benefit the sales employees. A sales incentive tracking form is used to compute the amount of money that a sales employee can get after closing deals and transactions within a particular time period. Hence, sales tracking can truly benefit a lot, if not all, of your stakeholders.

It may be confusing and challenging to track your sales to the smallest details. However, working on your feet and ensuring that you are exerting all the efforts to make your sales processes systematic can help you begin an impressive sales tracking activity. Develop the sales tracking document that you need with the help of our downloadable templates and start tracking your sales now.

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