13+ Corporate Invitation Cards – PSD, AI, Vector EPS

Corporate events are organized to gather employees, business partners, and new or continuing clients to discuss company matters or to simply have a party. This type of events can be for larger audiences like conventions or smaller audiences like meetings or parties.

To persuade guests to attend any type of corporate event, you are going to need well-designed Invitation Templates to help you out. In this page, we show you a whole collection of corporate invitation cards that are very easy to customize and send out to your target audience. Choose from any of these templates to create the best corporate invitations.

Corporate Dinner Invitation Template in Google Docs

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Corporate Retirement Party Invitation Template

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Corporate Breakfast Invitation Template


Corporate Event Invitation Template


Corporate Company Dinner Night Invitation


Corporate Meeting Invitation Template


Corporate Office Lunch Invitation Template


Corporate Event Invitation Card



Corporate Dinner Invitation Card



Corporate Anniversary Invitation Card



Corporate Meeting Invitation Card



Lots of Corporate Invitation Card Templates Here

Corporate events are held for many different reasons. Some of these are to market and launch new products, to train employees with new skills, or to announce updates about company strategies. Whichever reason a corporate event is for, you are bound to see Invitation Card Templates that will suit the occasion.

  • Corporate Event Invitation Card – This template is suitable for every corporate event. Personalize your invitation card by adding in the name of the event and the time, date and location. If you have invited a speaker for the event, make sure to include his or her name as this raises the interest and attendance of guests.
  • Corporate Dinner Invitation Card – If your corporate falls around dinner time, use this template. Corporate dinners are expected to be more formal than lunch or breakfast corporate events and this template is designed to complement that same feel.
  • Corporate Anniversary Invitation Card – Celebrate the company’s added year of existence by throwing a party with all its employees. Company anniversaries can be formal or casual events, make sure to emphasize that with your guests using this invitation template. Also highlight the company’s age in the invitation to inform new employees.

Corporate Holiday Invitation Card



Creative Corporate Invitation Card



Retro Corporate Invitation Card



More Corporate Invitation Card Templates

It is typical to see mixers in corporate events, where fellow employees or even clients (if the event calls for their attendance) can converse and build new relationships. Corporate events are also incomplete without food and drinks, thus the popular choice to hold this in restaurants or in hotels.

  • Corporate Meeting Invitation Card – A corporate meeting is always expected to be a smaller occasion but still needs as much preparation and coordination. Use this template to invite people over to the meeting. Do include the agenda of the meeting, if possible, to keep guests informed.
  • Corporate Holiday Invitation Card – Every company holds their own Christmas parties nowadays, and they can turn them into a casual or formal event depending on the mood that the organizer or the employees prefer for that year. Use this template as it has the suitable design for a Christmas-related events.
  • Corporate Birthday Invitation Card – Depending on company policy, birthday parties are also allowed in company premises. This template can be attached to email so you can invite colleagues easily.

If you are still looking for more templates, do have a look at our Meeting Invitation Templates page.

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