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Table of Contents

  1. Invitation Definition & Meaning
  2. What Is an Invitation?
  3. 10 Types of Invitations
  4. Invitation Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s in an Invitation? Parts?
  6. How to Design an Invitation?
  7. Invitation vs. Announcement
  8. What’s the Difference Between an Invitation, Save-the-Date, and Invitation Card?
  9. Invitation Sizes
  10. Invitation Ideas & Examples
  11. FAQs


Invitations, whether traditional or digital, are highly needed not only to invite people to come to the event but also to inform them of the important as well as the teeny tiny details of the occasion. This applies to celebrations, parties, forums, and other events to make them more exciting and complete when there are attendees and guests present.

Invitation Definition & Meaning

An invitation templates is a request in the form of verbal or written communication inviting an individual or group of people to do something or to attend an event.

It is a way of informing people of the details of an event, which include the what, when, where, why, and in some instances, how to get to the venue.

What Is an Invitation?

An invitation is a formal request to be present or participate, which could be in the form of verbal or written, traditional or digital.

10 Types of Invitations

Wedding Invitation

One of the most common types of invitation is the wedding invitations, which is usually written in a formal tone to reflect the celebration of the marriage of a couple and sent to guests one or two months before the wedding date.

wedding invitation

Birthday Invitation

Another typical invitation type is the birthday invitations, which is sent to guests inviting them to attend the party of the birthday celebrant.

birthday invitation

Baptism Invitation

Baptism invitations are usually sent out to guests, typically close friends and relatives of the baby being baptized, two months before the christening.

baptism invitation

Baby Shower Invitation

To celebrate the delivery or expected birth of a child, a baby shower invitations is sent to close friends and family members detailing the date, time, and venue of the event, name of the mom-to-be, RSVP, and gift information.

baby shower invitation

Bridal Shower Invitation

For intimate celebrations such as a bridal shower, a bridal shower invitations will be sent to the bride’s closest family members and friends.

bridal shower invitation

Graduation Invitation

Schools may send graduation invitations to graduates as an invite to the ceremony held by the school.

graduation invitation

Business Event Invitation

Business event invitations are traditionally and formally sent through email but can also be informally communicated through phone and messaging apps.

business event invitation

Grand Opening Invitation

Grand opening invitations are sent to guests and intended attendees, inviting them to a special event that marks the opening of a public place or infrastructure or an introduction of a new business venture.

grand opening invitation

Anniversary Invitation

Anniversary invitations are sent to special people who are part of the milestone of a relationship, personal life, or business to commemorate or celebrate the annual recurrence of a notable event.

anniversary invitation

Holiday Party Invitation

Holiday party invitations are invitations sent to intended recipients and guests of a holiday party, such as Christmas, New Year, Easter, and Halloween.

holiday party invitation

Invitation Uses, Purpose, Importance

An invitation is a way to create excitement about the upcoming event that you will be hosting. It helps build friendships and maintain connections with the people you are inviting.


Through an invitation, the recipient would know the important details of the event. Guests would somehow get a glimpse of the mood, setting, or tone of the event through the invitation.


Whether you attend or not, a well-designed invitations, especially the traditional, printed ones, will serve as a souvenir or keepsake of the event. Some people would even collect and keep invitations in their safes.

What’s in an Invitation? Parts?

Event Name

This refers to the purpose of the event. The recipient should immediately know what the content is all about at first glance by highlighting your event name.

Recipient’s Name

This pertains to the person receiving the invitation or who gets invited to the event.

Host’s Name

The host is the person requesting the guests’ presence and is usually the one organizing the event.

Invitation Message

This is a paragraph or a short phrase indicating that the recipient is invited to an event.

Date and Time

This refers to the specific date (month, day, and year) and time of the day that the event will commence.


This is the place or specific address where the event will be held.

Contact Details

This pertains to the contact information of the sender of the invitation or host of the event, which can be a phone number, and email address, among others.

The Theme (if any)

While many events do not require a theme, some showcase the structure and concept of the event.

Attire (if any)

This refers to the dress code that one must wear when attending the event.

what’s in an invitation parts

How to Design an Invitation?

1. Choose the invitation size.

2. Determine the type of invitation.

3. Select the invitation template.

4. Write the important details.

5. Be straightforward and concise.

6. Proofread and double-check.

You may also check out the article below to learn how to create invitations in a different filer format:

how to design an invitation

Invitation vs. Announcement

An invitation is an act of inviting or requesting a person to attend an event or to do something, while an announcement is an act of providing information or giving notice to a person.

An invitation requires the recipient to take action or respond to the request, while an announcement merely provides information to the recipient without asking for replies.

What’s the Difference Between an Invitation, Save-the-Date, and Invitation Card?

An invitation is a general term that means requesting someone, through verbal or written communication, to attend or do something and comes in different types, such as those mentioned above.

A save-the-date is a form of an official announcement of a wedding date and location, informing guests that they will be invited to the celebration.

An invitation cards contains the details of the invitation, which can be in traditional paper form or a digital one.

Invitation Sizes

Invitation sizes may differ depending on the invitation type, purpose, or preference of the sender. Some of the common sizes are as follows:

invitation sizes

Invitation Ideas & Examples

Check out the following invitation ideas and examples to give you the gist and samples on what to include and what images or graphic designs must be present in an invitation.


What Is an Invitation?

An invitation is a formal or informal request sent to an individual or group of people to attend an event or do something.

What Does RSVP Mean on an Invitation?

RSVP, derived from the French phrase “répondez s’il vous plaît“, literally meaning “please respond” to require confirmation of one’s attendance.

What to Include in a Wedding Invitation?

The important details to include in a wedding invitation are as follows:

  • Couple’s names
  • Names of the hosts
  • Date and time of the ceremony
  • Location of the ceremony and reception
  • Attire details
  • A wedding website address, if any
  • RSVP card
  • Parking information
  • Guest name
  • Guest address
  • Return address
  • Extra postage

What to Put on a Birthday Invitation?

The following details must be present in a birthday invitations:

What Is an Open Invitation?

An open invitation can be forwarded to anyone without providing any unique access.

What to Write in a Linkedin Invitation?

Include these details when writing a LinkedIn invitation:

What Do You Write on a Memorial Invitation?

These are the details that you must include in your invitation:

What Is an Invitation Code?

It is a special or unique code, such as an alphanumeric code or QR code, which allows people to register for or have an access to an event.

What Is a Digital Invitation?

Digital invitations, as opposed to traditional invitations, are invitations or evite sent digitally through apps and messaging platforms.

What Makes a Good Invitation?

A good invitation should include all the details of the event and the design should reflect the theme.

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