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9+ Printable Good Luck Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, InDesign

We all go through moments where our jitters get the best of us. We get too nervous that we can’t concentrate on doing what we should, and end up in an unsuccessful attempt. So, to help your loved ones muster the courage that they need to conquer a certain obstacle, send them a good luck card. We all need a little encouragement from time to time, and it might even be a reason why someone has succeeded in his/her individual battle in life.

9+ FREE & Premium Good Luck Card Templates - Download NOWBeautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

If you don’t know which design to use, then you are in quite a luck! Check out the creative and impressive good luck card designs that we have prepared below and use them to send your loved ones the best of luck.

St.Patrick’s Day Good Luck Card Template

Beer Good Luck Card Template

What to Write in Your Good Luck Card

There are moments where we at a stalemate and got no idea on what to write about. So, to help you with that dilemma, we have provided hints and tips for you to know what to write on your good luck card and how these messages will affect both you and the recipient.

1. Work-Related

It is important to have a peaceful and harmonious relationship with your co-workers especially if you are going to spend the rest of your work life surrounded by them. You need to support each other to maintain the friendship that you have built throughout the times that you have worked together. To do so, you can send them good luck cards that contain sincerely and passionately written personal thoughts and emotions. You may also see the printable greeting cards.

  • For your boss preparing for a quarterly review meeting. Your boss is going to need the encouragement and luck as he/she faces the employees under his/her wing.
  • For your co-worker up for promotion. Applying for a promotion takes a lot of work followed by a series of interviews and evaluation. If there’s one thing that your co-worker desperately needs, it’s luck. It can be stressful for your co-worker from all the thinking and worries whether the promotion will be bestowed upon him/her.
  • For your co-worker starting over in a new job. It takes immense courage to take that leap and start a new venture. But, turning over a new leaf in your career also needs a sprinkle of luck.
  • For a co-worker who’s starting a freelance career. Working as a freelancer takes hard work and determination to acquire a client, unless if you have an impressive resume which makes it easier to get one. Whether your co-worker is inexperienced or professional, it would still help a lot to give a boost of confidence by sending him/her a good luck card. You may also see the farewell card templates.

Symbols Good Luck Card Template

2. School-Related

Our family and friends who are still studying need moral support for the various exams and activities that each of them has to go through. School can be as stressful as an office in the industry. So, to give them the support that they need, why not send them a good luck card?

  • For a friend or family member taking a test. Taking up a test requires one to study and review beforehand. As someone who is or has undergone different education levels, you know how much stress and pressure you get from the sleepless nights and the anxiety as they take the exam. To give them confidence that they’ll do well in the exam, send them a good luck card. You may also see the free printable greeting cards.
  • For an athlete preparing for a game. Competitions are nerve-wracking as one is terribly afraid of suffering from the humiliation of defeat. One needs to have an intense focus on the competition and it can put overwhelming pressure on the one who is competing. To help ease out the tension, send your friend a good luck card!
  • For a friend or family member taking the SATs. Weekly and periodic exams wear out the students from the intense studying. But, they are only considered as warm-up exercises compared to the SATs. The SATs determine your admission to a college institution. It is your ticket to obtaining a college degree that will help you achieve your life-long dreams. And, as such, it can be overwhelmingly stressful preparing for it. Give your friend or family member a good luck card to give them moral support and to let them know that you have their back regardless of the result of the exam. You may also like the greeting card templates.
  • For a friend or family member starting college. After passing the SATs comes the worry of going to college. Chances are they are going to college on their own because of their career choice for the future.

Goodbye Printable Good Luck Card Template

New Job Printable Good Luck Card Template

Joyful Printable Good Luck Card Template

Gymnast Printable Good Luck Card Template

Printable Drill Sergeant Good Luck Card Template

Floral Printable Good Luck Card Template

Marathon Woman Printable Good Luck Card Template

Printable Leaf Good Luck Card Template

3. Romance-Related

Going on a date creates a whole lot of jitters that you didn’t ask for. If you have a friend or family member that needs courage and support to go on the date or any event that involves meeting someone they like or love, you should send them a good luck card to tell them to enjoy it as much as they can. They need all the luck they can get. You may also like the printable card templates.

  • For a friend. Since this is for a friend, you can take it easy and make a little joke. Write something that will lighten up the mood. Given them the do’s and don’ts so they won’t botcher the date. You may also like the sample card templates.
  • For a family member. Don’t you just love it when a family member starts dating someone? It makes you excited to meet their partner and have dinner together. Sometimes, you even get more butterflies than the actual couple whenever you see them. You look forward to their future and anticipate for an additional member of the family. To express your desire for your family member to have a wonderful time together with his/her significant other, send them a good luck card. It helps them feel relieved that you are happy for them. After all, a family is family. You support each other no matter what. You may also see the printable wedding cards.
  • For a friend proposing. At this moment, the person who’s proposing has their jitter at an all-time high. So, to calm them down, send them a good luck card! Give them an uplifting message that will give them the courage to pop that question. Tell them that everything’s going to be okay even if they make a few mistakes or their plan will not go the way they want it to go. What’s important is that the right that they presented will put worn by their partner in the end. This is just a warm-up before the wedding, so there are more nerve-wracking days ahead. You may also see the graduation cards.
  • For your significant other. You have probably been telling each other I love you every hour and have been seeing each other for more than twice a day. But, sending them your good luck message through the traditional way may change their mood all of a sudden. Send them a good luck card and tell them that they will do well in whatever they are trying to achieve in their job, studies, or any goal that they have. They need all the encouragement and support that they can. You may also like free greeting cards.
  • For a significant other traveling. The time that you are apart will probably drown you in loneliness, but don’t worry, as they will come back for sure. So, wish your significant other the best of luck in his/her travel. Tell them to enjoy to wherever they may be going and to always take care as you will not be there to do it for them.

Reasons to Use Good Luck Card Templates

Creating a good luck card usually requires a graphic designer to ensure that the card’s design will be of standard quality. Doing this makes sure that you won’t be subjected to criticisms about your good luck card. But since not everyone can afford a graphic designer, the designers themselves have personally decided to make their creations go public. But there are more to these templates than just being accessible. Read on to know about the reasons why you should use a good luck card template to make one for yourself.

  • They are stunningly beautiful. We don’t settle for less. We always aim for the best. The designs that we have gathered all have unique and outstanding designs that are skillfully created by talented graphic artists. When we choose a template for our list, we always take into consideration the impact of the design. Does it give you a fun vibe? Does it look sophisticated? Is it the most aesthetically pleasing design? We always go for the looks we know people will unquestionably like and have a personal connection with. We have done our best to find templates that will present your personality and character the most. You may also see free printable cards.
  • They are editable. Graphic designers already make more money by just posting their work online and have customers pay to be able to download a template. And, as thoughtful as they are, they decided to let the customers partake in the designing and let them put their personal touch on it. So that’s why the templates that you have seen and will see as the list goes on are all editable. After you have purchased a template, you can open it using a photo editing software program (online or offline) and make the changes that you want to the design of that certain template. You can choose to change the overall look or just make some minor adjustments and enhancements that will suit your taste.
  • They create a personal approach. We have already said that you can put your personal touch to a template’s design since it is fully editable. With that, the personalized design creates a personal approach once you hand out a good luck card to your friend, family member, or significant other. The design that you have created or modified from the original template will reflect your character and personality. Also, the recipient will have an idea of what your style really is, and from the aesthetics, the recipient client will know your creative side. So every time they see your good luck card, they will remember how dedicated you are to everything that you do. It makes the recipient feel more connected to you since you gave them a glimpse of yourself.
  • They are affordable and worth the money. The good luck card templates that we have provided are all premium and they are all from legitimate sites that provide high-quality templates. Since the word ‘premium’ is always associated with being expensive, you will often hesitate to look for premium templates. But that common misconception will only hinder you to discover a lot of impressive designs for a good luck card. If you look hard enough, you will eventually find a cheap (money-wise) template with an amazing design. Also, even if you can’t find one cheap enough to fit within your simple budget, remember that some of these templates are priced as such because the designers have put all their heart and effort into making them. Designing is never easy; it takes a great amount of dedication and labor to create one. And even if some of them are pricey, they are still worth the money because you can reuse a single template as many times as you want. You pay for one template but you can create more than a handful of modified designs from them. It’s all about how you go over a difficult situation, especially when the situation is about finances.
  • They are handy. A good luck card can take any size as it wanted. It can be of the same size as a business card or a foldable card. As such, the recipient can put it in any compartment they can find to fit it. So, if your good luck card is of the same size as a luxury business card is slightly larger, then they can fit it in their wallets or pockets. So every time they open their wallets, they will be reminded of the message of support and encouragement that you have written for them. And, as for yourself, you can bring a few of such cards in case you need to hand out one. There might be times that more than a friend or family member needs your support, so it would be ideal to prepare a few copies beforehand and give one whenever you meet them. You’ll never know how much of an impact it will have on them.

Have You Found the Right One?

Choosing a design may be proven to be difficult especially that there are so many ways of how you want your good luck card to look like. Also, the design of your good luck card will depend on the situation. So, before you choose a design, first determine what the good luck card is for. Is it for your friend’s exam? Perhaps a family member’s marriage proposal? Or is it for your significant other who’s going to present a proposal on their job?

We all go through times when we get the jitters and it clouds our thoughts and emotions which may lead to our failure. That’s why sending a good luck card to your loved ones will ease their anxiety and help them achieve whatever they want at the moment. Download a template now and wish them the best of luck! You may also see the card templates.

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