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How To Make A Graduation Card Using Microsoft Word Cards are special in their own way and you can give cards on any occasion such as on birthdays and anniversaries. In fact, if you want to invite somebody for that as well you need cards to be given to each other. For making your work hassle free you can opt for flash card template online and download it easily.

2993+ FREE & Premium Card Templates - Download NOWBeautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

Happy Graduation Card Template

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Size: 5×7 Inches + Bleed


Name Card Templates

Name cards are business cards that bear the name and professional information of the card holder. The card also houses contact details of the individual and are passed to prospective clients and valuable tradesmen in times of formal introductions. If you are looking to create your own name card, a name card template would be really helpful for you.

Corporate Name Card Template PSD Download

Professional Photography Business Name Card Design PSD Template

> Anniversary Card Templates

Your anniversary is certainly one of the most important aspects of your life and hence couples usually celebrate the beautiful date with parties and great dinner. If you are planning a grand celebration for your anniversary this time, it would be nice to invite your guests with thoughtful anniversary cards framed on a nice anniversary card template.

Always & Forever Anniversary Greeting Card Template

First Wedding Anniversary Card Template

Free Download 50th Anniversary Card Template in Word

Free Download

Happy Anniversary Card Template in Word – Free Download

> Index Card Templates

An index card is very useful to store brief discrete data. The data is laid down in an alphabetical manner and index cards are mostly used for housing confidential information. If you are looking to create index cards for your company, an index card template will assist you with a readymade structure.

Vintage Recipe Card


Recipe Index Card EPS Template

> Visiting Card Templates

Visiting cards are a must have for every professional out there. These cards contain important information about the pro’s name, company, profession, designation and contact details. You will need to hand out your visiting card to any prospective client you meet. The visiting card templates available online will assist you in creating a standard visiting card easily.

Busuness Visiting Card Template

Visiting Card Design Template Download

Printable Mini Visiting Card

> Invitation Card Templates

Invitation card is a beautiful way to invite the guests for any celebration- be it a birthday or a wedding or an anniversary party or a formal corporate dinner and any other event. Guests love the courtesy offered by the invitation cards and if you too are looking to create one, take to an invitation card template.

Greeting & Invitation Card PSD Template Download

Retro Birthday Invitation Card Template

Wedding Reception Invitation Card Template

> Congratulations Card Templates

Do you have to send a congratulation card to someone? Well, it could be to complement a near  one on his or her achievements, say graduation or promotion. Congratulation cards are also offered on weddings or birth of a child. If you want to know about the right format of a congratulations card, go for a congratulations card template.

Conceptual Congratulations Card Template

This graphic congratulations card illustrator can be downloaded for free. It has a very neat light colored background with a shampain bottle painted with rough hands to give it cartoon like look and congratulation written over it.

Officially Mr & Mrs Wedding Congratulations card

> Photo Card Templates

A photo card is a form of identity card which is really helpful when you don’t have your passport or driving license to prove your identity formally. The card is viable for people who are at least 16 years of age. If you have to create a photo card , a photo card template would be handy.

Illustrated Christmas Photo Card Template

Save the Date Invitation Photo Card Template Download

Baby Announcement Photo Card Template

Make a Photo Greeting Card in Microsoft Word – How to

> Sympathy Card Templates

Sympathy cards are thoughtful notes that are sent to somebody grieving a tragic loss, say an unfortunate death of a dear one. These are a courteous way to show compassion for the person suffering.  Do you too have to send a sympathy card to a friend or a family member? Well, a sympathy card template would be a handy aide for you here.

Funeral Sympathy Card PSD Template

Letterpress Sympathy Card Template Download

> Gift Card Templates

A gift card is a lovely gift in itself that offers a monetary voucher which can be redeemed for a gift from the store specified on the card. If you can’t decide what to gift a person, gift card is the safest option. A versatile range of gift cards are available today , framed on gift card template.

Modern Gift Card Template PSD Download

Voucher Gift Card PSD Template

Big Hearted Valentines Letterpress Gift Card Template

Free Download Gift Card Template in Microsoft Word

> Membership Card Templates

Membership cards are offered to members of a specific club or organization. These cards act as the identity cards for the members when they have to show their proof of membership with the organization. Such a card mostly contains a photo, name and contact details of the member. A membership card template offers a pre-structured format to frame a membership card.

PSD Design Membership Card Template

VIP Loyalty Membership Card Template

Create a membership Card Template – Click here

> Calling Card Templates

Calling cards are really handy for professionals who are out to meet new clients or prospective partners and employees. These cards bear the professional information and contact details of the card holder and are left or distributed at formal events. If you want to know about the standard format of a calling card, take to a calling card template.

Actors Calling Card Template PSD Design

3 in 1 Clean Minimal Business Calling Card Template

Printable DIY Confetti Calling Card Template Download

> Palm Card Templates

A palm is a little card which is used to keep a gist of a speech or lecture one would be giving soon. As it’s overwhelming to take up your entire presentation copy while speaking from the podium, a palm card template would be really handy for its brief size.

Political Palm Card Template PSD Design

A5 Kraft Palm Card Template

Speech Palm Card Template for Microsoft Word – Click here

> Holiday Card Templates

A holiday card is a nice way to extend greetings to near and dear ones, especially on Christmas. It’s said that a Christmas celebration is never complete without a holiday card which is always special with its warm wordings and attractive festive pictures. There are holiday card templates today that help to make nice Christmas cards.

Valentine’s Day Greeting Holiday Card

Creative Holiday Card Design Illustration Download

Lamp Post Christmas Holiday Card Set

Holiday Card Template in PPT Format – Free Download

> Wedding Card Templates

A wedding card is a must have for any wedding celebration and your wedding invitation is never complete without the courtesy of a wedding card. A wedding card can range from an elaborate one to a minimalist basic and the wide range of wedding card templates available today will assist you in choosing the right design for your card.

Creative Engagement Wedding Card PSD Template

Save The Date Wedding Card Template EPS Design

To Parents Wedding Day Card Template

> Wedding Place Cards Templates

The wedding place cards designate the placement of guests at the wedding venue. It helps the guests to identify their specified table at the reception and the card saves them from looking for a suitable place amidst the crowd. The wedding place cards template samples today help to format a wedding place card easily.

Wedding Place Card PSD Template Pack

Wedding Table Place Card Template

Fold Over Wedding Place Card Template Download

> Graduation Card Templates

Graduation is definitely a high point in student’s life which earns him or her heartiest complements from the near and dear ones. A graduation card is a lovely way to send congratulations to a dear one who has just graduated. There are graduation card templates these days that are handy to frame a perfect graduation card.

Senior Graduation Card Template

Graduation Announcement Card PSD Template Download

Printable Congratulations Graduation Card

> Mothers Day Card Templates

It’s customary to pamper the moms with a Mother’s Day card on their day. Mother’s Day cards are a  thoughtful gift and a lovely way to express one’s love and gratitude  towards the most special lady in his or her life. A wide variety of mothers day card templates are available today that extend great ideas of creating a Mother’s Day card.

Happy Mother’s Day Card EPS Template

Handmade Happy Mother’s Day Card

Create and Print a Mother’s Day Card using MS Word – How to

> Easter Card Templates

An Easter celebration is never complete without the Easter card. It is almost mandatory to send “Happy Easter” greetings cards to near and dear ones and these lovely cards serve as fantastic memories and keepsakes for life. The good bit is that you can make your own Easter Card at home today with the assistance of Easter card templates.

Easter Card Template PSD, EPS Design Download

Easter Card and Eggs EPS Template

5×7 Photos Easter Card PSD Template

> Library Card Templates

A library card is offered to all the members of a library which act as the evidence of their memberships with the library. A library member usually has to show his or her library card while entering the library. A library card template offers space to paste the photograph and personal details of the library members.

50 Assorted Library Cards Template Download

Library Card Save the Date Free Download in Word

> Report Card Templates

A report card is extended to students every year at the end of the term. Such a card details how much the student has scored in each subject in the term -and helps the parents to realize how much their ward has progressed in compared to the previous term. Take to a Report Card Template to create report cards for your class.

Free Download Report Card Template in Word

A5 Handmade Teacher Report Card

High School Report Card Template in Excel Format – Free Download

> Trading Card Templates

Trading cards are usually designed with pictures of famous cartoon character cards which are collected & traded among children. These cards are fantastic indoor games, thoroughly enjoyed by kids. At times, trading card templates are also themed on places or famous personalities and come with brief textual details along with the pictures.

Universal Sport Trading Card PSD Template

Retro Trading Card Template PSD Design

2.5×3.5 Inch Trading Card Blanks Template

How to Make Trading Cards With Word – Free Download PDF Trading Card Template in Microsoft Word – Free Download

> Quarter Fold Card Templates

A quarter fold card is the one which is folded into 4 set of rectangles. These cards are then designed with attractive pictures and thoughtful words and are sent as greeting cards on several occasions. A lot of people use quarter fold card template to create their own personalized quarter fold cards. Flower Thank You Card Quarter Fold in PDF – Free Download How to Make a Quarter Fold Document in Word – Click here

> Baseball Card Templates

A baseball card is a form of trading card shared by children among themselves. These cards are themed on baseball players where you will find a picture of  a player followed by details or stats on his baseball profile as a player. A baseball card template is a handy way to create lots of baseball cards.

Printable Photo Baseball Card Template

Make your own Baseball Card Online – Click here

> Comment Card Templates

Every store owner is on the lookout of the feedback from the customers and this where a comment card comes in. Such a comment card template enables the customer to jot his experiences with the store which in turn helps the store owner to understand about the strength and pitfall of his products.

Printable Restaurant Comment Card Template in PDF Free Download

3 x 4 Well Wishes Comment Card Template Download

Free Customer Comment Card Template – Click here

> Contact Card Templates

A contact card is distributed among potential clients so that they get the opportunity to contact you when they need your service. A contact card template offers place to upload your photo and provide your email and other contact details so that it is easier to reach up to you.

Graphic Layered PSD Contact Card Template

Modern Contact Card Download

> Farewell Card Templates

A farewell celebration is never complete without a farewell card. A farewell card template comes with nice words about the employee who is about to leave or retire from the company and is a lovely gesture to thank him for his contributions towards the office and rejoice his wonderful camaraderie with the colleagues.

Travel Overlay Farewell Card Template

The Perfect Farewell Card Template

> Baby Shower Card Templates

A baby shower is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the upcoming birth of a new one with the expecting mother. The event is usually organized by the friends of the would-be mom and a baby shower card template comes with lovely messages wishing her all the best in near future.

EPS Design Baby Shower Card Template

Baby Shower Card & Stationery Template Download

New Baby Greeting Baby Shower Card Template

> Flash Card Templates

A flash card comes with a question on side with the answer on the other. It hosts information on numbers, words or facts and a flash card template is used during private study sessions. These cards are used during classroom drills as well. Such cards are a good learning aide.

Printable Elementary Sight Words Flash Card Set with Box

Free Downoad Word Flash Card Template

Make your own Vocabulary Flash Card Template – Click here

> Micro SIM Card Templates

A micro sim card is a mini SIM card which is half the size of standard SIM cards. It was primarily used for iPhone 4 but today a micro sim card template is needed for most of the latest smartphone models – since the new smartphones have got a smaller space for the SIM cards.

Micro SIM Card Template PSD Download

SIMple Micro SIM Card Holder Template Download

> Baseball Lineup Card Templates

A baseball lineup card is an important card for any baseball team. The baseball lineup card template offers information on the batting order of the players to be followed in the upcoming match. It is generally created by the team manager and helps the players to understand their entry point in the game.

Free Download Baseball Lineup Card Template

Baseball Lineup Card Template Free Download

> Pokemon Card Templates

A Pokemon card is a form of trading card which is themes on the highly popular Pokemon carton TV series. A pokemon card template comes with pictures of Pokemon characters and brief textual information on them.  These cards are wonderful gifts for kids which you can gift them on their birthdays or Christmas.

Assorted Pokemon Card Template

> Good Luck Card Templates

A good luck card is a nice gesture to extend best wishes for somebody who is about to start something new. It could be a new venture or a completely new journey to better his future further. If you want to create a good luck card yourself, count on good luck card template.

Handmade Good Luck Card Template

Free Online Editable Good Luck Card Template

> Medication Card Templates

If you are into a regular dose of medicines, you should be alert about the right doses at the right time. A medication card template will be really helpful as it allows you to jot down the medicines to e taken every day and will make sure that you do not miss out on the doses.

Free Download Medication Card Template in PDF

Wallet Medication Card Template in PDF – Free Download

> Progress Report Card Templates

The progress report is offered to each student of a class at the end of the term by the class teacher. The progress report card template offers a pre-defined structure where the teacher notes the marks obtained by students in each subject and help the parents to gauge the progress of their wards.

Wakefield HS School Progress Report Card Template

Elementary Progress Report Card Template Free Download

> More Free Templates Download

Birthday Card Template

Business Card Template

Wedding Table Place Card Template

Business Card Printer Template

Auto Insurance Card Template

Credit Card Processing Form Template

Medical Alert Card Template

Blank Business Card Template Photoshop

These templates have a 3D effect which makes it unique. You do not have to sit and make card templates all by yourself since there are number of options to choose from. Customization can take place as per your wish.

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