22+ Amazing Block Party Flyer Designs

A block party is a kind of a celebration where members of a specific block or community get together for purposes of interaction or observance of a happening. There are many ways how a block party can be celebrated, and the factors of having one may vary depending on the country where you currently live at.

Just like in any other parties, a flyer for a block party is very important as it is essential for people who will possibly go there to know what the party is all about so they can have time for necessary preparations. You may view our Party Flyer Templates and see which of them you can actually use for the next block party in your neighborhood.

Valentines Night Party Flyer Template


Carnival Party Flyer Template


Summer Beach Party Flyer Template


4th of July Party Flyer Template


Chalkstyle Birthday Party Flyer Template


Retro Party Flyer Template in PSD


Beach Party Flyer Template to Print


Vintage Summer Party Flyer Template


Neon Music Party Flyer Template


Disco Night Party Flyer Template


Dance Party Flyer Template


Elegant Birthday Party Flyer Template


Western Party Flyer Template


Printable Block Party Flyer Template

Printable Block Party Flyer Template

Block Party Flyer PSD

Block Party Flyer PSD

Block Club Party Flyer

Block Club Party Flyer

Back to School Block Party Flyer

Back to School Block Party Flyer

Block Party Summer Flyer Template

Block Party Summer Flyer Template

Block Parties in Different Areas of the World

There are different means and ways for why and how a block party is being done.

  • In Asian countries, block parties are usually not a neighborhood gathering. It is mostly known as a gathering for different blocks or sections in different college levels of a specific department or area of study. It is commonly hosted by a specific block, and they invite other blocks to go. It may be done to support or give awareness to a common cause or it can also serve as a fund-raising event.
  • In the USA, block parties are usually done on holidays, especially during Memorial Day. Members of specific towns gather in a designated block to mingle with each other and to honor together the war veterans of the said block. Moreover, block parties have been popular to the millennials who want to take their party from the clubs to the streets.
  • Meanwhile, block parties in the UK are usually done to commemorate events that are important to the British traditions and life. Street parties are usually done in this part of the world to celebrate events that can be a huge mark in the British history. An example of these are the royal weddings that have occurred for the past years when people wait outside the palace to see the newlyweds presented to them.

Aside from the block party flyers, we also provide Club Flyers.

Cool Block Party Flyer

Cool Block Party Flyer

Halloween Block Party Flyer

Halloween Block Party Flyer

Fourth of July Block Party Flyer


Church Block Party Flyer

Church Block Party Flyer

Awesome Block Party Flyer

Awesome Block Party Flyer

Designing a Block Party Flyer

If you are tasked to make the block party flyer by your neighbors, make sure to consider the following measures:

  • The design of the flyer must have something to do with the event that is being celebrated or the theme of the block party.
  • Provide a title for the block party if your neighborhood still has not thought of one.
  • Make sure all details including the specific block where you will all gather and the time the event will start shall be included in the flyer.
  • The age range of the people who are recommended to attend should also be considered. There are some block parties that are not appropriate for children.

It is truly exciting to attend a block party especially if you support the purpose on why it has been held. You may download Free Party Flyer Templates from our website should you already have an idea about block party flyers.

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