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Today, there is a rapid growth in laundry services, may it be the usual laundry services we are all accustomed to or the current trend that is on the rise which is the self-laundry services. It is indeed a profitable business to be in, considering that there actually a lot of people who opt to have their laundry done by businesses who offer such services as opposed to doing it by themselves. If you are considering a small business, this might be one that is perfect considering the demand from the market, it solely depends on you with what type of laundry service you want to establish. Although the choice is still yours to make with what type of laundry service to opt for, there is one thing we can definitely help you with and that is with the right promotional medium. you may also see flyer templates.

As with any business, promoting it is paramount. And, in order to be effective with your business promotions, you need the right kind of medium for your promotional endeavors. It is true that there are a lot of options out there especially now that we are in a more technological age. But, there is one promotional medium that prevails and proves to be the best option out of the so many out there. In this post, we will talk a little about the history of laundry services and what option is best for promoting your laundry business?

Laundry Flyer Template

laundry flyer template
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Sample Dry Cleaners Flyer

Sample Dry Cleaners Flyer

Laundry Flyer Design

Laundry Flyer Design

Laundry Flyer Sample

Laundry Flyer Sample

Laundry Service: Brief History and Evolution of the Service

The concept of laundry services nowadays may have been derived from those of the Ancient Romans. Back when most Romans had to acquire the help of clothing washers or as they were called, the fullones, to have their garments washed since they generally wore wool for their garments which required frequent washing. And because it was too demanding of a task for them, more often than not they would hire clothes washers to do it for them. You may also see free PSD flyer templates.

Contrary to today’s stigma with men doing their laundry, back in the ancient times of Rome, laundry was actually a task for men. This was because doing laundry requires strength, which men can undoubtedly provide. Back then, when technology was inaccessible, when there were no inventions and technological advancements, men needed to wash their laundry manually in river banks; they would kick it, pound it with large stones, and they would lay it down to dry for the clothes or fabrics to be fully cleaned. You may also like free flyer templates.

For so many years manual washing that used both the hands and feet were the standard of how laundry should be done. Came the year 1782, the year the very first washing machine was invented that paved the way for a much easier way to do laundry. Then, throughout the years it constantly evolved and evolved until it was set up to become automatic, where people did not have to monitor the machines. As years went on, technology also developed along with it; with technology becoming more advanced it also lead to the advancements of the washing machines. Now, washing machines are automated, it has different buttons that serve different purposes, and more importantly, washing machines now can be left all on their own with a timer feature that works in a predetermined wash cycle. You may also see 3D flyer templates.

With that said, it is to no surprise that laundry services are packed with modern washing machines that help them with their customer’s laundry needs. It has been truly an immense growth from doing it all manually with hand and feet to simply depending on the efficiency of washing machines. Indeed, gone are those days with the fullones washing in the river banks with the growth of the washing machines. You may also see free flyer templates in a word.

Happy Laundry Flyer

Happy Laundry Flyer

Laundromat Flyer Template

Laundromat Flyer Template

Clean Laundry Flyer Template

A4 Laundry Flyer Template

Household Flyer Banner Posters


Why are Laundry Services at a High at this Time?

As with any business, there are reasons to why one is patronized or in today’s slang “hyped”. With that said, here is a list of different reasons to why laundry services are at a high this time and would maybe help you consider this endeavor for the kind of simple business you would want to venture in:

1. Demand

The most obvious reason would be the high demand from the market. Knowing that there are some people who do not have the luxury to do their own laundries due to how busy they can be or to the most extent of how unknowledgeable they are about the process. There is already a market waiting when a laundry service decides to establish. So, consider your business secured in terms of people to target. You may also see abstract flyer templates.

2. Experience

In a way, laundry service provides an experience to its customers may it be direct or not. Especially with the current trend of self-laundry services present in every city, there is a direct experience of having to do the laundry all by yourself in a way. It kind of also has a sense of fulfillment considering that you somehow did your laundry on your own (with the help of a washing machine, of course). You may also see free flyers.

3. Cost

There is no denying that doing your own laundry is a far cheaper option, but there is also no denying that laundry services’ rates are all relatively affordable. Either you pay the total amount based on the accumulated kilos of your clothes or you drop coins on an automated washing machine to get it to work. Both of which are rates that are not exaggeratedly priced. You may also see business flyer templates.

4. Dependability

Knowing that there are some who cannot do their laundry on their own, they entrust all their clothes to the service they opt for. Laundry services are really dependable, not only that but they are also reliable. They take good care of your personal belongings and return them back at the promised day. So, when you worried about trustworthiness, laundry services have that at a hundred. That is also why people come back to these different laundry services because of how dependable they are. You may also see professional flyer templates.

5. Service

Laundry services in its essence provide a service to do your laundry when you do not have the luxury to do so. But aside from that, it offers a kind of service that is great, dependable, and reliable. Laundry services also provide their customers with the latest technology in terms of washing machines to provide an optimal service to wash their customer’s clothes. As it is said “only the best for the customers”. That is why most laundry services choose to constantly upgrade their washing machines to bring forth an up to par service. You may also see chalkboard flyer templates.

Washing/Laundry Services Flyer


Laundry Services Flyer Template


Creative Laundry Service Flyer


Flyers as a Promotional Medium

There are definitely countless ways to promote your business to the public, but there is one medium that has remained steadfast amidst the incrementing power of technology and social media, and that are the flyers. Flyers are an age-old, traditional way of promoting your business to the market. It requires manual labor and persistence, but despite how tedious it can get, there lies certainty and assurance upon choosing to do so. With that said, let us get into the reasons why choosing flyers as a medium for promoting is the most ideal despite having easy options such social media:

1. Certainty

For so many years, years before people realized the power of technology and social media, flyer designs have been used as a means to promote. That alone should be a testament to its unwavering prowess in promoting. With choosing to go for flyers, unlike social media or technology, there is a great certainty that comes with it when chosen to be used as a promotional medium. Although technology and social media are equally capable, taking into account the number of other businesses that choose to also go down the more modern route, there seems to be congestion with which results to uncertainty with whether the people you are trying to target will get to see your promotion. Compared to that of a flyer, where you single-handly hand out each piece of paper, simply implies that your promotion reaches its market.

2. Cheap

The second obvious reason to choose flyers is its price point. These pieces of paper plus the design all relatively cost a lot less than its digital counterpart. It is no secret that opting to go for technology or social media promotions can cost you a lot, hundreds or thousands of dollars, at times depending on your promotion’s duration. It is definitely an impractical choice, one that seems to be not worth it due to the uncertainty that lies with it. As oppose with a flyer, where it does not really cost a lot and the difference between their price points and certainty are tremendously huge.

3. Creative

Flyers can be an avenue for an individual’s creativity, where one can showcase not only their personality as a business owner but also that of their business. A lot of things can be done with a flyer and the possibilities are as endless as the horizon. Compared to that with the technology or social media, where choosing to be creative can cost you even more (i.e professional graphics artist, a photographer for photo promotions, or videographer for a more film approach), sometimes resorting to the conscious decision of compromising the creative aspect and just allowing it to be a simple box of text that at times is thought of as lifeless and boring. With a flyer, nothing is compromised, everything is sure to be included and most of all, at a low cost or no added cost at all. You may also see graduation flyer templates.

4. Relationship

Flyers allow you to create a relationship with your potential customers, considering that you manually hand out the information to the people. With this method, it allows you to interact with people, in turn, creating or forming a pre-business relationship with them. They get to directly ask you about the business with which they will get an instant answer as you are there, the one handing out the promotion to them. So, there is a brief bond and a direct interaction that can greatly help with your simple promotion.

Premade Flyers

In order to acquire your very own flyers for your laundry service business, the ideal way to do so is by buying one that is premade and readily available online. The reason being is that it does not cost a lot. With a premade designed flyer you are already given a pre-designed flyer, which also gives you ample opportunity to do whatever you want depending on your preference. It almost works like a collaboration between you and the designer who initially designed the flyer you will decide to purchase from.

These premade flyers are all so easy to edit and customize, as they come in a file that is easy to do so. Texts, cool fonts, sizes, and colors are all editable depending on what suits your business best. At times, they also come with smart object layers that will enable you to move around elements in the design to fully personalize your flyer.

Premade designed flyer also come in numerous variants. There are as many designs as there are individuals seeking, so, there is definitely one for every different preference. For your laundry flyer, there are simple designs, more modern designs, even fun designs; designs that vary, but all will definitely compliment you and your business altogether. You may also see black flyer templates.

If you found this article helpful, do not forget to bookmark this page for future references regarding the brief history of laundry service, reasons why it is flourishing, and even why you should opt for flyer and premade flyer designs. And, do not forget to share this post with other laundry business owners seeking the best-premade flyer designs for their business.

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