22+ Boxing Flyer Templates

Do you want to promote your boxing match with a punch of winsomeness? We have got you defended with Boxing Flyer templates that offer great put up designs for the contest. They have been specially designed keeping this theme in mind and feature great text fonts with the one on one photo layout. You can get these templates in electronic formats and later edit them as per your specifications. Download one today and step in the ring! You can also see Sports Flyer Templates.

Boxing Flyer Template in Word, Illustrator


Vintage Boxing Flyer Template


Boxing Gym Flyer Template


Boxing Night Flyer Template


Old Vintage Boxing Flyer

Old Vintage Boxing FlyerThe template has the old style block graphic look. It is perfect for a local match promotion flyer. It comes in organized PSD file with customizability options via smart objects.

Boxing Gym Flyer Template

Boxing Gym Flyer TemplateThe standard red boxing gloves and background blur add power to this template. It has an overall red finish which is perfect for health clubs and gyms. It comes in 5×7” PSD format.

Knockout Boxing Flyer

Knockout Boxing FlyerThis is an animated knock out night flyer design with match ring and gloves. It is appropriate for match promotion with a touch of solidarity. It comes in PSD files for download.

MMA Boxing Flyer

MMA Boxing FlyerThis is a hitting poster design in a flyer template. Karate and martial arts add to the feel. The grunge font suits every match with PSD, 300 DPI printable editions.

Boxing Night Flyer Template

Boxing Night Flyer TemplateThe template comes with a glitz and glamour to attract the audience. It has big font face perfect for event information and title. This is a high quality design in PSD and JPG files.

Fight Club Premium Flyer

Fight Club Premium FlyerThe flyer is stolid with two fighters in mid-fight. The design is animated yet classic. It is suitable for local matches with easy promotion and comes in 1275×1875 dimension in PSD.

College Boxing Flyer Template

College Boxing Flyer TemplateThis is the college theme boxing match flyer design with a wire net and crowd in the background. It is easy to incorporate any photo with PSD files; it comes in 4×6” page size. You can also see Safety Flyer Templates.

Boxing Night Flyer

Boxing Night Flyer TemplateThe template features a single boxer at the front with event description in the mid. The design is suitable for challenge matches. It comes in CMYK, PSD print ready format.

Boxing Championship Flyer

Boxing Championship FlyerThis is championship flyer which is inevitable for a large audience. It features a retro style design with a superficial logo. It comes in CMYK 4×6” color coded 300 DPI files.

Kick Boxing Flyer Template

Kick Boxing Flyer TemplateThis is a kick boxing template with model photos and big titles. The design has a black and white domination with gloss finish. It comes in PSD, JPG and RTF files in 4×6” size.

Boxing Championship Flyer Template

Boxing Championship FlyerThe championship flyer has a high deal of aesthetic factor with a comic book animated design. It is suitable for all kinds of tournaments and is downloadable in 300 DPI PSD format.

Christmas Boxing Flyer Template

Christmas Boxing Flyer TemplateThe boxing theme has been fused with a Christmas theme in this template with all kind of typical decorations. The template comes in 6×8”, 300 DPI, PSD files.

Fight Night Boxing Club Flyer

Fight Night Boxing Club FlyerThe template has 4 variations with solid looking flyer design. It focuses on face-off night. The template is useful for graphic artists. It comes in 300 DPI, PSD files in A4 page size.

Grimy MMA Flyer Template

Grimy MMA Flyer TemplateThe template features the MMA fonts and ring design with a boxer model. It is suitable for put-up posters and publicity flyers. It’s downloadable in PSD, RTF and JPG files.

Vintage Boxing Flyer Template

Vintage Boxing Flyer TemplateThe template features an old school flyer design with block fonts and large information texts. This type is suitable for themed fights. It comes in A4 and A5 PSD files.

Ringside Rush Flyer Template

Ringside Rush Flyer Template

Boxing Gym Flyer

Boxing Gym Flyer Template

Boxing Match Flyer Template

Boxing Match Flyer Template

Boxing events require that special designing for flyers and these templates provide just the thing. They have ferocious graphics, stunning fonts and high quality resolution files to increase the appeal of the flyer. You can download them in a variety of themes. They are customizable and save time. You can also see Medical Flyers.

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