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With the rise of a disruptive digital age, it has been easier for any business to reach out, connect, and promote to their audiences. Anyone could just easily upload or post a thing or more about their business online and let the information ripple throughout the web.You may also see flyer examples

71+ FREE HOTEL Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Microsoft Word (DOC), Google Docs, Apple (MAC) Pages, Publisher, Apple (MAC) Numbers, Adobe Illustrator (AI), InDesign, HTML, Wordpress, Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT)

Although it comes with an ease, it is also inevitable that your advertisement gets lost in an ocean of other advertisements from other business owners. There is no real certainty in just having your (digital) advertisement depend on the works online. You need something a bit more traditional and tangible, something truly effective like promotion templates.

Hotel Promotional Flyer Template

hotel promotional flyer template
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Size: (US)(A4)


Grand Hotel Flyer Template

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Size: A4 inches + Bleed


Hotel Promotional Flyer Template

hotel promotional flyer 1x
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Size: US

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Multipurpose Promotion Flyer


The first flyer on this list has a multipurpose design, which means it can effectively work for any kind of business such as a hotel. The design of this hotel promotional flyer allows you to feature the best photos of your hotel including its amenities. and also list down the services you are offering. This design is fully customizable and editable to your preference. There are smart objects with which you can edit your own images. The simplicity of this flyer design is truly its asset as it enables you to do many things with it.

Creative Hotel Promotion Flyer


The classic combination of the colors white and gold in this hotel promotional flyer design exudes sophistication and class. This design is ideal if you are running a high-end hotel as it perfectly connotes and reflects the idea. Although really simple, its sophistication compensates for its simplicity and it is able to speak a thousand words to your potential customers. To note, this hotel promotional flyer design is fully customizable to your preference.

Hotel Flyer Template

03  788x524

A flyer designed by Imagine Design Studio that is equally modern and simple, this hotel promo flyer design is laid-out is so it is able to showcase the best photos and information in a streamlined manner that evokes a really modern flair. It does not, for a bit, show some dullness despite its simplicity for it looks really organized and professional, eliciting the idea that you offer the best and nothing but the best in your hotel.

For this article let us talk about travels. Travels encompass a lot of different industries: There is airfare, tours, adventures, transportation, food or restaurants, and hotels. Each part of this industry caters to the different needs of a young traveler that not only offers them services or accommodations, but also experiences—experiences that these ‘millennial travelers’ look for during trips. As stated, one of the industries that travel encompasses is the hotel industry. The hotel industry is one of the most important industries in travel as it provides all travelers the shelter they need. Some hotels are luxurious. Some have earned stars to further distinguish them while some are more modest. But, however expensive it is, a hotel is a hotel. As much as it provides shelter, it also provides experiences of different magnitudes. You may also see hotel templates.

hotel promotional flyer 788x447

In order to get or have your business known to millennials, it is important that you take the necessary measures to promote your business. So, to best promote your hotel to these experience-hungry millennial travelers, you have to be able to showcase not only your hotel, but also the accommodations you offer. But it does not have to be point-blank. You can also be creative in showcasing your hotel and your services. And the best way to do this without getting drowned out by other hotel advertisements online is to provide a promotional medium that is tangible, traditional, and effective—and the one that has all these powers is the 3D flyer.

A business flyer is a piece of paper that provides information about your business for wide distribution. With this type of promotional medium, you are assured of the certainty of your message gettig relayed. With flyers, you are also given an ample opportunity to be creative that best reflects your business and showcases your services. If you do not know where to go or how to get it, this article lists down the best premade hotel flyers for your hotel business that can promote your hotel in the most effective way possible.

Corporate Hotel Flyer Design


This modern flyer design by Loone offers a unique modern design for your hotel promotional flyers. It is unique because of the way it is laid out, bringing a striking and bold aura. This specific design will surely make your promotional flyer for your hotel stand out from the rest and it will for sure effectively relay the message to your potential customers. This design comes in a smart object layer which makes it easily editable to your preference.

Luxury Hotel Flyer Template

03 1 788x524

Here is another hotel promotional flyer design that is equally modern and sophisticated. The modernity and sophistication come from the way this flyer design is laid out that is different from the hotel flyer norm. Although looking really sophisticated, it still has this approachable characteristic because of the colors that were chosen for the design. The colors, despite being contrasting to each other, show a harmonious flyer that will be able to convince your potential customers to give your hotel a go. Also note that this specific flyer design is resizable and fully customizable to your preference. You may also see PSD flyer templates.

Hotel PSD Flyer Design


Here is a hotel promotional flyer design that equally exudes luxury and class. From its colors, this flyer design exudes the aura of class and luxury. Brown and black make a beautiful contrast, which also, in turn, creates a handsome and expensive-looking hotel promotional flyer design. This specific design is also editable and customizable to your preference. You may also see free flyer templates.

Hotel Promotion Flyer Template

03 2 788x524

Although this design is laid-out simply, what makes this specific hotel promotional flyer design arresting is its colors. The reds, blacks, and whites are classic color combinations that will surely catch your potential customer’s attention. This flyer design that is perfect for a hotel business allows you to relay the information of your hotel (from amenities to services) effectively. Part of what makes this specific design beautiful is its simplicity. This hotel promotional flyer design has a perfect balance. To note, this design comes in varying sizes and different software formats, and it is resizable and fully customizable to fit your preference.

Multipurpose Hotel Flyer Template


This design by Sehatco is a more simple approach to your hotel promotional flyer design, but do not discount its simplicity because it is a very refined-looking flyer. The layout is perfectly organized, making it easy for you to read the pieces of information you put on your free business flyer. The colors, all of which are classic combinations, give off a really bold and striking appeal. This specific design is 8.5 by 11 inches in dimension, and is fully editable.

Editable Hotel Flyer

3  788x524

Here is a more fun hotel promotional flyer design that is laid-out in a really unprecedented manner. The hexagonal framing for your photos gives it a unique and different aesthetic. This design is still able to elicit sophistication amidst its fun and enthusiastic design nature. You may also see geometric flyer templates.

A4 Hotel Flyer Design


This design that comes in three different variations gives you options that exude three different vibes for your hotel promotional flyer design. There is a wooden-like background, a brocade print, and a simple mauve-colored background, each unique and striking on its own. This specific design also offers a fun and unprecedented way to showcase your best photos with a frame-by-frame setup. Though this design is simple, it is still able to catch anyone’s attention while effectively relaying its message. To note, this design is fully customizable.

All of the hotel promotional designs in this article are equally simple and sophisticated. They also have a touch of fun, luxury, and modernity to them, all while being enveloped with professionalism. The designs all cater to different types of hotels. May it be a luxurious five-star hotel or a modest inn, these designs will perfectly accommodate your various hotel promotional needs.

If you found this article helpful, do not forget to bookmark this page for future reference and share this with other hoteliers or anyone seeking the best hotel promotional flyer designs and templates.

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