Hotel Vouchers Templates

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What Is A Hotel Voucher?

A hotel voucher is a tiny printed document allowing the customer to receive a discount or exchange for products or services during his or her stay in a hotel. Also, hotel vouchers are frequently used when booking a hotel through a third party as proof that the customer is listed in the hotel as a guest and that his booking has been paid for.

How To Make A Simple Hotel Voucher Ticket?

hotel voucher ticket template

A hotel may provide vouchers for certain services as a marketing campaign form, in line with a loyalty program or as a reaction to a complaint from a client. A traveler can also receive a complete stay at a competitive hotel or receive a hotel voucher from a relative, partner, or business voucher for which he works. Make your own voucher now and be guided with these step-by-step guide outlined below.

1. Identify your Voucher

First things first, you have to ask what is your voucher made for? Is it for a hotel, spa, cinema, motel, or restaurant? Whatever is your preference, the design of your voucher ticket should go along with it. If you've planned to make a hotel voucher, then you may add a background image communicating that it's a hotel. You can also show a picture of happy people or satisfied clients if your voucher is for a service. Just make sure that you are not misleading your guests or customers. 

2. Add Color Scheme

Color is one of the designer's toolkit's strongest instrument. It can attract attention, set a mood, affect the feelings, perceptions, and behavior of customers. So if you desire to create an impactful marketing tool for your business or company, then decide to be more creative in selecting color schemes and combinations for your voucher. We suggest using a monotonic color palette which is one of the most common ways of using vibrant colors; using a single color with a combination of tints and tones to produce a unified and innovative visual design.

3. Edit the Header

Right after adding a color scheme, you have to provide a space that will be enough for the details of your voucher. You must display the name, address, contact number, date, and of course the signature of the manager to appear more authentic and reliable. 

4. Write Down the Instructions

Write down the instructions at the back portion and write the steps coherently. Avoid using complicated words to make sure that your customers understand everything well.

5. Review and Print

A thorough review of your work will give you the chance to correct any remaining mistakes that may cloud your original message. Although many computer systems and web browsers offer spell checkers, they can sometimes not capture phrases that are difficult and frequently misused, such as homophones. Print your service voucher when you're done choosing your paper.