65+ Printable Party Flyer Templates

Parties are the highlight of life. It’s fun to celebrate whatever occasion with friends and family. It’s not fun to be all by your lonesome during special times of the year, is it? Invite people over to celebrate with you using flyers. Hand them out to your friends, classmates, family members, and people you want to attend your party.

On this list, you’ll find printable party flyer templates that can help you make the perfect party flyer to invite people over.

Speaking of parties, if you’re interested in more ways to invite people over for a fun time, try using Party Invitation Templates and hand them out to people.

Black Night Party Flyer Template


Geometric Party Flyer Template


Printable Neon Style Party Flyer Template


Printable Karaoke Party Flyer Template


Watercolor Party Flyer Template


Printable Luxury Party Flyer Template


Retro Party Flyer Template in Publisher


Luxury Party Flyer Template


Simple Beach Party Flyer Template


Summer Pool Party Flyer Template


Weekend BBQ Seasonal Party Flyer Template


VIP Night Party Flyer Template in PSD


Graduation Night Party Flyer Template


Retirement Party Flyer Template in Indesign


Valentines Night Party Flyer Template


Minimalistic Disco Night Party Flyer Template


Cocktail Summer Party Flyer Template


Chalkstyle Birthday Party Flyer Template


Printable Summer Pool Party Flyer Template


Printable Vintage Summer Party Flyer Template


Carnival Party Flyer Template in PSD Format


Free Printable Party Flyer

Free Printable Christmas Party Flyer

Free Printable Christmas Party Flyer

Free Printable Holiday Party Flyer

-Free Printable Holiday Party Flyer

Free Printable Halloween Party Flyer

-Free Printable Halloween Party Flyer

Free Printable Sample Party Flyer

-Free Printable Sample Party Flyer

Printable Holiday Party Flyer

Work Holiday Party Flyer

-Work Holiday Party Flyer

Employee Holiday Party Flyer

-Employee Holiday Party Flyer

Office Holiday Party Flyer

-Holiday Office Party Flyer

Holiday Party Invitation Flyer

-Holiday Party Invitation Flyer

Printable Christmas Party Flyer

Christmas Party Flyer Sample

-Christmas Party Flyer Sample

Red Christmas Party Flyer

-Red Christmas Party Flyer

Christmas and New Year Party Flyer

-Christmas and New Year Party Flyer

Christmas Party Invitation Flyer

-Christmas Party Invitation Flyer

Printable Party Flyer

Halloween Party Flyer

-Halloween Party Flyer

Church Party Flyer

-4th of July Party Flyer

4th of July Party Flyer

-4th of July Party Flyer

Neighborhood Christmas Party Flyer

-Neighborhood Party Flyer

Printable Party Invitation Flyer

Birthday Party Invitation Flyer

-Birthday Party Invitation Flyer

Valentine’s Day Party Invitation Flyer

-Valentines Day Party Invitation Flyer

Free Party Invitation Flyer

-Free Party Invitation Flyer

Farewell Party Invitation Flyer

-Farewell Party Invitation Flyer

Reasons for Using Party Flyers

Parties shouldn’t be celebrated all by one person. That’s no fun. How are you going to get people to your party if nobody even knows you’re throwing one? These party flyers can help you deliver the message in a fashionable way. There are many types of party flyers you’ll find on this list for different kinds of parties.

  • Birthday – Someone’s special time of the year only comes once every 365 days (366 if you’re talking leap years). A person’s birthday should never be celebrated alone. Help the birthday celebrant have guests over by making birthday flyers that will reflect the mood of the party.
  • Employee parties – Work is hard, and not everybody enjoys it. It’s fun to have a party around the workplace once in a while. It helps employees let off steam. You can just plaster these flyers around company property, and everyone should know.
  • Christmas – Everyone’s favorite holiday should be celebrated surrounded together by people who care for each other. Handing out a flyer that reflects the Christmas spirit is sure to lighten up the mood for the holiday.
  • Fourth of July – It’s a blessing to be able to celebrate Independence Day of America. Invite friends and family over to celebrate the occasion with you with party flyers that reflect the occasion.
  • Halloween – Many people love to celebrate Halloween by making their parties reflect a fun sort of scary. Not the kind of scary that actually drives people away, but the kind that gives off a fun atmosphere. You can find a Halloween flyer that easily reflects this mood.
  • Other holidays – People celebrate different holidays depending on which country they are from. If you can’t find the specific holiday on this list that you’re having a party for, there are holiday flyers that are easily customized for your convenience.
  • Retirement – Watching someone leave work for good can be a tearful moment. If you know someone like that, why not throw them one last party to commemorate the moment? Retirement party flyers can let your other coworkers know that you’re hosting a party for someone leaving.
  • Pool parties – A fun party to have during the hot, scorching summer. Invite your friends over for a pool party with a flyer that tells them exactly what the party is for. It’s more fun to enjoy the pool when there’s many you can share it with.

There are many kinds of flyers all for different kinds of parties that you can find on this list. If you haven’t found the specific flyer for the party you’re planning to host, then there are many party flyers that are customizable on this list for you to use.

Speaking of flyers, there are many kinds of flyers you can hand out. Not just party flyers. If you’re interested, you can take a look at these business advertising flyers for you to use if you need them.

Printable Retirement Party Flyer

Sample Retirement Party Flyer

-Sample Retirement Party Flyer

Office Retirement Party Flyer

-Office Retirement Party Flyer

Surprise Retirement Party Flyer

-Surprise Retirement Party Flyer

Free Retirement Party Flyer

-Free Retirement Party Flyer

Printable Halloween Party Flyer

Black Halloween Party Flyer

-Black Halloween Party Flyer

Halloween Costume Party Flyer

-Halloween Costume Party Flyer

Halloween Dark Night Party Flyer

-Halloween Dark Night Party Flyer

Halloween Party Invitation Flyer

-Halloween Party Invitation Flyer

Printable Pool Party Flyer

Free Pool Party Flyer

-Free Pool Party Flyer

Summer Pool Party Flyer

-Summer Pool Party Flyer

Sample Pool Party Flyer

Splash Pool Party Flyer

-Splash Pool Party Flyer

4th of July Pool Party Flyer

-4th of July Pool Party Flyer

Invite Others for a Fun Time

Parties are meant to be celebrated together with friends and loved ones. It’s no fun to celebrate the occasions all by your lonesome self. These flyers can help you garner more guests for your party no matter what the occasion is.

All you have to do is hand them out or plaster them on walls (providing you have permission, of course) to let people know that you’re planning on throwing a party for the occasion.

Party All Night

Thanks to these party flyers, your guests can accurately gain correct information without you putting much effort. All you have to do is plaster them on the walls or hand them out to people passing by and the flyer will tell them all they need to know from what time the party starts to what time it ends to what kind of party it is and etc.

The difference between party invitations and party flyers is that invitations have specific people they are given to, while flyers are handed out to practically anybody. So these flyers are a good choice for those who are planning to invite a huge number of people for an event such as a school dance, for example.

How Can These Party Flyers Really Help You?

These party flyers can convince those who otherwise may not be in the mood to go to your party to attend. This is because once they see the effort you’ve gone through making just the flyers itself, then they’ll think that the party you’re hosting must reflect that effort as well.

The flyer templates on this list are easily customized so that you can make the best and most stylish flyer that you can give out to people. Then, after you’ve customized them, you can even order them online so you don’t have to make them yourself.

Printable Night Party Flyer

Karaoke Night Party Flyer

-Karaoke Night Party Flyer

Night Club Party Flyer

-Night Club Party Flyer

Ladies Night Party Flyer

-Ladies Night Party Flyer

Dance Night Party Flyer

-Dance Night Party Flyer

Printable Birthday Party Flyer

Free Birthday Party Flyer

-Free Birthday Party Flyer

Surprise Birthday Party Flyer

-Surprise Birthday Party Flyer

Feminine Birthday Party Flyer

-Feminine Birthday Party Flyer

Birthday Party Club Flyer

-Birthday Party Club Flyer

Printable Club Party Flyer

Free Club Party Flyer

-Free Club Party Flyer

Ladies Club Party Flyer

-Ladies Club Party Flyer

Ways to Make Your Flyer More Stylish

People have a tendency to judge by first impressions. If your flyer is just plain and average, then chances are your guests may not want to go to your party. They’ll probably just come up with excuses as to why they couldn’t attend. Customizing your flyer to look more aesthetically pleasing will help in attracting more guests.

Here are things to consider when making your flyer stylish:

  • Design – Making your flyer’s design to be aesthetically pleasing will add more to its style. This will help guests see that you are really putting the effort into this party you are hosting.
  • Color – It may not seem much, but color can actually affect the overall design of the flyer. What if the background color doesn’t fit with the design and theme? Thankfully, you can change it at your leisure.
  • Theme – If you’re hosting a party for a certain event, then you may want the flyer to reflect the theme of the party you are hosting. You can easily customize the theme of the flyer with the templates offered to you on this list.

Basic Elements of a Flyer

Even with the most stylish flyer that you can design, it still wouldn’t do any good if it doesn’t contain any information regarding as to what the party is about. Your guests could get lost, confused, and may end up somewhere they’re not supposed to be.

  • What the party is for. It’s not good if the guests in attendance don’t know what they’re celebrating for. Putting on the reason for the party is usually essential for most people to even go to the party in the first place.
  • Where the party is going to be. Your guests could get lost, and that’s no good. Tell them the exact place of the party so that they’ll know where they’re going and won’t be inconvenienced. This can also help guests who are far away leave earlier so that they won’t be late.
  • What time the party is going to start and end. It’s very important to tell your guests what time the party is going to start. You wouldn’t want some of your guests to arrive when the party is almost over, do you? Putting the time will be a convenience for guests who have to stick to a schedule.
  • Other essentials. Maybe you’re hosting a costume party. Make sure to tell your guests what to wear or what to bring so that people can celebrate the party how you wanted them to celebrate it.

So what do you think? Hopefully, this list helped you find the best party flyer to hand out to your guests. If you’re looking for more ways to invite your guests over, take a look at more party invitation designs to help you out.

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