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When someone requests your attendance for an event, you usually receive invitations either through mail or email. Invitations are a fun way of inviting someone over for a special event or an activity. The fun thing about invitations is the process of creating them where we can alter templates and add our own creativity.

427+ FREE INVITATION Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe InDesign (INDD & IDML), Apple (MAC) Pages, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Illustrator (AI)

Here, we share some free party invitation templates commonly used today. We also share details you need to place on your invitations. We also share a brief description for some templates and when you can use these templates. You can also check our website if you need farewell party invitations.

Simple Surprise Party Invitation Template

simple surprise party invitation templateFree Download

Sample Bowling Invitation Party

sample bowling invitation partyFree Download

Free Bowling Party Invitation Template

free bowling party invitation templateFree Download

Free Birthday Party Invitation

Free Surprise Birthday Party Invitation

free surprise birthday party invitationDownload

Free 60th Birthday Party Invitation

free 60th birthday party invitationDownload

Free Printable Birthday Party Invitation

free printable birthday party invitation2Download

Free Graduation Party Invitation

Free Printable Graduation Party Invitation

free printable graduation party invitation1Download

Free Graduation Party Invitation Card

free graduation party invitation cardDownload

Free Party Invitation Card

Free Birthday Party Invitation Card

free birthday party invitation cardDownload

Free Tea Party Invitation Card

free tea party invitation cardDownload

Free Cocktail Party Invitation Card

free cocktail party invitation cardDownload

Free Pool Party Invitation

Free Printable Pool Party Invitation

free printable pool party invitationDownload

Free Pool Party Birthday Invitation

free pool party birthday invitationDownload

Free Printable Party Invitation

Free Printable Holiday Party Invitation

free printable holiday party invitation1Download

Free Printable Retirement Party Invitation

free printable retirement party invitation1Download

What Is an Invitation?

Technically, an invitation is a request for someone’s presence at a special event or activity. Invitations are used daily and is a formal way of inviting someone over. Invitations have been used for a long time for these types of reasons. Invitations can also serve as tickets to events as it is proof that you truly were invited to such an event.

Invitation Template Examples

There are many types of invitation templates you can use today to create your own invitations. These templates have premade designs to help you create your invitation depending on the theme of your event. Some invitation template examples you can use include:

  • Birthday Party Invitations – These types of invitations are commonly used for birthday parties as this template have the decorations you need to create birthday themed invitations. You can also create a more formal kind of birthday invitation by altering the decorations.
  • Graduation Party Invitations – You can use this type of invitation for graduation parties. This template has the borderlines and designs you need to create you own graduation party invitation. You can also add your own designs to adjust the look of the template.
  • Tea Party Invitation Cards – These types of invitations are commonly used in making tea party invitations. The decorations this template contains are more related to simple to intricate borderlines and fonts. The decorations being used for this template also includes more tea related decorations.
  • Pool Party Invitations – You can use these invitations if you want to invite your family and friends to pool or beach parties. The designs these types of templates contain are more on about water-themed activities.
  • Wedding Shower Party Invitations – These types of templates are commonly used in making wedding shower parties for the bride. The designs this template contains are more on feminine colored borderlines and overlays. You can make formal designs by altering some of the template’s decorations and font styles.
  • Wedding Party Invitations – You can use these types of templates if you want to make wedding invitations. The designs in this template contain more wedding related decorations, borderlines, and fonts; but like any other template, you can also alter the designs if you want to make your invitations look more creative.

What to Prepare in Making Invitations

For you to create your own invitations you will have to prepare a few things. Here are some items you need for you to start making your own invitations:

  • Adobe PhotoShop/Online photo editor – You will have to use Adobe Photoshop or any other offline or online photo-editing software to create your own invitation. Our website does offer some information on more detailed guides to create your own invitations.
  • Template – You will also have to choose a template to start making your invitation. This is optional though as you can also create your own invitation from scratch.
  • Printer – You will also need a printer for you to print out hard copies of your invitations, or you can save them in a storage device and pay for printing services instead.
  • Envelopes – You will be using envelopes to place your invitations. Our website also provides letter envelope designs to help you create your own envelope.

You can also check out our website as well for information about different bridal party invitations.

Free Retirement Party Invitation

Free Sample Retirement Party Invitation

free sample retirement party invitationDownload

Free Surprise Retirement Party Invitation

free surprise retirement party invitationDownload

Free Bowling Party Invitation

Free Printable Bowling Party Invitation

free printable bowling party invitationDownload

Free Bowling Birthday Party Invitation

free bowling birthday party invitationDownload

Free Wedding Shower Party Invitation

Free Wedding Shower Party Invitation

free wedding shower party invitationDownload

Free Wedding Party Invitation

free wedding anniversary party invitationDownload

Free Wedding Reception Party Invitation

free wedding reception party invitationDownload

Free Lunch Party Invitation

Free Lunch Party Invitation Card

free lunch party invitation cardDownload

Free Engagement Party Invitation

Free Engagement Party Invitation Card

free engagement party invitation cardDownload

Free Sample Engagement Party Invitation

free sample engagement party invitationDownload

Free Email Engagement Party Invitation

free email engagement party invitationDownload

Free Surprise Party Invitation

Free Surprise Birthday Party Invitation

free birthday party invitation surprise1


Free Printable Surprise Baby Shower Party Invitation

free printable surprise party invitationDownload

Free Vintage Tea Party Invitation

free vintage tea party invitationDownload

Free Bridal Shower Tea Party Invitation

free bridal shower tea party invitationDownload

Free Printable Tea Party Invitation

free printable tea party invitation2Download

What Should a Party Invitation Contain?

Generally, all party invitations will contain the same information to invite someone over for an event. Below are some examples of the information your invitation should contain:

  • Location – Your invitation should contain the venue and directions for your guests to know where to go. You can also add landmarks to aid your guests in going to venues. Landmarks can be very useful especially if the venue is far.
  • Time – Indicating time in your invitations is also very important as it dictates what time the event will begin. It is also advisable for you to place in a schedule for the event for your guests to be guided. Without the correct schedule, guests will tend to arrive at different times.
  • Theme – Each event will always have a theme and invitations usually include the theme for the event. It is advisable for you to include outfits to wear and suggestions in your invitations for guests to have an idea on the dress code. You can also include images in your invitations or links to your invitations if you plan to send your invitations through email.
  • Title – Generally, invitations should contain titles to give your guests an idea of what your party or the event will be like. Titles can be used to determine themes as well depending on the title you give out.
  • RSVP – All invitations will have RSVP sections for your guests to comply if they can attend your event. RSVP sections usually contain your event planner’s contact details or your personal contact details. Contact details are usually your contact number, email and mailing address.
  • Date – It is very important you indicate the date of your event in the invitation as it will be the main basis to when your guests will attend your event. Being able to place the date.

Methods for Sending Invitations

There are different methods for sending your invitations to your guests. Commonly, you can send your invitations through email as long as you have all your guest’s contact details. You can also send your invitations through conventional mail if you think it would be more convenient for you since some guests won’t be able to check on their emails.

You can also check out our website for different templates on kid’s party invitations and burlap wedding invitations.

Free Cocktail Party Invitation

Free Cocktail Party Invitation Card

free cocktail party invitation card1Download

Free Printable Cocktail Party Invitation

free printable cocktail party invitationDownload

Free Holiday Party Invitation

Free Office Holiday Party Invitation

free office holiday party invitationDownload

Free Email Holiday Party Invitation

free email holiday party invitationDownload

Free Business Holiday Party Invitation

free business holiday party invitationDownload

Free Bridal Shower Party Invitation

Free Pintable Bridal Shower Party Invitation

free pintable bridal shower party invitationDownload

Free Bridal Shower Party Invitation Card

free bridal shower party invitation cardDownload

Free Dinner Party Invitation

Free Dinner Party Invitation Card

free dinner party invitation cardDownload

Free Formal Dinner Party Invitation

free formal dinner party invitationDownload

Free Birthday Dinner Party Invitation

free birthday dinner party invitationDownload

The Importance of Having Party Invitations

There are a number of reasons why providing your guests with party invitations is important. Below are some reasons to take note of why you should send invitations to your guests:

  • Security – Being able to provide invitations on the day of the event will ensure registration hosts or security that you are really invited to the event. Being able to provide invitations will also help out the host on the number of food and beverages will be served by taking note of the number of invitations coming in.
  • Formality – By providing invitations, you can formally invite your guests or request their attendance to a specific event you will be hosting. Invitations are also a symbol of formality when you want to invite someone over.
  • Sense of importance – Your guests will feel more appreciated when you send them an invitation for an event. Invitations are also a symbol that signify that friendships matter even if you haven’t seen one another for a while. Being able to send invitations also gives a sense of importance or requirement for guests to attend. It also signifies effort when you try to send over invitations, as it takes the time to create and send one.

Tips on Sending Invitations

Mistakes often happen when you are in a hurry to send your invitations. Always be sure to send your invitations to the correct address, and you can correct this by double-checking your guest’s mailing address. If you plan to send your invitations as emails, be sure to check out your guest’s email address as well.

Our website also offers different information and templates if you want to create different projects using different templates. You can also check our website for more Disney wedding invitation templates and housewarming party invitations.

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