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Girls tend to celebrate their birthdays in the girliest fashion possible. They impose themes such as princesses, unicorns, fairies, almost anything that entails fantasy, gowns, glitters, and sparkles. It is fun in a way that with themes everyone gets to dress up accordingly and also live the fantasy. But, all these could only be fully realized with guests actually present at the birthday party as they make it memorable and extra special. As with any birthday party, we often invite guests, guests in the form of our family, relatives, and friends. We do this by simply inviting them, making them aware of the party that is going to happen.

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Girl Birthday Party Invitation Template

girl birthday party invitation
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Size: 4×6 Inches, 5×7 Inches + Bleed


Free Happy Birthday Invitation Template

editable happy birthday invitation
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Size: 5×7 inches + Bleed

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Bunny First Birthday Invitation


Unicorn Birthday Invitation Template


Peach Birthday Invitation Sample


Invitation cards

There are reasons to why an invitation card is continually being patronized despite the rise of technology that provides more modern options. They have remained steadfast and has continued to be a go-to as a medium for invitations. Being that an invitation card is a more tangible medium compared to its more modern counterparts, it has advantages that set it apart and ideally make it the better option. With that said, here is a list of reasons to why an invitation is constantly being chosen for birthday parties:

1. It Can Wrap the Theme of the Party

Sometimes, it is the little details that wrap the overall idea of the party and one of these little details is the invitation card. It is important to have cohesion between the details and the event, in general, to tie everything together. For example, the birthday party has a princess theme, it would make sense that the invitation would have photos and elements of a princess like a castle, a gown, or even a tiara. Disconnect should be at all times avoided, no one has ever had a party with a princess theme and handed out robot designed invitation cards.

2. It Can be an Avenue for Your Creativity

Since an invitation is a tangible medium many things can be done with it. You can place it in an envelope and tie the whole thing with a cord, or you can sprinkle it with glitter to make it sparkle. You have boundless options to do whatever you want with an invitation card example, wherever your creativity may take you.

3. It Can be Kept as a Memorabilia

One of the better advantages of an invitation card is that it can be kept as a memorabilia. Being that it is physical and amidst your presence, it can be kept for keepsakes. This is one of an invitation card’s beauty, where you can look back to it when it calls for. Reminisce about the beautiful memories, fun, and unforgettable ones, that entails the invitation card on your sample birthday from years ago.

4. It Can Excite the Guests

Invitation cards serve as a prelude to your birthday party. When guests receive one, it invigorates them about the event that is coming up. It gives them a small idea of what the party is about and also what to expect from it. With an invitation, guests can also have an ample time to prepare since these cards are commonly given days or weeks before the event. It also hypes them up with something to look forward to. You may also see formal invitation templates.

Unicorn Birthday Party Invitation Template

unicorn birthday party invitation

Little Princess Birthday Invitation


Princess Birthday Party Invitation

princess birthday party invitation

What are the Things to Consider for an Invitation Card?

There are certain factors that one must consider for their sample invitation cards. These factors altogether help in the decision with what kind of invitation card to get, where or how to get it.

1. Theme

Upon planning a birthday party it is inevitable that themes are also being planned. This factor majorly helps in the decision making of what invitation card to go for in terms of design. For instance, one wishes to have a girly birthday party, then one must look for invitation cards that are feminine, dainty, and delicate; if not, one that that straight-forwardly exudes a girliness.

2. Price

Considering that the expense of the party alone is one that is hefty, it is a practical choice to cut it down in some other areas of the party. Invitation cards are a great choice to cut down on a birthday party’s expenses, as there are other options that offer a more affordable price-point. You may also see event invitation cards.

3. Premade

Speaking of other options that offer a more affordable price-point, going for premade templates is an ideal option that does not compromise the quality of its design. With premade invitation designs and templates, you are being given an option that looks as equally good as having it custom-made just for you or sometimes even better. The beauty of going for a premade option is that there are so many different choices to choose from, one that fits the different theme of different birthday parties.

4. Easy to Make

In line with going for a premade option, these designs and templates for invitation cards are all easy to edit and customize. They all come in a file that is easy to do so and that can be simply worked on by someone even with the faintest knowledge about design software.

5. Editable and Customizable

Premade options are all fully editable and customizable. Considering that you have the liberty to do anything you want with it, everything is editable and customizable from texts, colors, sizes, cool fonts, and even the design. At times, it comes with a smart object layer that allows you to move around elements of the design to create a more personalized invitation card.

6. Size

Size does matter when it comes to invitation cards. The most appropriate invitation card is an A7 sized card that is 5 1/4 by 7 1/4. Though it is fine to go beyond or inside the standard dimensions of an invitation card, the handiness of an invitation card should always be considered knowing that sometimes guests are required to bring them the day of the event. You may also see printable invitation cards.

Rainbow Confetti Invite Template


Floral Birthday Invitation Card

floral birthday invitation card

Ipanema Birthday Invitation


Pink Kids Birthday Invitation

pink kids birthday invitation

What Goes into an Invitation Card?

Certain pieces of information should be considered in order for an invitation card to be effective. These pieces of information will help in informing your guests about your birthday party:

1. Name

It is important that you identify who the celebrant is. If it is you, your daughter or someone you are organizing the party for. This way, the guests being invited will know who the celebration is for. You may also see invitation card templates.

2. Date

By putting the date of the party, this will help your guests better prepare for the event. Buy gifts ahead of time, block off the date, pamper themselves in time for the day of the party. You may also see invitation card samples.

3. Dress code

This is important especially when you have a theme for your birthday party. Imposing the dress code will help fully realize the theme of your birthday party. It will also help bring the birthday party to life. You may also see word invitation templates.

4. Address

No matter where you opt to celebrate your birthday party, putting in the address of the venue or place is mandatory. This way, it will help the guest’s director navigate themselves to the location, be it the address of your house or the address of the restaurant you are doing it in. You may also see birthday invitation email templates.

5. Contact Information

Contact information in an invitation can serve different purposes. It can be a means for inquiries or RSVP. Your guests may have questions about your birthday party like clarifying the dress code or the location or it can be used for your guest’s RSVP, wherein you can finalize the number of people that will attend your party. Just simply provide a cell phone or telephone number or an email address on your invitation card in PSD.

It has been an essential part of birthday parties or any parties, in general, to have invitations, as they are the medium that informs the guests about the party that is coming up. With the rise of technology today, invitations come in many forms. There is what we call the e-invites, a short slang for email invitations and there are also photo and video invitations. But despite the new rise of these new forms of invitations, nothing can compare to the beauty and appeal of an invitation card. With that said, here is a list of invitation cards for girl’s birthday party.
If you found this article helpful do not forget to bookmark this page for future references. Kindly share this with other birthday celebrants seeking the best girl invitation card designs and templates or even help with what medium to go for their birthday invites. You may also see birthday party banners.

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