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Cool Fonts – 63+ Free OTF, TTF Format Download!

Fonts carry this amazing aura to depict a specific mood in an instant. You have them appearing in scribbled look when you are looking to create the feel of something hand-written while the elegant cursive fonts are amazing for classy cards. For a gorgeous effect, you have bold cool fonts with glitters or sparkles or stars in the body. The use of cool fonts can be many and varied, starting from cards to invitations to greetings to tattoos to posters and what not!

Cool Lettering Fonts

Cool lettering fonts cover a versatile range. On one hand, you have casual fonts when you are sending something to your buddies while you can be completely bowled over by the archaic depth of Victorian fonts. Then, there are grunge fonts for the rebels, cursive fonts for the artists and scribbled fonts for the warmth of handwritten letters.

Instant Hand Lettering Font

instant hand lettering font

Minty Font Brush Letter Typeface

minty font brush letter typeface

Cool Tattoo Fonts

Fonts find a special mention when it comes to tattoos. There are ornamental cool tattoo fonts when you want something elaborate while casual fonts show your cool side to the world. Some tattoo fonts convey an ancient mandarin look, some feature a tribal aura while you have the bold broad retro fonts if you want the wild west appeal with the ink.

Chika Tattoo Font

chika tattoo font

Hells Letters Font

hells letters font

Cool Fonts Copy and Paste

Are you looking for cool fonts for your cards, Facebook wall or other digital presentations? Well, the online world has come up with a series of cool fonts that can be copied easily and pasted directly to your timeline or different presentations. From grunge to Victorian to casual – you can copy & paste all cool fonts.

Blend Copy Paste Font

blend copy paste font

Futura Font

futura font

Cool Writing Fonts

If you are on the cool writing fonts, there is a huge array of options to pick from. There are fonts with a handwritten format, fonts with a kick-ass grunge look, fonts with an elegant cursive style, fonts that formal & straightforward for your official documents and the list goes on.

Recife Writing Font

recife writing font

Tuesday Writing Font

tuesday writing font

Cool Number Fonts

When it comes to something that you have to convey with numbers, there are some really Cool Number Fonts out there. You can choose from neat number fonts that look like page numbers of a text book, some carry a handwritten warmth while some assure a digital look and then are artsy tattoo number fonts.

Number 515 Font

number 515 font

Numbers 0-99 Style Two

numbers 0 99 style two

Cool Cursive Fonts

Cursive fonts convey a classy artistic effect with their joint running tones. You will find them in different styles ranging from a bold vintage to a sleek casual to a fun scribble and many more. The looped letters look really stylish and can be used for various personal documents like digital letters, cards, invitations and so on.

Smoothy Cursive Sans Font

smoothy cursive sans font

Strangelove Wedding Font Family

strangelove wedding font family

Cool Gypsy Curse Font


Cool Free Fonts

When it comes to cool fonts, you are spoilt for choices- there is something for everybody ranging from a corporate boss to a rebel teen to the elegant lady to your casual happy-go-lucky buddy to your vintage-loving self. The best part is that today you have cool free fonts online which you can copy and paste right on your document in a flash.

Free Ave Fedan Font

free ave fedan font

DK Dirrrty Font Free

dk dirrrty font free

Cool Handwriting Fonts

The handwriting fonts are a great way to bring back the old world charm of pen & paper on your digital presentations. They carry a certain degree of unmatched warmth that can’t be found otherwise. You have them in cursive, in small letters, in styles that show calligraphy with pens – and all different ways that catch the quirks of different hands.

Smooth Handwriting Typeface Font

smooth handwriting typeface font

Signature Modern Handwriting Font

signature modern handwriting font

Cool Graffiti Fonts

The cool graffiti name maker fonts are amazing art pieces and come in varied styles. You have them in bold with the look of color dripping from the letters, some bear a cartoonish touch while some are firm bold with a rusty grunge effect. Then, you have graffiti fonts in calligraphy tint with brush-stroke effect whilst there are also fonts with smudges & splatters.

Graffiti Classic Font

graffiti classic font

1968 GLC Graffiti Font

glc graffiti font

Cool Font Maker

If you want to come up with cool fonts for your digital projects there are cool font maker sites to go for online. These font makers come up with varied effects ranging from grunge to vintage to handwritten to graffiti to cursive- you simply have to enter the text, choose the desired effect and the website will stylize your text accordingly.

Tattoo Font Generator

tattoo font generator

Cool Script Font Templates

If you are looking for cool fonts that can evoke the archaic aura of ancient scripts, there are some really cool script fonts available today. You have them in varied modes such as calligraphy, cursive, curly, retro, bold, sleek and many more. You can take the help of script font generators online to attain your desired effect.

Lightening Script Font Duo

lightening script font duo

Mekar Script Font

mekar script font

Cool Alphabet Fonts

If you are looking for some cool effects with alphabet fonts, there are scores and scores to pick from. You have them in colors, in cursive, in whimsical styles that don’t maintain any specific structure; some really cool alphabet fonts even come in form of faces. Then, of course, you have them with special characters- not to forget the ones with tribal effect.

Mini Pics ASL Alphabet

mini pics asl alphabet

American Sign Alphabet Font

american sign alphabet font

Cool Font Styles

When it comes to cool font styles, the list is really endless. Whether you are looking for something really sassy for your tattoo or something warm like a handwritten note for your digital letters to dear ones or something truly elegant as cursive writings or something rebellious as grunge- there are everything for you.

Meso 3 Font Styles

meso 3 font styles

Brand Name Font Style

brand name font style

Cool Logo Fonts

Are you looking for cool logo fonts? Well, there are hundreds of styles to pick from, ranging from a clean streamlined effect to a bold bossy style to a classy Victorian theme, to a decorative format to handwritten fonts in neat cursive to even the adorable childish fonts of Disneyland.

Logo Sans Font

logo sans font

Pictifont Thin Logo Font

pictifont thin logo font

Cool Fonts for iPhone

Do you really want to get fancy with your iPhone messages and chats? Well, there are some amazing cool fonts for Apple users out there. Some come with a few letters of a word in reverse order, some look like ancient scripts, some are ornamental, some carry special characters while some are in old English cursive style.

I made it Iphone Font

i made it iphone font

Trippeo iPhone Font App

trippeo iphone font app

Really Cool Fonts

Are you on the lookout of some really cool fonts? The good news is that there are loads of cool fonts to pick from whether you prefer a sleek casual style or a retro theme or an elegant cursive panache or some ancient script work or some cartoonish effect or graffiti fonts with dripping paint.

Bureno Decorative Font

bureno decorative font

Funny Kid 3 FONTS

funny kid 3 fonts

Cool Photoshop Fonts

Are you in need of cool old english style writing photoshop fonts for your Photoshop projects? Well, there are some really stylish photoshop fonts out there in varied effects- ranging from bold vintage to whimsical styles to sleek cursive to old English ornamental effects to bold all caps and so on. You can just copy & paste them on your presentation.

Label Pro XL Font for Photoshop

label pro xl font for photoshop

Apple Pie Font

apple pie font

Cool Modern Fonts

The contemporary font world is bustling with a wealth of modern effects that are sure to accentuate your presentation- whether you are designing or logo or creating a photoshop presentation or writing a card. The styles range from Avant-Garde to cursive to geometric to ornamental to bold to light to sleek to robotic to round to Electronica and so on.

Mandinor Modern Font

mandinor modern font

Brewmaster Modern Font

brewmaster modern font

Cool Font Symbols

If you are looking for something different with your lettering fonts, something more than mere alphabets, there are some really cool font symbols to go from. You have them in versatile effects- such as the ones with Greek symbols, some come with cute emoticons, some design the alphabets as some old script and so on.

Web Font Symbols

web font symbols

Cool Bold Fonts

Cool bold fonts are great to grab the attention of your visitors with their dominant effect. The bold aura is produced by high contrast un-varying strokes. You have them in a wealth of styles such as vintage, cursive, handwritten, tribal, playful flamboyance, a classy serif, a fusion of ultra-bold & ultra-thin and so on.

Rouen Bold Font

rouen bold font

Hello Beautiful Font Duo Bold

hello beautiful font duo bold

Cool Bubble Fonts

The bubble fonts are really adorable with their rounded chubby structure and are great to use for logos, personal invitations, especially invitation cards for kid birthday parties. You have them in fluffy bold style, paint-dripping graffiti style, pretty feminine effects, in whimsical styles where you have alphabets arranged as suspended bubbles etc.

Curly Lava Bubble Font

curly lava bubble font

RB Bubble Flight Font

rb bubble flight font

Cool 3D Fonts

3D fonts are simply cool and awesome. Mostly, they come with a shadow effect backing the letters which make the latter look like standing up or coming up to you. These are wonderful for demonstration posters and for anything through which you are looking to create a strong pronounced effect.

Gretoon 3D Font

gretoon 3d font


d let brk font

Cool Poster Fonts

When it comes to poster fonts, you generally want something that can make a pronounced impression. The good news is that there are several cool poster fonts today starting with the paint-dripping graffiti fonts, to calligraphy fonts to a rebellious grunge font- and if you want something more advanced, go for 3D fonts.

Kelson Free Poste Font

kelson free poste font

Return Of The Schedule Poster Font

return of the schedule poster font

Cool Calligraphy Fonts

Calligraphy fonts have always managed to amaze given their bold artistic appeal and you can use them for invitations, personal creative notes to special ones, posters, announcements etc. There are some really cool calligraphy fonts to choose from- whether you want something decorative or something in archaic English style or something sleek yet artsy or something vintage.

AlaNice Modern Calligraphy Font

alanice modern calligraphy font

Missish Calligraphy Font Download

missish calligraphy font download

Cool Arabic Fonts

Arabic fonts are noted for their imperial classy flavor and you have in a wide range of cool styles today. For the best effect, you can go for the Arabic calligraphy fonts while if you are looking for something cutting edge, there can be no alternative to 3D Arabic fonts. You also have them in geometrical pattern and sleek casual.

Divan Arabic Font

divan arabic font

Ostad Arabic Font

ostad arabic font

Cool Title/Heading Fonts

You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing from cool title/heading fonts. You can go for an Avant-Garde if you prefer something artistic, a calligraphy font will serve right for your elegant post while there are cartoonish fonts for fun texts- other options are plain bold, graffiti etc.

Breve Title Font

breve title font

Hundo Heading Font

hundo heading font

Cool Script Fonts

Script fonts are loved courtesy their old world appeal and there is a wealth of Really cool script fonts today. You would be able to choose from a wide range of effects such as tribal, brush, bold, handwritten, tattoo, casual, connected, eroded, decorative and what not! Many of them are available for free.

Homi Script Font

homi script font

Seilotta Brush Script Font

seilotta brush script font

Cool Scary Font Maker


Fancy Bubble Letter Font


Happy Birthday Lettering in Cool Fonts


Victoria Script Cursive Font Download



Classic Graffiti Font


Paint Stroke Letter Font


Cool Draw Font


What are Cool Fonts on Microsoft Word?

Some of the cool fonts on Microsoft Word are Sybil, Edwardian, Aerial, Calibri, Vintage, Helvetica, Garamond, Gill Sans, Cambria, Constantia, Didot, Lato etc. Some of these fonts can also be used as Cool Tattoo Fonts. You can also find cool fonts online. These can be easily downloaded and then used in your projects. Write in Websites with Cool Fonts A website attracts the attention of the visitors and urges them to visit again only if it has an attractive design and is engaging. There is no denying the fact that the cool, funky and fun fonts are a great way to enhance the look of any website. Most web designing portals offer a wide range of amazing fonts. Furthermore, users can download other fonts from websites and then use these to write the web page content.

How to Make a Cool Font?

There are many ways in which you can create funky letter fonts and cool number fonts. There are a number of software that let you design your own fonts. However, the easiest and the quickest ways to create Cool Funky/Fun Fonts, is with the help of online font generators. You just need to type in the text and it will be converted to the font selected by you. You can then copy paste this as per your requirement. You can even create joint letter font using these.

How to Get Cool Fonts on Snapchat?

Wondering how to get the Best Coolest Fonts In 2015 on your Snapchat? Well, you can easily change the font by altering the font settings of your smartphone. You can also download cool fonts from online to your phone and then change the settings to get funkier fonts on your phone. Write Words in Cool Fonts Online Whether you are thinking of writing online using Cool Graffiti Fonts or funky fonts, the best way is to use the font generator software that are available free of cost on various websites. You can write the message it automatically gets converted to the font of your choice which you can then copy and paste to the online portal.

Tips to Write Cool Fonts

In case you love to write in Cool Letter Fonts, here are some tips that will simplify the task for you. Before going for the final draft, make sure that you practice it enough to get it to perfection. Use a pencil as this will ensure that you can alter the fonts in case of an error or if a new idea comes up. Use fine, clean strokes to create the basic design. Fine tune the fonts and add the finishing touches with pen or colors. You need to practice a lot in order to perfect the art of writing cool fonts. Not sure how to design cool fonts for your next project? Don’t fret! Just look for Free Cool Fonts that are readily available on a number of websites. You can easily download these fonts and then use them in your projects as per your requirement or preference.

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