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9+ Anchor Tattoos

Tattoos is an art form that involves placing ink beneath the top-most layer of skin to create a permanent marking. A tattoo can immortalize your best moments, your love of certain things, or your longing to live a life of freedom and endless possibility. Choosing a tattoo design can be a daunting task as it will stay on your body forever and you don’t want to regret it for the rest of your life. Whatever design you choose, it should be able to tell others stories about you.

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Getting a tattoo can be due to a lot of varied reasons from it being visually appealing, to being a fashionable trend, and, finally, being able to have a deeper and more complex meaning for some people. On this article, we have collected awesome anchor tattoo designs to help you choose a perfect design that fits your personality the best. We also have a vast range of Cool Tattoo Designs throughout the website, so make sure to check them out as well.

Anchor Infinity Tattoo


Anchor and Rose Tattoo


Anchor Bird Tattoo


Anchor Cross Tattoo


Small Anchor Tattoo


Why Do People Get Anchor Tattoos

Every tattoo design has several different meanings and anchor tattoos are no exception. Here are some reasons why people go for this pretty design.

  • To symbolize stability and strength. Getting an anchor design tattoo means you have a deep foundation or a strong basis for anything. This is because the real purpose of an anchor is to hold down a ship or boat to the base of the sea. Along with this also comes strength to symbolize your determination to hold on to what you want.
  • To show courage and confidence. The anchor is also used by people as a reminder that even when the water is rough, a ship is not easily moved. Therefore, one stand strong against adversities and nothing should be able to steer you away from what you believe or whatever you are interested in.
  • To represent a profession or hobby. If you are a navy, seaman, or anyone who works near or at sea, this tattoo design is a great way to represent the fuel of your existence. This can also be a very good conversation starter for someone with hobbies such as fishing, to help you find new friends that you can share your favorite activities with.

At, you can also get ideas for Small Tattoos, so feel free to browse our website!

Anchor Heart Tattoo


Anchor Love Tattoo


Anchor Music Tattoo


Anchor Leg Tattoo


Skull Anchor Tattoo


Where to Place Your Anchor Tattoos

Anchor tattoos can adapt easily to body curves whether they are put on solo or incorporated to other designs. It can be very flexible without distorting the image since there are no restrictions and limitation on the design. It can be made into different sizes, and its placement can vary. Thus, you can choose any anchor tattoo design without worrying if it would look good on your skin because it will always do especially on parts such as:

  • fingers,
  • wrists,
  • arms,
  • back,
  • chest,
  • shoulder,
  • collar bone,
  • back of hand,
  • back of the ear,
  • ankle,
  • calf,
  • leg,
  • thigh,

or anywhere else tasteful on your body, for that matter.

Some people get anchor tattoos just for aesthetic purposes as it looks symmetrical and appears great on the skin. However, it is still important that if you have to modify your body, you should make worthwhile and meaningful.

For more tattoo design ideas, check out other articles such as our collection of 3D Tattoo Designs.

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