9+ Best Family Tattoo Designs


Everything starts and ends with the family, and when the time comes for us to leave the nest (because we all have to at some point), we’ll want a memento, a token, a piece of them to take with us to remember them by. While some people settle on photographs on a frame or a wallpaper on their phone or computer, the hardcore ones go for the tattoo. And it’s awesome!

Family tattoo designs are popular among people who close bonds to their family or those who have lost a loved one or two. Tattoos are a great way to honor and express love to the family unit that has helped you become who you are. Here we bring you a select number of beautiful, affecting, and heartwarming tattoos that express the profound love that we all have for our family.

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Infinity Family Tattoo

infinity family tattoo Download

Family Tree Tattoo

family tree tattoo Download

Traditional Family Tattoo

traditional family tattoo Download

Family Tattoo on Chest

family tattoo on chest Download

What Family Tattoo Design Should You Get?

First, consider the part of the body you’re planning to get inked. If you only want an ankle tattoo or a wrist tattoo, you’d best go for smaller designs. If you’re planning to have it on your chest area or back, then you can opt for bigger and more complex designs such as portraits.

Letter Tattoos

Most people who get family letter tattoos use the names of their family members or a short quote or line that sums up their love and devotion to their family. When you plan to get letter tattoos, make sure the text is spelled correctly and that the font matches the emotion you want to convey. (We have an archive of gorgeous font styles ideal for any kind of statement tattoos.)

Portrait Tattoos

If you’re getting an arm or leg tattoo, you can opt for single portraits or a more elaborate image of faces. Most get tattoo portraits of their mothers, sisters, or daughters in these areas. You can also explore our compilation of 3D tattoo designs, which are very interesting and something to behold.

The Family Motto

Families that are rooted, have grown, and remain growing in a single place usually have a motto or insignia of some kind. These wordings and images often make great material for tattoo designs. Family motto or quotes about the family are ideal designs for a back tattoo or a chest tattoo.

Symbols of the Family

A lot of family tattoo designs are images that symbolize the family. The most common is the tree; a nest of birds; a pack of animals; a rose; a hammer (to signify the family’s strength); and other such representations of beauty, solidarity, and love.

Tribal Family Tattoo

tribal family tattoo Download

Family Tattoo on Arm

family tattoo on arm Download

Family Sleeve Tattoo

family sleeve tattoo Download

Family Tattoo on Back

family tattoo on back Download

Rose Family Tattoo

rose family tattoo Download

Family Tattoo on Wrist

family tattoo on wrist

An Enduring Reminder

Whatever tattoo you’re planning on getting, whether an arm tattoo, a leg tattoo, a back tattoo, we know you’re a family person if you want to carry the memory of your family forever on your skin. We hope that the list we have prepared for you has helped you decide which tattoo design you’re going to get.

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