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18+ Cool Tattoo Drawings

Though it’s considered as a new fad, yet tattoo fashion has been in practice since the archaic days. In fact, it’s the tribals who don the tattoo art with elan. Are you too planning to ink up of late? Well, that’s great, but remember that tattoo is something that is going to leave a permanent mark on your body and hence it’s better to choose Tattoo Drawings that you can relate to. There are several ready-made tattoo designs online for your inspiration.

Beautiful Girl Tattoo Drawing

beautiful girl tattoo drawing

If you are looking for something girly and strong, this beautiful winged girl would be great to remind you how powerful you are all the time. There is a very impish thing with the way she winks.

Bird with a Ribbon Tattoo Drawing

bird with a ribbon tattoo drawingSource

If you are looking to celebrate that sweet tender feeling of love, this cute dove here would do the thing for you. Of course, you cannot miss out on the vintage ribbon spelling love.

Dragon Tattoo Drawing

dragon tattoo drawing

If you are looking for something mythical and powerful, this dragon Tattoo Drawing is all you need. You have a very intricately drawn dragon here which reminds of traditional oriental art.

Girl Tattoo Drawing

beautiful girl tattoo drawingSource

If you are on the lookout of some mighty tattoo drawings that champion the inner diva in women- the very diva who doesn’t think twice to be the bad woman if needed- this is the tattoo art you need.

Tattoo Illustration Drawing

tattoo illustration drawingSource

You have a wide range of tattoo drawings here with themes ranging from inspiring and funny to philosophical and powerful. The whole set will cater to diverse tastes and personalities.

Skull Tattoo Drawing

skull tattoo drawing

Skulls are not always scary – they can paint a visual treat too as is shown in this picture. The flowers flanking skull speaks of hope amidst fear and you have a wonderful creative tattoo drawing here.

Girl With Wolf Tattoo Drawing

girl with wolf tattoo drawingSource

It’s said that even the most beastly people have a softer side and this tattoo drawing proves it right by sketching the lovely dame along with the prowling wolf. The roses at the sides add on the further tender touch.

Third Eye Tattoo Flash Drawing

thired eye tattoo flash drawing

If you are looking for something surreal with your tattoo drawing that can reciprocate your spiritual self at its best, this third eye tattoo drawing would be a good option for you.

Wolf Cool Tattoo Drawing

wolf cool tattoo drawingSource

Wolves are not always prowling and growling; they can be all dainty and delicate as well- just as this wolf here who is sitting pretty flanked by jewelries, flowers, and leaves.

Cowgirl Tattoo Drawing

cowgirl tattoo drawing

If you are inspired by the mighty aura of Wild Wild West and looking for something that can duly echo the inner cowgirl diva in you, there can be no better option than this cowgirl tattoo art.

Butterfly Tattoo Drawing

butterfly tattoo drawingSource

If are fond of neotraditional artworks and looking for tattoo drawings that can duly reflect that spirit, this butterfly and Rose Drawing would be a fantastic option; you definitely can’t miss out on the eye in between.

Angel Tattoo Drawing

anngel tattoo drawing

A beautiful angel sending the message of peace with her tender dove paints a very lovely picture and it would be an Amazing Tattoo Idea when you are looking for something serene, pristine, and tranquil.

Amazing Tattoo Drawing

amazing tattoo drawingSource

With the menacing serpent and the scary skull and the clock ticking XII, this tattoo drawing reflects the eternal truth of death which can’t be avoided – no matter how much we try.

Wonderland Tattoo Drawing

wonderland tattoo drawing

If you can relate to the crazy sweet spirit of Alice in Wonderland, this tattoo here would be the thing you need with its pierced heart, cards, the rose and surely the jackal.

Dead Crow Drawing

dead crow drawing

If you are on the lookout for inspiring drawings on Gothic art, this dead crow drawing would be a wonderful idea. The purple tint adds the much-needed dash of color to the picture.

Elephant Tattoo Drawing

elephant tattoo drawingSource

Amazing Cool Tattoo Drawing

amazing cool tattoo drawing

Sun and Moon Tattoo Drawing

sun and moon tattooSource

Neptune Tattoo Drawing

neptune tattoo drawing

If you are looking for cool ideas for Tattoo Designs, the drawings mentioned above would be great for you. From cowgirls to pretty rose drawings to beautiful angels to menacing skulls to impish winking dames, you have everything covered here – to match up with every kind of persona and mood.

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