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10+ Beautiful Brother Tattoos

Fierce, manly, rebellious—these are just some of the impressions we have in mind when we see someone with tattoos. It is a performance or method of marking the skin with indelible patterns, imagesetc., or by making punctures in it and inserting colors. Checking from our collection of tattoo designs, regardless of age or gender, these pieces of art may give you a different impression of tattoos.

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If you want to have a new tattoo—especially a matching one, one that you can pair with your brother’s—you are on the right track. Take time to check all more than 10 beautiful brother tattoo designs we have in store for you.

Brother Tattoo


Sister and Brother Tattoo


Eight Brother Tattoo


Small Brother Tattoo


Why People Get Tattoos

There are some people who appreciate the idea of getting tattoos, mainly because it is a unique way of expressing one’s love for art. Others have it as a sign of remembering a loved one or to show one’s life experiences, probably from what they’ve been through. Getting a tattoo could be a decision and a challenging event. There are things you need to properly consider first before getting one.

Others may despise the idea of having a tattoo, but there are also others who embraced it wholeheartedly, simply because everyone has a different opinion toward it.

A Major Life Decision

Tattoos are permanently inked on your skin, and it is not something that you can just simply remove once you’ve changed your mind. It is highly likely painful experience since your skin will be pierced 50 to 2,000 times per minute, depending on the design and size of the tattoo.

Some love to feel the pain, so getting a tattoo is just a piece of cake to them. The outcome is all worthy, of course. Once can’t simply ignore its beauty, the great color combination, and the distinct symbolism each tattoo has. And what’s more fascinating? It is sketched on a person’s skin! So before you and your brother decide on getting a tattoo, consider everything said in this article.

For other more fascinating tattoo concepts, you might want to check this collection of watercolor tattoos.

Twin Brother Tattoo


Cute Brother Tattoo


World Brother Tattoo


Miser Brother Tattoo


Traditional Brother Quote Tattoo


What We Have in Store

Now, if you want to have a matching tattoo together with your brother, have we got the best in store for you. We have gathered a total of more than 10 awesome tattoo designs that you and your brother will surely love.

From a Super Mario Bros.–inspired tattoo, to a handshake tattoo with scribbling on it, and a lot more, these tattoo designs come in high-quality resolutions for better viewing up close. These images are also taken from real people with real tattoos, not just Photoshopped versions to get people’s attention. We want you and your sibling to have a beautiful inspiration for your new tattoo so that’s why we collated one of the best brother tattoo designs we found from around the web.

Think Outside the Box

Apart from tattoos, you can make use of these images in so many ways. You could use these pictures as an inspiration for a new website design, a new business trademark or logo, a T-shirt design, or your phone or device’s wallpaper. How about making use of these images to create a new sketch or illustration?

Couldn’t find tattoos you were looking for here? Check out this collection of small tattoos for men for more tattoo designs and inspiration.

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