8+ Rose Tattoo Designs


A rose by any other name and in any form is just as sweet. If you’ve looked through our collection of tattoo designs, we’ve given you some great floral tattoo ideas too. There’s a good chance you’ve decided to go with a rose design. Kudos on the great taste. And you’re not alone. The rose has been the default best flower on the tattoo portfolio for decades, whether you’re going for an old-school macho style or something smaller and feminine—you can’t go wrong.

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There are a lot of fantastic rose designs out there, with tattoo artists coming up with some fantastic new ways to bring this queen of flowers to life on your skin. Here are just some of the best ones we’ve found on the Web to inspire your next design.

3D Rose Tattoo Design

3d rose tattoo designDownload

Rose Tattoo Designs on Shoulder

rose tattoo designs on shoulderDownload

Microphone and Roses Tattoo

microphone and roses tattooDownload

Decoding the Rose Design

From this stunning bouquet of options, each rose tattoo is expertly designed to stun anyone with their intricacy of detail and the vividness of color. How do you choose?

First we need to decode the rose: what it could mean to you and what it can say about you.

A rose design can effectively stand alone (see Rose Vine Tattoo and Red Rose Tattoo Design on the shoulder) or it can add an interesting and unexpected drama when combined with another element (see Microphone and Roses Tattoo).

If you’re going to include other elements, these are the most popular and effective ones:

  • Skulls and crossbones (see 3D Rose Tattoo Design)
  • Banners and lettering (see Rose Tattoo Design on Arm)
  • Ornate subcultural or religious symbols (see Rose Tattoo Designs on Shoulder for a great Gothic flair)
  • Vines and thorns (see Rose Tattoo Design on Hip)
  • Any other picture of chaos and decay (see Carrion and Roses Tattoo Sleeve)

This last point is interesting. Because of its thorns, the rose is seen as the perfect combination of beauty and destruction. Life will often seem this way, which is what makes the theme so popular among many people from every age and background.

A rose can even change meaning depending on its color. We’ve presented the best ones we’ve found on the classic red or pink color, since this works the best for most people across the board.

  • A red rose signifies love and promise, and is the most commonly gifted flower to a beloved. In the tarot world it also symbolizes balance.

This stands out excellently when following the style of watercolor tattoos, which many of these designs follow. Whatever you choose, the humble rose is going to help you stand out.

Carrion and Roses Tattoo Sleeve

carrion and roses tattoo sleeveDownload

Rose Tattoo Design on Arm

rose tattoo designs on arm

Compass Rose Tattoo Design

compass rose tattoo designsDownload

skull Rose Tattoo Design

skull rose tattoo design1

Tribal Rose Tattoo Design


Watercolor Rose Tattoo Design

watercolor rose tattoo designDownload

Picking the Right Rose Tattoo for You

Back to the original question: how do you choose?

There is a lot more to consider when picking a design. You probably already know the practical considerations:

  • Location of the tattoo. Most rose tattoos will work well on upper arms and torsos.
  • Size of the tattoo. Larger ones look great but will cost you.
  • Lifestyle factor. Don’t go for elaborate 3D tattoo designs if your daily responsibilities forbid it.

Other than this, you can’t go wrong. Some tattoo enthusiasts have developed a sense of personal preference and style so strong that all they have to do is browse lists like this one. They don’t choose the design they ultimately go with—the design chooses them.

If that’s true for you, download any of these amazing designs as reference pictures for your tattoo artist. You can expect it to take some time to complete, and it may cost you a pretty penny. But when done right, you may never need another tattoo design again.

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