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What Is an Accident Report?

There are different types of accident reports like car accidents, spinal cord injuries, construction accidents, etc. Creating a professional report was never a joke. You can only create an accident report if you involved yourself in an accident. Thou shall not create an accident report for fun or for fooling someone.

How to Write an Accident Report

accident report template

Unfortunately, you were involved in an accident then your boos or your manager asked for your accident report then that's when realized you don't know how to create one. Don't worry for we will show you a step-by-step guide on how to create one. Here are the following steps:

1. Use An Official Form

The authorities like the local police have their own official accident report form. In case, you are involved in a motorcycle accident, you should look for a form like theirs and use it to make your own accident report. Using their form, it will guide you on how to make an accident report with all the necessary information.

2. State the Complete Information

In your simple report, t's important to fill in every important detail completely so that the local police and your insurance companies will no longer have to ask another set of questions from you.

3. State Only the Facts

In creating your accident report, make sure you state nothing but the truth. After being involved in an accident, it is understandable that you may get emotional but you should bear in mind that you must create your sample report as fairly as you can. Don't make conclusions about the person who you think that caused the accident. For example, you believed that it was the other driver who mainly caused your injury, don't easily conclude because it will serve no purpose.

4. Get Witnesses

It is best to have a witness about your accident. Let's just say that, you had a car accident, then if ever there was someone who was walking down the street during the time of your incident, then that person may provide his or her witness statement. That person is more likely to be considered fair and unbiased because he or she has no connection to you. Don't forget to include this in your after-action report.

5. Describe the Incident's Location

Most of the official accident report forms will ask you to provide a description of the scene of the incident. You must answer this information honestly as possible in case if there are any environmental factors that caused your accident. This part will let you answer the following: location of the incident, road surface whether it was dry, wet or snowy, light conditions if ever it was daylight, dawn or nighttime, and lastly the visibility of the scene whether it was clear, smog or foggy.

6. File the Accident Report

Your report must be filed within 3 days following the accident. Confirm with your insurance company or the local police about the filing of your accident report.

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