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  • Make smart decisions about budgeting, marketing, auditing, and anything business-related by presenting to the board a professional report. If you think drafting a professional report is simply doing research and present raw material to the board, then you are quite wrong. It requires skills to successfully carry it out and convey the message. Become more professional when reporting by downloading our ready-made Professional Report Templates. Our premium templates are professionally written and have 100% customizable content which makes it easily editable by professionals like you. Quickly edit our professional report templates through Google Docs, MS Word, Apple Pages to save time.

    What Is a Professional Report?

    A professional report is a formal document that provides a particular audience with specific information about a subject. Writing a professional report is a task for business professionals of all levels. Written communication is an essential part of any business professional's job. This can assist employees in improving their ability to communicate in writing to convince and influence an audience efficiently. Keeping correct information flow, whether it is a performance report, management report, or marketing report, is important to inform the board and management of the decisions and expedited actions. Since it is a professional report, it should have a business report format that highlights the relevant details.

    How to Write a Professional Report

    At some point, every professional has to create a report. Create a well-written daily, weekly, monthly, or annual report that can impress stakeholders. Provide them useful information clearly and concisely that establishes your credibility and authority on the subject matter. This article will guide you in writing an impressive professional report.

    1. Understand the Purpose of the Report

    First things first, you need to understand the reason for drafting the professional report. Knowing and understanding the purpose of the report would give you an idea of the information you need to collect. Identify the people you are going to present it to and think of ways on how to present it to them.

    2. Form an Executive Summary

    The executive summary is always the preface of a report. However, it is often written last since it would give an overview of the whole report. The purpose of the executive summary is to highlight the key features in your simple report. It is the first part that readers will read, so it should be interesting and concise. The background, purpose, important findings, conclusions, and recommendations should be found in the executive summary. It should be written at a technical level of the target reader that will enable them to decide if the content is truly relevant and interests them.

    3. Find Information You Need

    Research and collect reports, statistics, articles, and other audit reports to obtain information that is needed to sustain the message of the report. The key to obtaining the information you need is to look for the right resources to produce an impressive professional report. Make sure that the data you collect is in line with whatever you need to form an expert report.

    4. Formulate a Conclusion

    Examine all the data you have collected and closely evaluate each. Once you have covered everything, you need to form a conclusion afterward. Emphasize the vital points found out by the report, such as issues and findings. Avoid addressing new points and problems that may raise additional questions and will not be dealt with in the latter parts of the paper document.

    5. Make Recommendations

    The recommendations will always follow the conclusion of any report format. In some cases, the conclusion and the recommendations are combined. Whatever your choice is, in this section, you need to point out what actions need to be done after what was found out. There will be readers that will skip the main body of the report and will directly read the recommendations section. It is because the recommendations would present the essence of the professional report; therefore, explain this section clearly and accurately.