Reports provide managers and business owners a glimpse into what’s happening in the company periodically. And aside from that, it also sheds light on certain events as well. Regardless of whether it’s for business or personal use, save time in making accurate reports with our easy to edit templates through Microsoft Word’s user-friendly interface and features.

Reports may seem intimidating to make, but believe it or not, making one is actually simple and easy as 1-2-3. All you need to do is list down the points—events, dates, and statistics—that you need in your report. Now reports often vary, depending on the type of report that you are writing (i.e. incident reports, sales reports, daily reports. etc.) so make sure to list only those that are relevant. Finally, don’t forget to include recommendations, action plans, and other essential details that your bosses need to know, as well.

Now once you’ve got all the important points and details in place, you can now go ahead and browse our gallery of report templates that will suit your needs. And as mentioned above, reports vary depending on their purpose. And once you found the right template for you, paste the points and details that you’ve listed down beforehand. And more importantly, don’t forget to incorporate your company’s letterhead and its business colors. Doing all of these is easy as the templates are all in Microsoft Word Format. And once you’re done, it’s all up to you to print or email these reports to your bosses.

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