Bid Estimate Templates

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With the help of our professional high-quality Bid Estimate Templates, formulating bid estimate documents becomes a lot more convenient. Why? It's because our estimate templates are easily editable with professionally written default contents, and they're 100% customizable in any way you wish, which ultimately saves time on your behalf, and enabling you to finish a bid estimate document a lot more quickly than expected. Moreover, our templates are available in A3, A4, and US sizes. Plus they're also compatible and printable in formats such as Google Docs, MS Word, and Pages. So go ahead and download all of them now!

What are Bid Estimates?

Bid estimates (also known as bid proposals, bid contract estimates) are documents that pitch a budget or cost estimate for a specific project. These documents are commonly used by engineers and architects (contractors) for their respective construction projects such as a site excavation and a bathroom remodeling. Bid estimates used for construction projects are specifically known as construction bid estimates. 

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How to Create Bid Estimates

bid estimates template

Bid estimates are essential for your project's approval. They are documents that must not be taken lightly even with the use of bid estimate templates. With those in mind, we have gathered a few tips to help you create bid estimates. 

1. Calculate Costs

You can't create a bid estimate without first calculating the cost of your project. In this process, you'll be reading or reviewing your project's blueprint and plans, investigating the site where it will be built or created along with the materials needed, and communicating with subcontractors regarding their payment schedules. Once you've done all of those, you can calculate the overall costs.  To help you with that, you can make use of a bid estimate calculator software.

2. Use a Reliable Format

One of the best formats to use when creating formal documents such as bid estimates are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Apple Pages, and Google Docs. These formats have the right tools that you'll need when creating your bid estimate. Or better yet, you can make use of downloadable templates online. (e.g. bid estimate excel templates, bid painting estimate templates for MS Word)

3. Emphasize Identifying Information

The identity of your estimate sheet comprises the names of the bidder, contractors, subcontractors, companies involved, and a variety of contact information such as mailing addresses, landline numbers, cellphone numbers, and official email addresses. You must also determine the title of the bid estimate itself. Place the title at the front page or at top of the first page of your bid estimate, and enlarge its font as well. 

4. Elaborate Your Bid Estimate

In this process, you'll be creating the main contents of your bid estimate. The steps you'll be doing are as follows: identifying the scope of your project, citing some contingencies in case of mishaps, stating the overall cost, determining how many payments will be made, and plotting the work schedules of your project's creation/building stages. Make sure to elaborate on all of them with detail. They could well be the deciding factor whether your project is a go or not.

5. Attach Relevant Documents for Support

To solidify the credibility of your bid estimate, consider attaching supporting documents with it. The best that you can do is to attach written agreements that you've signed together with your contractors in relation to the project. You can also attach some of your liability insurances for more solid support.