Dealing with digits is quite intimidating. But in a business setting, it is always essential to have a rough calculation of what to spend for a project, especially in a construction business. That makes an estimate sheet imperative. Get to create a sheet that details the estimated budget using our professionally built Estimate Sheet Templates available in all versions of Microsoft Word. Our templates come with a preformatted layout and well-written content. With our user-friendly templates, we guarantee you will have a fast and easy process. Don't let these valuable templates pass by. Download our 100% customizable and printable Estimate Sheet Templates in Microsoft Word now, for free!

How to Make an Estimate Sheet in Microsoft Word

An estimate sheet, also called a work estimate, is a piece of paper that consists of an estimated budget to spend on a project. It is a type of document to present to stakeholders and business partners in addition to a project proposal. In project management for construction businesses, cost estimation is essential. It allows a project manager to detail the estimated budget of building a facility or an establishment. The budget includes both the initial capital cost and the operation and maintenance cost.

A good estimate sheet must present a correct figure, data, and information. To help you craft a thorough and professional-looking estimate sheet, here are some short guidelines that may follow. Check them out below.

1. Prepare the Materials Needed

If we talk about building an establishment, it will require materials to start with. Before you draft an estimated budget, you have to determine these materials first. Roughly list down all the needed equipment in building a project and the number of workers to deploy. You can make use of a blank sheet in listing them down.

2. Look for an Estimate Sheet Template

Start your estimate sheet-making process by downloading a ready-to-use sample template. Doing so will give convenience to you. But you have to make use of the printable template that relates as to what project you are making an estimate sheet. For instance, you are making an estimate sheet to calculate the needed amount in producing marketing materials. Thus, the template you will have to choose must be a marketing estimate sheet template.

3. List Down Information

Set aside your template and start listing all the necessary details needed in your estimate sheet. The content of your estimate sheet should include the name of the project, start and end date of the project, contractor, project cost, company name, and logo. Make sure that all the details are relevant and well-written to avoid confusion once presented.

4. Incorporate all Details using Microsoft Word

Get the list of the needed materials and the list of information, and incorporate them all in the estimate sheet template using Microsoft Word. Why Microsoft Word? Well, this powerful word processor application allows you to create and produce a well-crafted and impressive document. It also allows you to work together with a team conveniently. Microsoft Word is accessible using a personal computer, a laptop, or any device. That means you can edit your sheet whenever you want.

5. Print and Present

Once everything is ready, save your file and then proceed to the printing process. Since an estimate sheet is just a draft budget, expect that this will be updated if there are materials and human resources to add. So make sure to have a file copy of the document that you can view and update anytime. If you followed our tips, we assure you will do a great job of presenting your estimate sheet to your business partners.

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