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What is a Restaurant Checklist?

The purpose of this type of strategic checklist is to help restaurant staff keep track of the tasks or activities that they need to complete. Its use is not just limited to aiding a team as one can create a business checklist for all restaurant-related situations. When some problems are identified in restaurant functioning, preparing such service checklists are useful to operate and overcome from them systematically.

How to Create a Restaurant Checklist?

restaurant checklist template

Whether you're starting up a new restaurant, we've got useful instructions below on how to make restaurant opening or maintenance checklists. You can also apply these for regular checks. Have a look at the instructions, and they might come in handy even if you don't need them yet.

1. Know the Checklist's Purpose

Before you get started, you must know what the checklist is going to be used for. Will it be used as a kitchen cleaning checklist? Is it for remembering the step-by-step process when closing your restaurant? Figure out its purpose and consider whether or not you should write it down into the checklist.

2. Include Basic Information If Necessary

There are some instances wherein you might need to do this. For example, a restaurant audit checklist will require you to provide the complete name of the employee that has been assigned to make it. Also, include their entire job position or designation. Make sure to know what type of checklist you have to make so that you'll understand what necessary information you have to include.

3. Make a List of the Items/Tasks

Remember that what you will be placing in your planning checklist will depend entirely on the purpose that it's meant to serve. For each one that you put into the document, provide a proper description for each. Make sure to include any essential details such as names, addresses, etc.

4. Prioritize Tasks/Activities

If you are making a restaurant checklist form that tells of you of specific actions that you need to do, then you must organize everything in a manner the helps you keep track of the order in which they should all be done. Be sure to consider this carefully as you want to prioritize those that have higher significance than the rest.

5. State Any Comments or Remarks

Certain items in your compliance checklist may require you to do this. For example, let's say that you are making one that points out the weekly restaurant-related tasks that have to be completed. If you were not able to finish it, you would want to explain the reason as to why you were not able to do so. Provide any necessary details that are necessary for the explanation.

6. Place Information at the Bottom

Whether it is a food checklist or closing checklist, remember to do this as it may come in handy if you lose the document. Place the restaurant's complete name at the bottom, along with its contact details and address. Consider placing the business logo if you think that it's necessary.

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