Business Checklists Templates

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What is a Business Checklist?

A checklist is a document that lists down a series of steps, names, events, topics, things, requirements, or any variables that may be grouped under one category or task. When this document primarily includes steps or variables that pertain to the business world, it is called a business checklist.

Business checklists can be used as an event planning tool, a to-do list, a business plan timetable, or even as travel and event planning forms. This means that you may use them when listing down the steps to starting a business or in completing the application requirements for small business loans or grants.

How to Make an Effective Business Checklist?

Below, we’ve listed a few tips on how any business owner can get the most out of their large or small business checklists. Study and apply these best practices for whatever kind of business ideas you have. 

1. Determine What Type of Business Checklist You Need

As we have mentioned earlier, there are different types of business checklist depending on the variables that you wish to record. That is why the first step in creating a business checklist is to know what kind of checklist you need.

For example, if you want to organize a list of things to do to get your start-up company running, you will need to create a business start-up strategic checklist. Once you have chosen a specific type of checklist, proceeding with the rest of the checklist creation process will be easier and quicker.

2. Get Accurate Data

Next, you must fill your quality checklists with the right data sets for your end goal. For instance, if you are planning to sell your business, you need to know the right steps on how to get the process started. And once you have all the right information, you may then start creating a Business Sale Checklist.

3. Formulate Tasks In Imperative Form

Most sample checklists are to-do lists. And to make sure that you (and your team) acts on each item on the list, you must create sentences in their imperative form or mood.

This means that each item in your checklist is phrased as a command or order. Doing so spurs the reader into action. A few examples of optimal to-do list action items are “Go to the bank.”, “Print Business Cards”, “Come up With Marketing Strategies”, or “Register Business Name”.

4. Choose A Clean Layout

A characteristic of a good business planning checklist is its usability. And for a business document to be usable, it needs to be highly readable first. 

To do this, follow a clean layout design. Make sure that all the text and graphic elements in your checklist are arranged in an organized manner. When done well, your checklist document becomes easier to read and fill out.

5. Download Checklist Apps

In a digitally connected world, you and your team do not always have to deal with printed business checklists. Explore the use of online spreadsheets and checklist applications to streamline your business or meeting checklist-making process.

With a business checklist app, you and your team can have real-time business updates that are seldom seen when you use printed checklists.