Planning for a funeral is never an easy task for anyone. But believe it or not, studies show that permanently memorializing for your loved ones can help you cope up with the healing process. If you are into the cremation and funeral business, now is the best time for you to market your services. Call the attention of your potential clients with these ready-made premium templates on cremation services brochure. May it be an obituary cremation, pet cremation, or a cremation funeral, we have all the brochures you need. 100% customizable and editable in various editing applications, these beautifully designed brochures are made to guarantee you success in promoting your business. Don't waste any time and download these elegant brochure templates today.

What is a Cremation Services Brochure?

A cremation services brochure is a smart and creative strategy for promoting cremation services to the public. This typically gives awareness about cremation, offer tips, and services to the crowd.

How to Create a Cremation Services Brochure?

According to statistics, 80% of the people who read a brochure considered visiting the business who was featured in brochures. Market your cremation services through brochures. Not only does this cover a large amount of information, but are also extremely versatile and are easy to distribute to a target market in the most cost-effective way.

1. Choose a Good Layout

There are many ways to create your brochure layout. For starters, your brochure fold may vary from being a bifold brochure, a trifold brochure, or some other fold. Choosing the right brochure size is essential to organize your content once you begin to insert them in your brochure.

2. Connect With Your Readers

Inform your readers about cremation and enlighten them on the cremation process. Outline a plan of your services and urn designs, and tell them the cost for every cremation service you offer. Allow them to plan ahead of time if they are willing to accept your offer for any burial services or cremation services in the future.

3. Detail Your Services

There are many ways to cremate a person or a pet you cherished. List down the details of your cremation services. The most common one is the cremation memorial brochure, which involves three choices: the inurnment, burial, and scattering. If you wish to have an inurnment, the urn of your loved one will be placed within a niche in a columbarium. For a burial, like coffins, the urn shall be buried underneath the earth. While, in scattering, cemeteries shall provide areas where you shall scatter your loved one's cremated remains.

4. Emphasize Your Benefits

Knowing that there are many ways you can cremate a body, inform them about your benefits, and emphasize it. Think more about what you can give to your clients rather than what your company can profit from them. Keep things brief and straight to the point, deliver your service well, and be consistent with your statements. Don't confuse your readers with a lot of options and unnecessary information about your products and services.

5. Be Creative

Of course, you need to be creative when making your printable brochures. Attract your readers with an eye-catching design that is unique from the rest of the brochures. Use high-quality images that connect to your content, as well as with your readers. Keep things simple but elegant. Use legible font styles and sizes for your text, and make sure to blend your colors well with your background and designs.

6. Provide a Call to Action

Now that you have laid out the details, it is time for you to call them to action. Using excellent marketing words is one way to entice your readers and persuade them about the benefits you can provide with your business. After persuading them, follow it up with limited time offer promos and discounts to motivate them to accept your services. Lastly, don't forget to list down your contact details, and where to locate you for any inquiries.

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