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What Is a Service Recommendation Letter?

A service recommendation letter is a formal document that contains an analysis of the writer about the qualifications, characteristics, and other valuable information that makes a person qualified to provide a service.

How to Write a Service Recommendation Letter

The letter of recommendation was already in existent during ancient Greece and was established even more by Cicero’s time. It was then named litterae commendaticiae or a letter of commendation. Up until now, this document still plays a relevant role in evaluating applicants, offering partnerships with clients, and more. It can also be used to offer services such as community service, customer service, and volunteer service. Here are some tips in writing a stand out service recommendation letter.

1. Evaluate Company Policy

Before writing a recommendation letter, ensure to check a company’s policy regarding recommending a colleague. Some companies prohibit writing a recommendation letter for a colleague. To make sure you’re not breaking any rules, evaluate your company’s policy.

2. Know the Person Who Wants to be Recommended

Don’t go recommending a person you don’t personally know the qualities. However, don’t be too negative. If you think that the person does not really have excellent qualities or experience, you can still recommend by showcasing his/her positive qualities.

3. Conduct a Research About the Service Offered

The service offered should at least be related to the qualities of the person you are recommending. Make sure to conduct research so you can customize the letter according to what is ask.

4. Be Specific

Mention specific qualities on the recommendation letter that you think may give the person an edge over the competition. If the person received awards from any award-giving bodies, you may include that for added information.

5. Don’t Be Too Extra

Maintain the formality of the letter. No matter how much you want the person to be selected, you have to avoid using flowery words or being too emotional if you don't want to mess up with your friend's or colleague's application.

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